Thursday, September 23, 2010

ANDY MARTIN: NBC News payback time for the Green Party that attacked Andy’s petitions

Andy Martin exposes LeAlan Jones as a political fraud and a corrupt or fraudulent candifate for the United States Senate. The Green Party previously attacked Martin’s nominating petitions. “I have a long memory,” Andy says. “Especially for political slimeballs that attack me. Mr. Jones should go soak his head; he is an embarrassment to the Green Party, as are his buddy Rob Sherman and Sherman’s ‘attorney.’ Their attack on me has backfired.” Martin tells NBC News that Jones is such a joke he hasn’t even filed an FEC Form 2 with the U. S, Senate, to confirm Jones has spent/received a total of $5,000 in his campaign.

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September 23, 2010

Steve Capus
NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Re: Meet the Press debate Kirk/Giannoulias

Dear Mr. Capus:

I am not writing to insist that you include me in the Kirk/Giannoulias Meet The Press debate on October 10th.

Rather, I am writing to tell you that LeAlan Jones, who is demanding to be on the program, is a complete moron who has no basis on which to run for United States Senator. Jones wrote to you and tried to play the race card. Jones is a jerk of the type we find all too many of in Illinois.

First, Jones can’t even write proper English. You would think that a letter as important to him as the one he sent to you would have proper grammar. Nope. He is the “only African/American running this (sic)…”

Second, senate seats are not “historically” white or black. Appeals to racial prejudice are embarrassing.

Finally, Jones’ candidacy is a joke and a fluke. The Green Party enjoys no public support in Illinois. Illinois has a weird system of elections (rotten and corrupt through and through) in which any party with a gubernatorial candidate that receives 5% of the vote is automatically on the ballot four years later.

In 2006, Judy Topinka, a complete disgrace to the Republican Party, and the infamous Rod Blagojevich, were running against each other. Voters were outraged and disgusted and voted “Green” out of protest, not party affiliation.

This election cycle Jones slipped on the ballot without any meaningful scrutiny (the entire party slate is automatically placed on the ballot, not just the gubernatorial candidate).

The final and most devastating reason why Jones is a joke?

Yesterday I was checking with the U. S. Senate as to who has filed FEC Form 2’s with the Senate. You file a Form 2 once you spend and/or receive five thousand dollars ($5,000) as a federal candidate.

Mr. Jones has yet to file a Form 2.

Jones is a race-baiting clown who deserves no attention and no respect as a candidate. A candidate for U. S. Senator who can't even comply with federal law and file a Form 2 is a joke candifate. In other words, Jones is either violating federal law by failing to file a Form 2, or he hasn’t spent and/or received a total of $5,000. Some Green Party candidate.

The only reason to put Jones on TV would be to show he can make an ass out of himself. But then you would be accused of anti-Black prejudice for showcasing a clown like Jones.

Enough said.

In closing, full disclosure mandates that I should point out that Jones’ proxies, led by the Green Party attorney and a shill “objector,” Rob Sherman, attacked my candidacy last summer. They were obviously trying to support Jones by harassing his opponents. Sherman is a complete clown who brags about getting his car washed at sex washes. Both Rob Sherman and LeAlan Jones belong in a straightjacket. In one election cycle, Greens have gone from outsiders to being as slimy and noxious as the Republicans and Democrats in this state. Now that’s some accomplishment!

If, on the other hand, you want to invite me to join Markie and Alexi on Meet the Press, I would probably show up the Kirkster and the Jokester. At least I understand television and could help make the program electrifying.

We are just getting our campaign up and running. I am committed to staying in the race to defeat Mark Kirk, the “Closeted Congressman” who was for the Republican Party before he was against it.




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