Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Andy Martin pursues Chicago Tribune, Associated Press

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(CHICAGO)(October 16, 2007) A Cook County Circuit Judge set Wednesday, December 5th to decide where a lawsuit filed by U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin against Rick Pearson, the Chicago Tribune and Associated Press should proceed. Chancery Division Judge Stuart Palmer said he might retain the case or he might transfer the matter to the Law Division.

The litigation was originally filed in 2006 in Lake County and challenged the Chicago Tribune’s use of a questionable polling firm. Martin has now expanded his legal claims to present a detailed picture of the character assassination directed at him by Rick Pearson, the Chicago Tribune and Associated Press.

"I told Judge Palmer today, my Amended Complaint was drafted by the Tribune’s lawyers and the Associated Press’ lawyers,” Martin stated. “These highly paid attorneys have been trashing me and earning a fortune in legal fees for 18 months. Now I have called their bluff and filed a verified complaint challenging all of outright lies and distortions published by Rick Pearson as part of his warped agenda.

“Pearson writes that I am an insignificant candidate, but he unleashed three (3) Tribune reporters to investigate my prior voting records, and to visit radio stations where I had advertised. It doesn’t sound like ‘insignificant’ treatment to me. My lawsuit points out that while Pearson was ignoring my court victories in 2006 he was researching decades-old court files. Today the Tribune is paying lawyers hundreds of dollars an hour to monitor my litigation. They sure don’t treat me as though I am insignificant.

“The Tribune appears to be getting scared. At the start of the case they were sending a junior attorney. Later they sent a junior partner. Today in court a senior partner appeared for the failing newspaper chain.

“I think my lawsuit, which accompanies this release as an attachment, speaks for itself. I have been the victim of a monstrous injustice by the Tribune and a breach of ethics by AP editors and reporters to their subscribing media in Illinois. AP is not presenting a fair and balanced picture of my campaigning to their subscribers.

“The truth is slowly coming out. December 5th is the next court date.

“The Tribune is desperate to defeat me because that newspaper has become the ‘Dick Durbin Tribune.’ Last week they had a huge picture of Durbin looking stupid in a toy store. Later they plugged his plan to pack the U. S. Army with illegal immigrants. There is no question the Tribune is supporting Durbin for reelection and they are trying to trash the strongest Republican in the race. Well, I have given them a fight they didn’t expect, and it is costing them a fortune.

“The fact that the Tribune now feels sufficiently endangered to send its senior lawyers into court is a compliment to my own litigation skills,” Martin said.

“My lawsuit alleges that the AP has banned me from their daily Daybook, to retaliate for my criticism of their biased reporting. The AP is abusing the trust of its subscribers in acting in such a petty manner.”
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