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Andy Martin is ready to lead Illinois Republicans in the U. S. Senate campaign against Dick Durbin

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December 6, 2007

Mark Thompson, Esq.
Maine Township Committeeman
via fax and e-mail

Dear Mark:

I want to thank you for inviting me to your endorsement session on December 13th. I desperately would like to come because it appears to me you are conducting a fair procedure. That is to the credit of your committee.

But, you know as an attorney, scheduling is everything. We had already planned a statewide series of news conferences for the 13th concerning a very important regional topic. We have locked in commitments that can’t be changed. I don’t think we will be back until 8:00 P.M. at the earliest.

I am going to try and send a surrogate, but I generally I like to come in person. My experiences are somewhat unique and it is hard to transmit them via someone else.

I wonder if there is any way I could be heard on a speaker phone? I could call in from the road as we are returning from Peoria.

I don’t know where you stand on the McKenna wars, but I have tried to deal quietly with Andy. It hasn’t worked. Unfortunately, he keeps trying to promote my principal opponent for the nomination. Reluctantly, I have given up on Andy McKenna being a fair and impartial chairman in the primary.

My impression of Steve Sauerberg is that Steve is a decent guy. I have not conducted a negative campaign against him, nor do I have any plans to do so.

But you as an attorney know how important the right to trial by jury is in our Illinois Constitution and in the U.S. Constitution. Sauerberg wants to abolish trial by jury to protect doctors from malpractice liability. You can see his proposal on his website; this claim is not something I dreamed up. If Sauerberg is willing to give up on the Seventh Amendment, what’s next on his hit list? The Second Amendment?

First, it is obscene that a doctor who claims he is running to demonstrate higher morals than Durbin, manifests the same low morals as Durbin by promoting special interest legislation that would benefit him and his doctor friends, and serve him as a fund-raising tool with wealthy contributors. In Springfield we used to call that kind of proposal a “fetcher,” because it was being used to “fetch” campaign contributions.

Second, as you also know, abolition of jury trials for medical malpractice would clearly require an amendment to the Illinois Constitution. There is no way the People of this state are going to surrender their right to a jury trial. It won’t happen. So not only is Sauerberg promoting special interest legislation for himself and his doctor friends, he is trying to sell pie-in—the-sky that makes him (and anyone who "endorses" him) look like a laughingstock.

Finally, Steve is a rookie. He would never suggest that you go to a doctor who had never seen a patient before, but he is perfectly comfortable trying to join the political process by running for the third highest national office. (President, Vice, U. S. Senator). Steve constantly manifests lack of experience. Running against a powerful pro like Durbin is no time for the Republican Party to nominate a rookie. A U. S. Senate campaign is no place for on-the-job training or amateur hour. Durbin & Co. are going to make Steve look bad, very bad, for promoting legislation in which he has a conflict of interest; that’s what abolishing jury trials and amending the Constitution would do.

And so while I assume Steve is a nice guy, and that is my honest impression of him, he has already reflected embarrassing inexperience in his campaign, and locked himself into proposals that makes him look bad.

I am a powerful campaigner who knows how to hit Do-Nothing Durbin hard. Next year I celebrate forty (40) years of broadcasting experience (1968-2008). I repeat, a U. S. Senate race is no place for beginners. Moreover, my experience in the Middle East and in fighting corruption provide a unique opportunity to confront Durbin on his poor record in those areas. See

And so I close with what I said at the start about Steve: I think he is a nice guy, and I bear him no ill will. But he is simply in way, way over his head in trying to start in politics by running against the Democrats’ champion and an acknowledged campaign pro, Durbin.

I would like to distribute this letter to your committeemen in case I am unable to make it to your meeting. Is there any way you could e-mail it for me?

I have stated my case simply and directly. I find it is best to be honest and straightforward. That is the way I have campaigned for the nomination, and that is the way I will campaign against Durbin starting February 6th. That is the only way to beat Durbin. I know him well; we worked in the same office.

And, if you don’t believe I know how to run against Dick Durbin, remember thirty years ago the Chicago Tribune said I knew how to campaign like no one else. I have improved since then. I am at the top of my game. Sadly, Sauerberg has no game. No one can seriously suggest he is a “campaigner.” If you don’t believe me, just listen to him on the 13th. Can you really confer an “endorsement” on him? I don’t think so.

Again, if there is any way you can distribute this letter for me, I would appreciate it. I want to thank you for your invitation and hope you conduct a fair and above board endorsement process. Frankly, my preference would be that MTRRO endorse no one for the senate.

Please feel free to call me, or have any of your committeemen, call me on the phone. Unlike Sauerberg, you can actually get me on the phone.

With warmest holiday wishes for your committee, and best regards for your celebration,

Sincerely yours,



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