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Andy Martin says his opponent, "Gun control Sauerberg," lies about Sauerberg’s "health care" plan to reward rich doctors

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(CHICAGO)(December 20, 2007) Dr. Steve Sauerberg, the increasingly embarrassing puppet of Illinois Republican leader Andy McKenna and a cabal of corrupt statewide Republicans, was lying again Thursday night, and standing silent again before a group of northeastern Illinois gun owners and sportsmen.

At a candidates’ forum sponsored by the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club and attended by numerous candidates, Sauerberg blatantly lied about his “health plan,” whose real purpose is intended to make wealthy doctors’ bank balances even healthier.

Challenged by Andy Martin on Sauerberg’s plan to deny victims of medical malpractice jury trials, Sauerberg responded “My plan would not deny 'trials'…” Indeed. Sauerberg’s “trials” would be conducted by panels dominated by doctors, and conducted in secret, not in public before a judge and jury. In Sauerberg’s own words (his “Scoop”) here’s the “Scoop:” (be sure to bring a pooper scooper):

Under the Sauerberg Your Healthcare – Your Choice plan, the federal government will offer financial assistance to states to establish Administrative Health Courts tasked with determining whether a healthcare provider is responsible for a patient’s injury in each medical malpractice case, and if so, what remedy is appropriate. Administrative Health Courts will be chaired by a citizen’s advocate and consist of a panel of six independent experts – three legal experts and three medical experts – that will be tasked with making a determination about the case. Access to state appellate courts will be available if either party is unhappy with decisions made by Administrative Health Courts. However, a party appealing a decision of the Administrative Health Court will have to agree to pay the costs associated with defending the appeal if the appeal failed in state court.


“Administrative Health Courts?” says Martin. “Sauerberg’s plan is just plain looney. He can’t take away the constitutional right to a jury trial. That's nuts. The only thing Dr. Sauerberg wants to do is blow kisses--and cash--at his wealthy colleagues. And he says Durbin is for special interests? The fact that Sauerberg is now forced to lie about his health plan, and to mislead voters, is a sure sign he knows his campaign is dead. Bakacht. How can a Republican candidate stand up and say he favors ‘special rights’ and ‘special privileges,’ only for doctors who are sued? I thought Republicans were against ‘special rights’ and ‘special privileges.’”

Martin noted that that after he challenged Sauerberg on Sauerberg’s plan for more gun control, Sauerberg did not deny the accusation. “It was surreal,” says Martin. “I got up in front of a bunch of gun owners and told them Sauerberg wanted ‘a little’ more gun control and Sauerberg did not deny the accusation.
[Source: Daily Herald, August 2, 2007]

“He was probably still trembling from having to lie about his ‘jury trial’ denial to victims of medical malpractice. Sauerberg’s failure to deny that he favors more gun control is the equivalent of Sherlock Holmes’ ‘dog that didn’t bark.’

“Sauerberg’s lies and fumbling are typical of what happens when rich people decide to buy political nominations. Sauerberg has no visible qualifications to face a political heavyweight such as Dick Durbin and he is making a laughingstock of himself. And the Republican Party leaders who ‘endorsed’ this clown? What does that say about what they are? Clowns,” says Martin.

"The Sportsmen’s Club recorded the candidate session. Maybe they will release the tape to confirm my accusations. Or maybe Sauerberg will not deny them, again,” Martin chortled.

COMING NEXT: Andy McKenna’s Latest Dirty Tricks.
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