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Andy Martin news conference issues debate challenge

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(Chicago)(August 17, 2007) Illinois U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin told a Friday afternoon Chicago news conference that he had issued a debate challenge to both of his putative U. S. Senate primary opponents.

“It took a little work to send the challenge,” Martin told media, “because Steve Sauerberg still does not have a campaign fax number publicly listed, and Jim Nalepa does not list either a mailing address or a phone number for his own business on the web ( so we sent the challenge to Nalepa’s press agent. My own campaign lists a phone, fax and street address for regular mail. We are accessible to the public and the media.

Andy’s debate letter can be seen at:

“Downstaters have complained they are ignored by the Chicago Machine that controls all three branches of Illinois state government. As an original downstater myself, whom the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette still refers to as a former hometown boy, I have proposed ‘weighting’ the debates in favor of downstate cities, with six debates downstate, two in the collar counties and two in Cook County.

“I have offered to join in a three-way pact among the candidates to agree to support the winner of the primary. I will see if my opponents are prepared to make a similar commitment.

“I have suggested Andy McKenna and the state Republican Party organize the debates; I am open to all suggestions.

“All I know is that Dick Durbin is a heavyweight debater and quipster. My opponents cannot expect to chirp their way into the U. S. Senate by learning during the campaign how to confront Goliath Durbin.

“In the Fighting Illini spirit of ‘Send Ameche at me,’ I believe no one can seriously deny that I am prepared to confront and debate Durbin. The Chicago Tribune has attested to my prowess as a powerful campaigner (Chicago Tribune, 2/28/78). I helped build an Interstate Highway down the spine of this state (I-39)(Chicago Tribune 2/28/78). What have my opponents built?

“After their performance in Springfield yesterday, can anyone seriously suggest my opponents are ready to tackle Durbin? They were the ‘not-ready-for-prime-time players.’

“We are not going to win the 2008 election with candidates who are mouthing the same old platitudes. A candidate needs a serious strategy which is planned in Illinois, in 2007-2008, not a stale joke book and a list of Republican one-liners from the 1980’s.

“My campaign is a campaign precisely because we offer a fresh perspective and a real opportunity to seriously confront Durbin. The liberal media in Chicago love covering my opponents—because they know my primary opponents offer a stale, pale imitation of a serious threat to Tricky Dick.

”I was trained in the Fighting Illini spirit, and I am prepared to attack Durbin on his malfeasance, not blather about his being ‘too liberal.’ We all know that. Steve and Jim, tell us something new,” Martin challenged his opponents.

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