Thursday, August 9, 2007

Andy Martin on anti-Semitism and American politics

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August 9, 2007

Dear Reader:

My worldwide news gathering information systems monitor all aspects of the Middle East (see That is why we were able to predict the disaster in Iraq long before the bureaucrats in Washington and the Green Zone.

In a “libel” letter earlier today I told you that extremist Israelis had attacked President Bush 41, and were now attacking Bush 43. They are also attacking me.

What should pop up in my in box today but another screed attacking President Bush (see excerpt below).

I want to repeat what I said in my letter to Eric Krol (copy on request). American foreign policy should be conducted solely in the interests of the United States. Period.

It is wrong for pro-Israel journalists in the United States to seek to suppress debate by branding opponents of Israeli policies as “anti-Semitic.”

Both my campaign and, if I am elected, my senate office, will be open to all points of view. All are and will be welcome. There will be no anti-Semitism of any kind.

But my oath of office will be to the Constitution of the United States, and the American People. Period.

Sincerely yours,



Here is the excerpt (source upon request).

Dear friends, I need to share something with you that has worried me for some time, ever since President Bush gave his famous two-state-vision speech on June 24, 2002. Unfortunately, since that speech, this two-state-vision has become the cornerstone of his Middle-East policy. I have often wondered why it is that President Bush feels so adamant about dividing the Holy Land. Bush said recently: "The Israelis should find practical ways to reduce their footprints in Judea and Samaria." A shocking request! In her most recent visit to Israel, Condoleezza Rice, as President Bush's official messenger, said the following: "Israel is occupying Palestinian land! JUDEA AND SAMARIA MUST BE PART OF AN ARAB STATE." This is how she speaks about the heartland of biblical Israel? But, Condoleezza Rice graciously allows that "Israel may retain the Galil and the Negev!" How outrageous and arrogant of President Bush and his government to feel that they can supersede the word of the G-d of Israel! (Very often I get letters from you, my e-mail friends, as to whether I admit that I made a mistake in working for the reelection of President Bush against John Kerry. I knew, at the time, that Bush was not the perfect candidate for the Jews, because of his family background, but I had reliable information about Kerry which seemed to make him a worse candidate. I had learned that Kerry actually had been sending presents to Arafat.) Recently, I have learned that President Bush is a member of the United Methodist Church, and that this church may be a proponent of Replacement Theology. I am also greatly disturbed by President Bush's proposed $20 billion arms sale to jihad-promoting Saudi Arabia.


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