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(CHICAGO)(August 2, 2007) Chicago-based U. S. Senate candidate, Internet journalist, broadcaster and foreign policy expert Andy Martin today took note of the "second" entry of "Slippery Steve" Sauerberg in the Illinois Republican Party U. S. Senate primary.

"Eric Krol, a Daily Herald columnist, doesn't particularly care for me," Martin stated at his headquarters. "But I am still laughing after reading Krol's blog on Steve Sauerberg's 'second coming' into the Republican senate primary. 'Slippery Steve Sauerberg' is hilarious.

"Steve says he is 'not a politician,' and he proves it.

"It looks as though Sauerberg is more liberal than I am, and he is supposed to represent the 'conservative' wing of the party. Hallelujah.

"In sum and substance, Steve Sauerberg is not a serious candidate for U. S. Senator, and his candidacy is laughable. There are rumors that he offered himself up as a sacrificial candidate to derail my own campaign. Those rumors look pretty credible after yesterday.

"While vanity candidates are always welcome, Sauerberg is not only not a politician, he has no idea how the political process functions.

"Sauerberg made an initial announcement in May. Yesterday he came back with a 'second coming,' and indicated he still had no idea where he stood on issues. He supports an assault weapons ban? What kind? Sauerberg couldn't say. After three months S'berg was still a blank canvas on the Second Amendment. And he's running in a Republican primary?

"Sauerberg supports abortion, but won’t say when and how. And he's a doctor? Wouldn't a doctor, at least, have some definite ideas on abortion? Not 'Slippery Steve.' He won't say.

"Sauerberg confuses Americans' dislike of 'career' politicians with their equally strong demands for experienced candidates. Americans are dying in Iraq; for Sauerberg that was not one of his 'Ten Top Issues' yesterday. Instead, he marched down to Durbin's office to confront the senator over 'real tort reform.' Hello? Is this what sets Sauerberg's blood running? Special interests for doctors? He's Durbin lite, with special pleading for his doctor friends. The man is a joke. Sauerberg's 'experience' does not extend any further than the pen of his press release writer. He is a comic book candidate in every sense of the word.

"Sauerberg has no experience in foreign policy and national security, so he focuses on minutiae. Where does he stand on the big picture? Sauerberg is home watching TV. Or out to lunch.

"I welcomed Sauerberg to the race in May, and I still do. If he wants to run and make a fool of himself he should. It makes me look good.

"No one questions my ability to function in the media. Thirty years ago, the Chicago Tribune said '[Martin] is an absolutely brilliant campaigner…his public relations skills are masterly. He makes a point of studying specific issues and …and talking about them knowledgeably to the appropriate audience.' (Chicago Tribune, February 25, 1978) The Tribune's comments confirm that I am the only candidate in Illinois history who helped build an Interstate Highway, from Rockford to Bloomington (I-39).

"And, I have improved with age and experience.

"No one doubts my ability to go eyeball to eyeball with Durbin, and confront him. And whip him.

"My experience in the pivotal Middle East is unparalleled by any candidate in either party. I lived in Baghdad in 2003; I predicted and documented our disaster there. I have a record of intelligent commentary and analysis. I have real experience in the areas where real knowledge will be essential to making real decisions in 2009. Sauerberg has none.

"To send Sauerberg up against Dick Durbin would be a form of child abuse. S'berg is a babe in the woods. I am glad he is running, because he gives me a foil. But I fail to see how Sauerberg can do anything but embarrass his supporters and Republican Party leaders. And deplete his bank account. Spend it all, Steve. You'll need it."

"Slippery Steve? Please send me an e-mail when you decide where you stand on the issues," Martin said jocularly.

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