Thursday, November 15, 2007

Andy Martin demands that Steve Sauerberg disclose insurance company fees

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November 15, 2007

Steve Sauerberg
Suite 47, PMB 249
4700 Gilbert Avenue
Western Springs, IL 60558

Dear Steve:

Welcome to electoral politics, where we live and work in a fishbowl, and where secrecy is futile and concealment is fatal.

Your new website says you are campaigning on the claim that you are a “recognized medical expert.” Indeed, your former web site stated you were an expert witness in medical cases, a claim that for some reason you dumped when you adopted the new website.

Well, the published research indicates you betrayed your patient when you had to choose between your patient and your checkbook.

We are going to be conducting an intensive investigation of (i) cases where you were sued for malpractice or other forms of nonperformance, and (ii) cases where you testified as an expert witness for insurance companies, including dates, docket numbers and, when you were a witness, fees paid for your testimony. I would like to offer you the courtesy of releasing this detailed information on your own, voluntarily, before the data comes out in dribs and drabs over a period of time.

As a legal expert, I can tell you that in the law, as in politics, the public is allowed to draw an adverse inference from silence and/or concealment. For you to campaign as a “medical expert” and then to fail to disclose the detailed factual basis for that claim, as well as conflicting or contradictory evidence, would allow me, and Republican voters, to believe that you made your multi-million dollar fortune and funded your “Sauerberg Family Foundation” (a topic for another day) with the ill-gotten loot of being a hired gun and hit man for insurance companies. Realistically, “family doctors” don’t make millions of dollars by seeing patients, so the massive fortune that you have promised to spend during the election obviously did not come from telling patients to “say ahhhh.”

I am going to educate you in the political process. The first lesson is that you should come forward on your own with detailed, full disclosure before I come forward in steps with redacted disclosure. In the meantime, I will be asking voters to draw an adverse inference from your silence, and to realize that you use the term “medical expert” to reflect operating a money machine as a hit man and hired gun for insurance companies, not to reflect services as a treating physician.

I will afford you up to and including Monday, November 26th to make your voluntary, full, true and complete disclosures about cases in which you have testified as a medical expert either on behalf of doctors who were sued or insurance companies who were engaged in litigation with claimants (detailed dates, docket numbers and fees included) as well as all other cases where you were sued for malpractice or other nonperformance.

I am sure that when it dawns on Republicans across Illinois that you were “endorsed” by one man, Andy McKenna, who is himself a neophyte at electoral politics, voters will realize that McKenna endorsed, and you sold him, a pig in a poke. Furthermore, it is frivolous to suggest that if you were to win the primary Dick Durbin & Company would ignore the very issues I am raising now. So, disclose now, or pay later.

If you are indeed a serious candidate for senator, which based on your performance to date I doubt, you should realize I am 100% correct and work fast to disclose the full list of cases, fees, etc. which I am requesting before either I or Durbin disclose it for you.

You left your patient Vivian O’Rourke to die; I will not let the memory of her agony die while you campaign as a “family physician” and conceal your history as an insurance company hit man and hired gun.

Sincerely yours,



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