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Andy Martin attack ads draw immediate counterattacks from “Combine” opponents

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Republican Party’s “David,” Andy Martin, challenges Democrat “Goliath” Senator Dick Durbin, as Martin begins statewide advertising blitz attacking incumbent as part of a “culture of corruption” in Washington.

Andy Martin features “Combine” attacks in broadcast ads for the first time in Illinois politics

“Why do Democratic presidential candidates attack ‘lobbyists’ and neglect to mention Senator Durbin’s wife is a lobbyist?” Martin asks

(CHICAGO)(January 28, 2008) Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin Monday began a statewide advertising blitz attacking his November opponent, incumbent Senator Dick Durbin. For the first time in Illinois politics, the Chicago-based “Combine” that corrupts and controls politics in both political parties is also attacked.

“It is time that Senator had a real opponent for reelection, instead of a ‘designated loser’ as contemplated by the Republican Party’s leadership and various newspaper editorial boards,” Martin said in announcing his media blitz. “Today my campaign begins attacking Durbin in a statewide advertising campaign. The ‘Combine’ that controls and corrupts Illinois politics, and which is centered in the Chicago Mayor’s office, where the Andy McKenna family pays tens of thousands of dollars in ‘dues,’ is also targeted.

“Unless my campaign can break the choke-hold which the Combine currently has on the Republican Party’s leadership, there is no hope. We are going for broke in this primary, and we plan to effect a change in leadership beginning on February 6th. The Combine’s ‘designated loser for Durbin’ who is being run against me in the primary must be defeated if the Republican Party is to have any hopes in November.

“I am not running to lose, even though I concede that Dick Durbin is a very formidable opponent. I am running to win, Fighting Illini-style. The Democratic Party’s Goliath should know that the Republican Party’s David has targeted him, and we have a very creative bag of tricks ready to throw at the incumbent,” Martin chortled in announcing his media blitz. “Dick Durbin is part of a culture of corruption in Washington and newspaper editorial boards in Illinois. He must be challenged by a real candidate, not a newspaper-supported patsy. Today we serve notice that we are ready to attack Durbin right on through November.

“I think it is significant that the three Democratic presidential candidates have grown hoarse attacking Washington lobbyists, when Durbin’s wife is a registered lobbyist. Are the Democrats proposing to end Mrs. Durbin’s ‘influence?’” Martin questions.

Martin also announced that his radio ads drew immediate attacks Monday morning from someone in Washington. “Well, well, well, the first day we start advertising and the opposition is already running scared.”
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