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Independent counsel finds Illinois Republican leaders are violating state party rules, bylaws

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(CHICAGO)(January 26, 2008) U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin announced Saturday that an investigation by an Independent Legal Counsel which he commissioned has found that the Illinois Republican Party is violating party rules and bylaws in using its funds on hand and tangible resources to support the federal election campaign of Martin's opponent.

The Independent Counsel concluded after reviewing the facts and Party's governing documents that:

Dear Mr. Martin:I have considered your inquiry as to whether the resources of the Illinois Republican Party can be arrogated and directed for the benefit of a specific candidate. There is no doubt that the Party has the right to endorse specific candidates, which it has done. However, contributors to the Party enable it to acquire resources, and these resources should be shared with all Republican candidates. These include email and mailing lists, contribution lists, and volunteer lists. If chairman McKenna is using these resources to benefit the candidate Sauerberg, then he is violating not only the spirit and intent of party rules, which mandate fair play, but also the party's by-laws.

Russ Stewart
Attorney At Law


"I have notified Chairman Andy McKenna that we plan to file a lawsuit on January 31st if he continues to deny all candidates access to the records and resources of the Illinois Republican Party," Andy Martin stated. "My letter is self-explanatory.

"While my campaign paid the attorney to review the matter, we did not in any way control or predetermine his conclusions. Counsel acted independently.

"In addition, the Party may be violating federal and state election laws. Sheahan and McKenna are on the hot seat.

"I am hopeful that the Party's General Counsel, Brien Sheahan will come to his senses and see that a negotiated settlement, not a lawsuit, is the preferred resolution. My attorneys will be reasonable in seeking to settle the matter. Nevertheless, if we need to sue, we will. We are entitled to restitution for damages to date. Otherwise, people who contribute to the Republican Party will be subsidizing Andy McKenna's corruption of office and funding his frivolous litigation."

A faxed hard copy of counsel's letter is available upon request.

Martin's letter follows below:

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January 25, 2008

Andy McKenna
Illinois Republican Party
205 W. Randolph
Chicago, IL 60606
Via fax (312) 201-0181

Dear Andy:

I have now obtained an Opinion of Legal Counsel from my Independent Legal Counsel that your use of the financial and tangible resources of the Illinois Republican Party to support Steve Sauerberg is unlawful. The opinion letter speaks for itself. A copy accompanies this letter.

Your actions also appear to violate federal and state election laws.

Based on the independent legal counsel's opinion, I am asking for access to and copies of the same e-mail lists that you are using to disseminate your support of Sauerberg. I am also asking for access to mailing lists, contribution lists and volunteer lists as stated in the legal counsel's letter.

I also want to condemn in the strongest possible terms the way you have manipulated and corrupted the College Young Republicans Convention in Chicago this weekend. All of the U. S. Senate candidates should have been welcomed to appear and present their credentials. You are showing the college students "Combine" tactics that only undermine the strength and unity of the Republican Party.

If the requested information is not produced on or before Wednesday, January 30th, I plan to file suit and to seek money damages as well as other declaratory and injunctive relief, claims that would survive the primary election.

I also plan to sue the General Counsel of the party for aiding and abetting in your conduct. I think you should also notify him forthwith.

Sincerely yours,


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