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NEWS CONFERENCE: DuPage County (Ill.) lawyer Fred Spitzzeri is a corrupt public official

Andy Martin says Naperville attorney Fred Spitzzeri schemed to use a part-time position as Naperville Township trustee to quietly obtain $90,000 in fringe benefits. Martin says Spitzzeri is an embarrassment to DuPage County Republicans and the DuPage County Bar. See

Andy Martin says DuPage attorney Fred Spitzzeri is a corrupt public official

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(CHICAGO)(June 30, 2009) Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will hold a Wheaton news conference Tuesday, June 30th to launch an anti-Fred Spitzzeri web site. Spitzzeri is a Republican candidate for circuit judge in DuPage County.

Martin calls Naperville Township trustee Fred Spitzzeri one of the most corrupt public officials in Illinois, and totally unfit to serve as a DuPage County judge. “Fred is not a ‘public’ official,” Martin charges. “He is a ‘private’ official, working to satisfy his own private greed and personal benefit.

“For the past two decades, Fred Spitzzeri has cultivated a public image as an amiable attorney, all while seeking to serve himself and his own pecuniary interests first, last and always. Behind the fa├žade, Spitzzeri is pure ‘Daley Machine.’ The essence of the Daleys is to steal while no one is looking; that has been Spitzzeri’s modus operandi as a Naperville Township trustee.

“Our web site offers a detailed analysis of Spitzzeri’s unethical conduct and his documented record of trying to improperly influence sitting judges.

“Spitzzeri took a low-paying job as ‘township trustee’ and converted it into a gold mine for himself and his family, collecting over $90,000 in ‘benefits’ in his first term for a job that is supposed to pay a nominal $7,300 a year.

“DuPage Republicans are primarily middle class. Few are very wealthy and few are very poor. But they all work hard to pay their property taxes; they don’t want a parasite like Fred Spitzzeri enriching himself at their expense.

“We also caught Spitzzeri meeting secretly with Judge Bonnie Wheaton, and corrupting her, with brazenness and arrogance. Wheaton in turn said she was unaware that judges should not meet in secret with one side to a pending lawsuit. I do not want DuPage County to become a Republican mirror image of the Cook County Courthouse. I am committed to fighting for ethical judges in both Republican and Democratic counties.

“Republicans have only one thing to offer DuPage County and Illinois residents: honest government. But Spitzzeri’s behavior is a repudiation of everything Republicans are supposed to stand for. He undermines every Republican who is fighting for good government. Fred took an obscure job and converted the position into a personal gold mine with $90,000 of ‘honest graft;’ that kind of behavior is a classic Daley Machine technique.

“Over the past forty years I have exposed both Democrats and Republicans as crooks [see]. When it comes to fighting corruption, I am completely nonpartisan. As a statewide candidate I normally avoid becoming embroiled in local races. The only exception to that general rule is in elections where I am aware of candidates who are involved in corruption and abuse of public office. Mr. Spitzzeri should be Public Enemy #1 for DuPage County Republicans.

“The Spitzzeri scandal is also a salute to the Illinois Supreme Court. The Court recently reaffirmed the right of Illinoisans to a meaningful Freedom-Of-Information-Act. I used Illinois’ FOIA to obtain access to Naperville Township public records. My attacks on Spitzzeri are based on official Naperville Township archives.

“We will be working to defeat Fred Spitzzeri in the February, 2010 primary. He is unfit to serve as a circuit judge, unless he runs in Chicago where his type is welcomed. DuPage County is the last bastion of Republican strength in Illinois; Republicans should not jeopardize their dominant position in the county by allowing crud such as Spitzzeri to become judicial candidates,” Martin will state.

“Our investigation of Mr. Spitzzeri is continuing. Those with information or evidence to offer about Spitzzeri are invited to contact our offices.”

The anti-Spitzzeri web site is:

Martin promises another major Spitzzeri-related court scandal Thursday, July 2nd. “This one goes to the Illinois Supreme Court,” Martin promises.

June 30th news conference details:


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, in front of DuPage County Judicial Center [bench and table area], 505 N. County Farm Road, Wheaton


Tuesday, June 30, 2009 10:00 A.M.


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin launches to warn DuPage County Republicans that Fred Spitzzeri is unfit to be a circuit judge


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