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Mark Kirk sex scandal: new threat against Andy Martin

One of Congressman Mark Kirk’s supporters is threatening to attack Andy Martin for telling the truth about Mark Kirk. Kirk says his divorce files are “unsealed.” The court says the files are sealed. “Why is Kirk lying?” Martin asks.

New threats in Congressman Mark Kirk sex scandal

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(CHICAGO)(June 17, 2009) Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin announced Wednesday that one of Congressman Mark Kirk’s strong supporters has issued a new threat against Martin.

“When I originally began looking into Mark Kirk’s peculiar behavior as a candidate, I had no idea what to expect,” Andy Martin said. “Lawyers call this ‘due diligence.’ We check the files, review the records, make sure we did not miss anything.

“Then last week I got the first threat from one of Kirk’s supporters.

“Over the weekend, the same ‘supporter’ sent me another threat, and said Kirk was a ‘Superman:’

We the Republican Party in Northeast Illinois have a quiet army of people that will come out and work against you for trying to get cheap media at the cost of our party's unity.
That is not a threat, that is a reality. You are approaching this in the absolute worst possible manner to get the votes you need for furthering your ambitions.
Your little PR release this morning that cites me (I assume) stating that you give out my name for anyone who asks for it ...is great. Do you honestly think that you are going to track with voters using this antics?

I have Kirk on my facebook as you point out, as well as McKenna because I am a Republican (as opposed to you) and they are the elected leaders of my State Party and my District. Whether Kirk runs or not I do not care, he has done a brilliant job for us in the 10th and for America. You are pissing on Superman's cape.

“I take this man’s remarks as a threat, not a threat to harm me physically but a threat to damage me politically for asking Mark Kirk to tell the truth to the People of Illinois.

“Kirk’s supporter’s new claim that Marky Mark is ‘Superman’ is bizarre.

“His suggestion that we have to support the Illinois Republican Party’s corrupt state leadership is bizarre. We are losing elections because Andy McKenna is a Daley stooge. (McKenna supports Kirk.)

“The claim that Kirk has done a ‘brilliant job’ by undermining the Second Amendment and other conservative causes is bizarre.

“Today, of course, I learned from the Clerk of the Court that Mark Kirk’s ‘unsealed’ divorce files remain ‘sealed.’ Once a potential candidate starts to release lies, you have to suspect they have something to hide. It looks as though Kirk is trying to pull a ‘Jack Ryan’ and run for office while hiding personal records from media and public review. We all know how Ryan’s campaign ended up.

“Wednesday I will be contacting the Clerk’s office in Alexandria, Virginia, where Kirk’s divorce was filed, to seek the necessary paperwork for a lawsuit to open the divorce records. I am going to do a ‘Chicago Tribune’ on Kirk. (The Chicago Tribune filed a successful lawsuit to open’s Ryan’s sealed divorce file.

“Reading the sad story of Senator John Ensign’s sex sandal Tuesday night was a reminder that the party of ‘family values’ has had three U. S. Senate sex scandals in the past several years. (Craig, Vitter, Ensign). We don’t need Mark Kirk’s campaign to add a fourth.

“Kirk seems to be suffering from the same form of ‘Potomac Fever’ as Senator ensign. These people go to Washington and forget their home states. They become arrogant and imperious towards ordinary citizens. And they live a lie. Ensign was lying. Kirk lied when he said his divorce files were ‘unsealed,’ when the Clerk says they are sealed. Kirk’s lie is about as big a bald-faced lie as I have ever seen from any potential candidate.

“The fact that Kirk is using his followers to threaten me is a sign of extreme weakness on Kirk’s part.

“What’s your opinion?

“I apply the same standards to investigating Republicans that I apply to Barack Obama: a search for the truth and the facts. Nothing more. And nothing less. Obviously, Mark Kirk is afraid of my high standards, integrity and independence. Why?

“I hope Kirk runs against me for the senate so we can have a debate on the issues and a debate on the future of the Republican Party. How can we talk one way in public and act another way in private?

“I intend to run a vigorous primary campaign for the U. S. Senate. And I will not let Kirk fool primary voters the same way Jack Ryan fooled Republicans in 2004.

“Open the files, Mark. Stop lying about your ‘unsealed’ records when the court says they are still sealed. Your lies are going to embarrass even your most loyal supporters,” Martin noted.

“Why did you tell the media your files were ‘unsealed’ when that was a lie? Explain please.”

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