Thursday, September 24, 2009

Andy Martin calls on Pat Brady to end pay-to-play in the Illinois Republican Party

Martin says that Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady is participating in dirty politics and disgracing all Republicans by his willingness to fix the U. S. Senate primary election. Martin says Brady has an actual conflict of interest in permitting rigged events to take place because he has endorsed one of the candidates. Martin promises their dirty tricks will come flying back to haunt Brady and Representative Mark Kirk.

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September 24, 2009

Pat Brady, Chairman
Illinois Republican Chairman
205 W. Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60606
via fax (312) 201-0181

Dear Pat:

I understand that the Crook County Republicans are holding a “convention” this weekend. Sadly you are lending your good name to this fraudulent enterprise.

I call on you to call for an end to rigged speaking arrangements and to stop your munchkins, beginning with sleazy Eloise Gerson on down to Lee Roupas, Jon Blessing and the rest, to refrain from making a joke of the Republican Party.

I have lost count of how many Republicans are running for the U. S. Senate. There was a bunch of them in Springfield last month. I’m the only one Kirk & Co. are afraid of.

But at the so-called “Cook County Convention” this weekend only Mark Kirk is apparently being allowed to speak:

Gerson and Roupas learned these dirty tricks at the feet of Andy McKenna. If you participate in their scummy shenanigans you are just as guilty as they are of gutter politics. You are compromising your role as a new party leader.

Every candidate for the U. S. Senate should be treated equally. There is a campaign on. There are a number of people campaigning actively. Favoring one candidate, who gave you $50,000, reeks of pay-to-play.

Pay-to-play, and the arrogance that accompanied that practice in the Republican Party, destroyed Republicans in Illinois. Remember George Ryan? But here you are back participating in the same kind of rigged events. Why?

Why are you insulting all of the other senate candidates? This latest maneuver is a replay of the same slimy tactics that Roupas and Gerson used at a “Young Republicans” meeting last month. (A lawsuit will eventually come out of both events; pay-to-play is illegal.)

An awful lot of people gave you a chance at a “fresh start” for the Republican Party when you took over in August. But all we see is the same old faces and the same old dirty tactics. Moreover, as a lawyer, you should know that dirty tricks eventually backfire and boomerang on the perpetrator, as indeed they eventually will on you, the party and Kirk.

Just remember, if you run a dirty campaign for your candidate, you can’t complain when the dirt comes flying back at you. It will.

Why jeopardize yourself and your good name for anyone? I can’t understand why someone as intelligent as you are would stoop to participate in Gerson’s, Roupas’ and Blessing’s dirt.

Because you have personally endorsed Kirk, there is also an actual, not potential, conflict of interest in the actions taking place under your supervision. Instead of seeking to appear fair and impartial, it seems to me you are jumping right into the muck. Can you explain to me why that is?

You should just tell these thugs (Gerson, Roupas, Blessing, etc.) that you will refuse to participate in any event that does not treat all Senate candidates fairly or that is blatantly rigged in Kirk’s favor.

Respectfully submitted,


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The Anti-Andy Martin said...

The dirty tricks are really being played by Andy Martin. Look at his record. Jail time, lies (lots of them), disconnect with reality, frivolous lawsuits, ANTI-Semitic statements and physical violence against others. Just look at these videos.

Martin has been declared to have mental issues making him not worthy of being admitted to the Illinois bar association. he wasn't admitted but should be committed.

He is a danger to society and himself. It's a matter of time before he really hurts someone or possibly kills someone based on his mental state.