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Andy Martin slams Barack Obama’s failed foreign policy, on Al Jazeera English.

Martin says Obama’s efforts to ban nuclear weapons are a joke. Mark Kirk’s foreign policy and campaign fundraising endanger Israel.

Al-Jazeera surprise: Andy Martin endorses Israel’s nuclear program, says he would not vote to strip Israel of nuclear weapons

Martin’s Monday news conference will expand his remarks on Al-Jazeera English and accuse Mark Kirk of being “the Iranian’s government’s best friend in congress”

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Andy Martin says Mark Kirk is Iran’s “best ‘friend’ in Congress”

Martin says Kirk’s pro-Israel fund-raising actually undermines U. S. foreign policy and endangers Israeli interests

(CHICAGO)(September 28, 2009) U.S. Senate Candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin ripped Barack Obama’s foreign policy Sunday. Martin spoke in a guest appearance on an Al-Jazeera English forum, Inside Story. [link to come after the program is posted]:

“Barack Obama’s foreign policy is lost,” Martin told Al-Jazeera viewers. “Obama over-promises and under-delivers.

“In the real world, the U. S. Congress is not going to vote to disarm Israel. While I am a well-known critic of Israel’s Palestinian policies, there is no way I would vote to disarm Israel or any other country in the region. I strongly support the view that Israel has a right to defend itself from external enemies.

“The nuclear risk today does not come from states, even states led by loudmouthed, obnoxious leaders such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The nuclear risk comes from terrorists. Obama’s and the UN’s anti-proliferation policy does virtually nothing to stop terrorists from acquiring atomic bombs.

“Ironically, my primary election opponent Mark Kirk may not realize he is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s best friend in Congress. Kirk promotes ridiculous legislative proposals to raise money from pro-Israel campaign supporters. But the reality of Kirk's shenanigans is that they undermine, not enhance, Israel’s security.

“Kirk now wants to restrict refine gasoline sales to Iran. The Kirkster seems to forget it was efforts to limit Japan’s access to gasoline that was one of the contributing factors to World War II.

“By proffering outlandish legislative enactments to raise pro-Israel campaign cash, Mark Kirk is undermining American foreign policy and endangering Israel’s security.

“Domestic political fund raising and foreign policy often run on contradictory tracks. Kirk wants to raise campaign cash for himself even if he endangers Israel in the process. His hypocrisy is astounding. That both the media and gullible contributors fall for his appeal demonstrates the disconnect between the reality of foreign policy and unreal world of domestic politics.

“Here is the bottom line: first, Kirk's political fund raising fosters legislative tactics that endanger Israel. Israeli intelligence professionals know my approach is pragmatic but correct. Unfortunately, Israeli experts are as much prisoners of politics as America’s own intelligence services are.

“Second, Obama’s ‘vaporware’ on nuclear proliferation does nothing but undermine world confidence in his leadership. His genuflection to Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu over Obama’s demand for a freeze on settlements will boomerang on both Israel and Obama. Obama’s capitulation may have inflicted a fatal blow on his credibility throughout the Middle East.

“Third, the road to peace is paved with less bellicosity and hostility, not more. Unless America is going to become a nation that is perpetually at war with people we dislike, we must encourage others to act responsibly and offer incentives, not sanctions, as the means to peace and stability. We cannot allow the United States to become a world dictatorship that seeks to dominate every country we disagree with.

“Fifty years of sanctions have failed in Cuba. They failed in Iraq. Why would they work anywhere else? It is either ignorance or racism to believe that Iranians will be less loyal to their nation under siege, even a nation led by an undemocratic and repressive regime. Kirk’s plans to destabilize Iran will actually empower the ayatollahs and boost Ahmadinejad’s support at home.

“Fourth, Kirk’s extreme proposal to strip Iran of refined gasoline will only increase tensions, not reduce them. Increased tensions almost inevitably lead to the increased chance of a tragic mistake. Twenty-one years ago, the United States mistakenly shot down an Iranian airliner, killing innocent civilians. A few months later, Pan Am 103 was attacked.

“Kirk claims to be an 'intelligence officer' but he did not have the intelligence to see through Saddam Hussein. He is now repeating his prior blunders by promising that hostile acts against Iran will intimidate that nation. Kirk’s fandango may be great campaign fund raising but it is destructive foreign policy.

“The practical significance of Kirk’s legislative agenda would benefit the Ahmadinejad regime. Thus, Kirk's mendacity undermines our national security. He has no business being a candidate for the U. S. Senate. Anyone who contributes cash or support to Mark Kirk is helping undermine America’s national security and bolster the Iranian regime. That’s the harsh but unavoidable truth,” Martin will charge Monday.

“Illinois needs a strong, experienced foreign policy voice in Washington. I am the only Republican candidate with a proven track record of analyzing and interpreting America’s long-term foreign policy interests. My reputation for credibility and independence is worldwide, not statewide.”

September 28th news conference details:


U. S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,


Monday, September 28, 2009 11:00 A.M.


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin calls Congressman Mark Kirk “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s best friend in Congress” and says Kirk’s proposal to limit gasoline sales to Iran could trigger a new war. In a surprise, Martin backs Israel’s nuclear arsenal.


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He is a danger to society and himself. It's a matter of time before he really hurts someone.