Saturday, September 5, 2009

Andy Martin condemns fraudulent tactics by an Illinois “pro-family” activist

Martin says that D. Paul Caprio’s tactics in taking campaign cash from Pat Hughes, and them pretending to orchestrate an impartial “endorsement” process for Hughes, bordered on criminal activity

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin blasts “conservatives” for engaging in campaign fraud

Martin says D. Paul Caprio and others who pocketed cash from Pat Hughes failed to disclose their employment while “endorsing” their employer

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Andy Martin says self-styled “conservative leaders” who took cash from Pat Hughes engaged in political corruption by later failing to disclose their financial ties to Hughes

D. Paul Caprio’s orchestration of a bogus “endorsement” process that “endorsed” Caprio’s employer bordered on criminal activity

(CHICAGO)(September 5, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Saturday, September 5th to condemn corrupt endorsement practices by so-called Illinois conservative “leaders” and “pro-family” political consultants.

“D. Paul Caprio, a political consultant, who had previously received $10,000 from Pat Hughes, orchestrated a fraudulent ‘endorsement’ process for his client, and then issued a ‘letter,’ ostensibly authored by impartial ‘conservative leaders,’ claiming to endorse his paying client,” Martin will charge.

“Caprio did all of this activity without disclosing he was on Pat Hughes’ payroll. Other so-called conservatives were also claiming their thirty pieces of silver on Hughes’ payroll. They are as equally guilty as Caprio.

“Conservatives should strive to achieve honesty and openness in their political activity, not Daley Machine-style corruption. For Caprio to put $10,000 in his own pocket, and then seek to orchestrate an ‘endorsement’ of his employer was not far short of criminal fraud. Some would say he crossed the line. Caprio’s tactics are a disgrace to both himself and his ‘client’ Mr. Hughes.

“In fact, Caprio’s tactics on behalf of his client are even more fraudulent than Mark Kirk’s attempt to purchase the same Republican Party U. S. Senate nomination. Kirk paid cash on the barrel, but he did not attempt to orchestrate a bogus endorsement session as well as a bogus endorsement letter while concealing his $50,000 in blood money.

“Caprio’s situation is more sinister because while Kirk gave his money to the party, Caprio personally pocketed the cash. If this is the kind of ‘advice’ Caprio is giving Hughes, Mr. Hughes is in deep doo doo. Hughes has forfeited any credibility or integrity as a candidate for any office, let alone statewide federal office. The only position Hughes might qualify for is as a sleazy Chicago alderman.

“Imagine the outcry if ‘Combine Republicans’ had pulled what some so-called conservatives did, pocketing a pile of cash to conduct a phony endorsement session and then issuing a phony endorsement letter on behalf of their employer. Conservatives would be screaming if the Combine did that.

“Ethical conservatives should be screaming that D. Paul Caprio is using crooked activity to further his personal financial interests and his political consulting business. Caprio is an embarrassment to conservatives, pro-lifers and pro-family activists.

“Caprio doesn’t know the meaning of the term ‘conflict of interest.’ Should Caprio be allowed to grab $10,000 for his own pocket, and then pretend he is objectively ‘evaluating’ his own employer’s candidacy? Of course not.

“Let the word go forth today,” Martin will state. “I am a conservative who stands for honest government and honest politics, not D. Paul Caprio’s Daley Machine-style corrupt ‘conservative’ deal-making.

“The people who orchestrated the sham endorsement session in Bloomington in August should apologize to every Republicans—yes, even to Combine Republicans—and promise to never engage in similar acts of fraud. These people should withdraw their bogus endorsement of Hughes, and also notify county chairmen who received their fraudulent endorsement letter that some of the persons signing the 'conservative' letter were in fact on Pat Hughes payroll.

“Democrats and Independents can potentially vote for a conservative Republican in 2010, but they will only vote for a Republican who is honest and open, and not for someone such as Pat Hughes who bribes people and then uses his chumbolones to conduct bogus political activity designed to defraud the public,” Martin will charge.

“Very suspiciously, Hughes has put his law license on ‘inactive’ status. Maybe his legal ethics are also ‘inactive.’

“If Pat Hughes thinks crooked political activity is ‘mainstream’ Republicanism in Illinois, he belongs with the Combine, not with honest opponents fighting Combine infiltration on the Republican Party. Hughes and Caprio and the rest of Hughes’ employees owe every Illinoisan an apology.

“I will work with conservatives of every view and stripe. But I will not tolerate in the Republican Party the same corrupt, deceptive and fraudulent practices we condemn in Daley Machine Democrats or Combine Republicans. If we can’t do a better job, and a more honest and open job than Daley or Combine thugs, we don’t deserve to win.

“I will fight to expose corruption whether it is Daley Machine corruption, or Combine Republican corruption or, yes, even conservative or ‘pro family’ corruption,” Martin will conclude. “A crook is a crook. D. Paul Caprio has disgraced conservatives, disgraced the values he claims to support and disgraced himself by orchestrating and organizing a fraudulent endorsement charade.”

September 5th news conference details:


U. S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,


Saturday, September 5, 2009 11:00 A.M.


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin condemns fraudulent political tactics by so-called “pro-family” and pro-life” “leaders” in conducting a fraudulent endorsement scheme motivated by money.


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