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It’s official: the 2010 Illinois Republican Senate primary is Martin v. Kirk

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin thanks conservative author Lee Newcom for demolishing Martin’s opponents

Martin says Newcom confirms Martin’s prior comments about the pernicious influence of mendacious “political consultants”

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Andy Martin thanks conservative writer Paul Newcom for demolishing Andy’s opponents

(CHICAGO)(September 11, 2009) I don’t know what makes John Newcom tick, have never spoken to him and, other than the most cursory check on Google, have no idea who he is. He writes for the, an organization that is terrified I could win the Republican Senate primary and change the face of politics in Illinois.

But this week Newcom performed a valuable service for every Illinois Republican seeking a realistic alternative to Mark Kirk in the 2010 primary. He demolished all of my other opponents.

Newcom is no friend of mine and probably does not understand or respect my own vast resume of experience. But he sure knows who the other candidates are, and one-by-one he declares them to be a bunch of chumbolones. Newcom has seen these people up close; he “moderated” one of the secret conservative “debates” that was held during the summer. Thus, Newcom speaks with personal knowledge when he condemns the inexperience of these aspirants.

I have been especially critical of one candidate, Pat Hughes, whom I have accused of being a “front” for D. Paul Caprio. Here is what Newcom says about Hughes: “Two political consultants are telling [Hughes] he can win and are keeping him in it. They are wrong but have a personal interest in keeping this spitting into the wind alive because, one in particular, sees the money.” Thus, Newcom completely confirms my allegations about Hughes. He is a dupe as well as a dope.

On his web site, Hughes claims he has “vast experience in public speaking, debate and ‘retail’ politics.” Anyone who heard Hughes’ speeches in Springfield and Bloomington knows this claim is delusional. Once again, Newcom slips the knife into Hughes, stating “…although he needs to loosen up a bit and learn to better judge an audience and venue. This is where some political experience would be very valuable.” Hughes voted in a Republican primary for the first time in 2008. Now he wants to be a U. S. Senator.

Newcom is somewhat tenderer to the other candidates but his conclusions are equally terminal. None of them have the “plan, money and political organization or name recognition to beat Kirk.”

My campaign does. That is why my primary opponents, Kirk’s dirty tricksters and Obama’s own mud merchants are focused on trying to defeat me in the primary.

Kirk knows that Illinoisans are fed up with corruption. He fears my forty-year record of successfully exposing and fighting corruption []. No other candidate in either party can make that claim.

In the wake of Newcom’s obituaries for my other opponents we are doing a little reworking of The job is not done, and is definitely a work-in-progress. Tell us what you think. We are running a cooperative, collaborative campaign.

I am not asking any other candidate not to run. Anyone who feels a need to run, should run. That’s life.

But there is the delusional world of self-denial, and there is the real world.

Just over a year ago, I carried almost forty counties, and received a quarter of a million votes statewide. I am the only Republican (including Kirk) who has ever run a statewide campaign. If Kirk is my opponent, those voters are coming back to me. I am within striking distance of beating Kirk (which is why my campaign is being relentlessly attacked by so many other opponents).

The proliferation of “anti-Kirk” candidates may be a phenomenon that is being orchestrated by the pro-Kirk “Combine,” to make it more difficult for someone to defeat Kirk. Lee Newcom probable senses this negative dynamic.

My performance on television is highly respected by people who have seen me debate on Channel 7. I am not a rookie, or someone who is untested.

My national reputation was confirmed by Barack Obama, when he sent Robert Gibbs out to smear me on national television. Obama knew who the most effective Republican was in 2008. Me. Take a look at my remarks on Hannity’s America. I accurately predicted what an Obama presidency would look like:

Recently, someone acting for Obama or Kirk or both (Kirk is really a Democratic stalking horse in the Republican Party) stole my Obama birth certificate tapes from a conference we conducted in Washington, DC. Who is devoting so much effort to stealing my tapes? Obama and Kirk recognize the most powerful Republican nominee for Senator in 2010 is Andy Martin.

Some people don’t know me, and dislike my style. That is their privilege. You can’t please everyone. But people who know me or who have spoken with me, understand that I am precisely the kind of candidate who can execute the strategy necessary to defeat the Democrats in 2010. I am a Midwestern conservative, not a right-wing ideologue.

So don’t be a wuss. Pick up the phone, call me, and chat. Because we are in the early stages of the campaign, I am not as busy as I will be later. I try to answer my own phone. And I will try to answer my own phone as a U. S. Senator.

I will work to earn the vote of every anti-Kirk Republican in the 2010 primary. I would like to earn yours.

Lee Newcom told my other primary opponents the unpleasant truth. They can’t run to win. They are free to run, but they lack the experience and resources to win.

I can beat Mark Kirk in the primary. Mark Kirk knows that.

Spread the word.

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