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U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin helps Pat Hughes “discover” he’s an attorney, again

After Martin notified the Illinois Supreme Court that Pat Hughes was committing contempt of court, Hughes promptly reregistered as an “active” attorney after claiming “inactive” status earlier in 2009.

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin helps Pat Hughes “discover” he’s an attorney, again

Martin says D. Paul Caprio, Jon Zahm and Hughes are embarrassments to the Republican Party

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Part Two: Pat Hughes “discovers” he’s an attorney, again

Andy Martin compares Pat Hughes to the zany commercials by former WBBM-TV anchor Bill Kurtis

What will Pat Hughes “discover” next?

(CHICAGO)(September 28, 2009) Most of us have probably seen the recent series of TV commercials by former WBBM-TV anchorman Bill Kurtis. Kurtis goes into historical locations (the “fountain of youth,” Amelia Earhart’s crashed airplane site, etc.) but ignores the important evidence around him and instead “discovers” the Internet.

Bill Kurtis meet Pat Hughes.

“Chumbolone” U. S. senate candidate Pat Hughes has “discovered” he’s an attorney, again. Thanks to Andy Martin. It’s an amusing side story to the 2010 primary election. What will Pat Hughes discover next?

In 2008, for the first time in his life Pat Hughes “discovered” he was a Republican. Hughes voted in the Republican primary. What took Hughes so long? If he registered to vote at age 18, it took him 20 years to “discover” he was a Republican. Pat’s a slow learner maybe?

Some time in 2008 or early 2009, Hughes made another “discovery.” He “discovered” he was “too busy to be an “attorney.” That was indeed a surprising discovery. Most attorneys hang on to their active law licenses until they die.

But Hughes notified the Illinois Supreme Court he was on “inactive” status. Busy, busy, Pat.

A year after deciding he was a Republican, in 2008, Hughes made yet another discovery. He “discovered” that despite the lack of any personal or political resume, he was U. S. Senator material.

Then the fun started.

Hughes began to campaign with the claim he was an outstanding attorney. There was only one problem with that “fact.” He was an “inactive” attorney. Unfortunately for Pat Hughes he is obviously not a expert on either the Illinois Supreme Court’s Rules or professional ethics.

Fortunately for Hughes, I am an expert.

I made the “discovery” that Hughes was still practicing law, in violation of Illinois Supreme Court Rule 756.

I did my due diligence on Hughes’ background. Why hadn’t Paul Caprio and Jon Zahm done theirs before Hughes announced his candidacy? Were they blinded by Hughes’ wads of cash?

With my new “discovery” that Hughes was no longer an active attorney I filed a complaint with the ARDC, the Supreme Court’s disciplinary and administrative arm.

Since Hughes and I are competing candidates for U. s. Senator, I made a public announcement of my filing.

Hughes, who seems to have more money than brains, then sent one of his paid henchmen out to attack me. Jon Zahm falsely claimed that Hughes was not violating the Court’s rules.

Guess what? I was right.

Hughes has now been forced to reregister as an “active” attorney. His period of inactivity ended when my political activity began.

Thanks to me, Hughes has now made another “discovery” in his life. He has discovered he has to obey the Illinois Supreme Court’s Rules if he wishes to call himself an attorney and practice law. I guess Hughes, who previously claimed he was too busy to be an active attorney, has now decided he is too busy to be an “inactive” lawyer. Go figure.

What will Pat Hughes “discover” next?

Better still, what will I discover next? Stay tuned.

Footnote (lawyers love footnotes):

Dave Diersen, who is one of the most honest men in Illinois politics, if not the most honest man, and is certainly one of the hardest working Republicans, if not the hardest working, worked himself into a rouladen over my earlier criticism of Hughes and his “consultants.”

As the foregoing episode confirms, Hughes has paid lackeys who lie for him. People who actually know me are aware I have a forty-year record of independence and integrity, fighting corruption in the courts and legal profession [see for details.].

My pen does not pick favorites. Obviously, there is a lot more to attack in the record of Democrat-cum-Republican Mark Kirk. And I want to defeat Kirk. So most of my barbs are directed at Kirk.

But that does not mean other pretenders and political phonies in the Republican Party are temporarily immune from my criticism. An attorney who lies (don’t they all?) becomes a fair target when he wakes up one morning and “discovers” he should run for statewide office.

By splitting the anti-Kirk vote with a comic book campaign, Hughes is actually helping to nominate Kirk, even while Hughes is also helping to fatten Paul Caprio’s and Jon Zahm’s wallets.

And that’s a “discovery” Illinois Republicans are increasingly making: a vote for Pat Hughes is a vote for Mark Kirk.

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The Anti-Andy Martin said...

The dirty tricks are really being played by Andy Martin. Look at his record. Jail time, lies (lots of them), disconnect with reality, frivolous lawsuits, ANTI-Semitic statements and physical violence against others. Just look at these videos.

Martin has been declared to have mental issues making him not worthy of being admitted to the Illinois bar association. he wasn't admitted but should be committed.

He is a danger to society and himself. It's a matter of time before he really hurts someone.