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VIDEO: Andy Martin on Al Jazeera discussing nuclear nonproliferation

Martin criticizes Mark Kirk’s and Barack Obama’s approaches to foreign policy

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Video of Andy Martin commenting on Barack Obama’s disarmament plans and attacking Mark Kirk’s proposals on Iran

Martin says Obama’s foreign policy is moribund

(CHICAGO)(September 28, 2009) Video of Andy Martin discussing Barack Obama’s nuclear nonproliferation policies and attacking Mark Kirk for advocating a gasoline cutoff to Iran, is now available on the Internet:


“I think the Internet video is a fair representation of both my own foreign policy views, and the basis for my criticism of both mark Kirk and Barack Obama,” says Andy Martin. “I am a pragmatic Midwestern conservative. We would like to deescalate tensions in the world, and refrain from provoking any more unnecessary wars or ‘nation building.’

“I draw on a reservoir of over forty years of experience in Asia and the Middle East. Unlike Mark Kirk, who seeks to provoke conflict to ‘pump up’ his campaign fund raising, I am willing to support Israel’s nuclear program but not to give Israelis a blank check to launch a preemptive war.

“I support existing Russian-American nuclear de-escalation, but I equally support modernization of our nuclear weapons stockpile.

“I am very focused on counter-intelligence to combat terrorist efforts to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Combating terrorist efforts to manufacture or steal nuclear or biological technology must be our priority.

“Not everyone agrees with my views; most politicians are more ‘gungy’ than I am. They talk of bombing, attacks and war. Unlike Mark Kirk, the pseudo-warrior, I have seen real war, and seen the real costs of war.

“My views are squarely in the mainstream of Midwestern attitudes about new foreign policy initiatives. We don’t want any. Illinoisans are tired to war, tired of the economic impact of war on our state’s economy, and tired of paying the price in blood for indulging both the liberal and conservative adventurism in Washington.

“I believe Illinoisans of every political persuasion want an experienced foreign policy voice that will counsel restraint, not renewed foreign commitments. My experience leads me to support that approach. Although I clearly have a worldwide, not statewide, reputation as a political analyst and columnist, my focus as a senator would be exactly the opposite: using my worldwide experience to avoid any new policies or commitments that would hold back Illinois’s statewide economic progress.

“Unlike Mark Kirk, I will never try to raise the temperature abroad as a cynical maneuver to increase my political fund raising at home. His behavior is disgraceful.

“In the final analysis, I am the only Republican primary candidate with the experience and the credibility to tackle Mark Kirk and bring him down on February 2nd. That’s the inescapable
reality of the situation. I think people who watch the video will come to that conclusion.”

© Copyright by Andy Martin 2009.

1 comment:

The Anti-Andy Martin said...

Letter to Al Jazeera Station:

Just the fact that you would even attempt to get viewers to believe anything you put on your program by using And Martin as a source leads me to believe you have a disconnect with reality.

Martin is a mentally unstable individual who has constantly run for office since 1976 and never succeeded due to the intelligence of the American communities where he has run for office.

A small look at some of Martin's crimes (please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFnuhaU458Y and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaxIoQljADw

I guess Martin can no longer get American media outlets to take him seriously, so now he has to go outside to find outlets who are not aware of who he really is.

My suggestion is for Mr. Martin to move to another country and try running for office, ruler or king of one of those countries. I think Somalia would be a good start.