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Washington, DC sex scandal: Andy Martin calls for resignation of Senator Max Baucus

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin calls Max Baucus a “habitual sex offender” and the Democratic Party’s latest answer to pedophile and former U. S. Rep. Mark Foley. Martin compares Baucus’ latest girlfriend to former congressional assistant Elizabeth Ray, who received a job for providing sexual favors to Congressman Wayne Hays. Martin says “The Department of Justice cannot investigate itself in this scandal; immediate appointment of an independent prosecutor is essential. Max Baucus may be the Democrats’ answer to the infidelities of Tiger Woods. We need an impartial investigation to find out.”

Washington, DC sex scandal: U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin calls for criminal investigation of “Baucusgate,” appointment of special prosecutor to investigate Department of Justice

Martin says the evidence is inescapable that Senator Max Baucus, a man with a history of sexual harassment, corrupted the Department of Justice to provide a job for his latest paramour

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Andy Martin says that Max Baucus dishonors the U. S. Senate and should resign

Martin says that Baucus’ finding a job for his current paramour at the Department of Justice converts that agency into a personal dumping round for congressional sex addicts

Andy Martin returns to his “roots” as a congressional corruption fighter

(CHICAGO)(December 5, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Saturday, December 5th to demand that Senator Max Baucus resign as a U. S. Senator because of Baucus’ efforts to (i) initially appoint his lover as U.S. Attorney for Montana and (ii) later use of the Department of Justice in Washington as a dumping ground for his current sexual liaison.

“Max Baucus is a ‘sex addict,’” Martin will charge. “He has previously been accused of sexual harassment. He appears to be guilty of marital infidelity; we are searching for the divorce files. He first tried to get his latest lover appointed as part of the Department of Justice in Montana, as U.S. Attorney. When their sexual thirst could not be slaked with occasional trysts, he got his lover a job in Washington at—no surprise—the Department of Justice.

“Baucus has disgraced, and is continuing to disgrace, the U. S. Senate.

“I am no puritan when it comes to private conduct between eligible and consenting adults. But Baucus is a sexual predator who was previously accused of sexual harassment when his demands were rejected. He is currently playing house with his former staff member. As for his marital vows, Baucus ignores them. Max Baucus: the ‘Tiger Woods of the U. S. Senate.’

“Baucus used his power to foist his sex partner on the people of Montana as a nominee for U. S. Attorney; that was disgraceful. And when he found he wanted more sex than he could obtain on a long distance basis, he dumped his lady love in the Department of Justice in Washington.

“Baucus’ arrogance and corruption of the public trust is outrageous. As a corruption fighter, I find Baucus’ behavior despicable. As a candidate for U. S. Senator, I pledge to do my best to fight moral and political corruption in both parties.

“Unfortunately, Attorney General Eric Holder cannot investigate his own agency. Baucus’ ‘squeeze’ works for Holder. The American people demand that Baucusgate be investigated by a totally independent prosecutor who can look into the details of what Baucus and his ladies have been doing. Eric Holder may even be implicated in Baucusgate. Holder may have facilitated a sexual favor for a political favor.

“Is this the ‘change we can believe in’ that Obama brought to Washington? The U. S. Senate has been defiled into a ‘hot sheet pad.’ For someone who has been repulsed by the immorality of Washington since I first went there, Baucusgate looks more like Wilber Mills (Democrat) and Fanne Fox, or Wayne Hays (Democrat) and Elizabeth Ray or Newt Gingrich (Republican) and his latest wife.

“Over thirty years ago I helped battle Congressman Wayne Hays after he used his office as a bordello. I haven’t even won the primary yet, and I am already back fighting the abuses of incumbent officials. We need to end the arrogance of power in Washington that is destroying our government. I will do the job. I have proven I am capable of fighting these political hucksters.

“If Max Baucus wants to treat women as his sexual playthings he should play on his own dime and on his own time,” Martin will state.

December 5th news conference details:


U. S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,


Saturday, December 5, 2009 3:00 P.M.


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin calls for U. S. Senator Max Baucus to immediately resign as a result of his corruption and misuse of office, and for Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint an independent counsel to investigate sexual corruption and hiring abuses within the Department of Justice.


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