Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Media declare “Kirk Kaput:” Andy Martin the surprise frontrunner for U S Senator in Illinois Republican primary

In forty-eight hours, the mainstream media have removed Mark Kirk from his perch as the “done deal” Republican nominee for U. S. Senator. Andy Martin launched one of the most devastating media attacks in American political history. Martin promises a new “Bunker Buster” anti-Kirk ad for January 6th.

“Our society is saturated with hypocrisy,” Martin says. “Liberals have a program they love called ‘Hardball,’ and Anderson Cooper calls a segment ‘Raw Politics,’ but when they actually see raw politics and hardball in action, their composure collapses. My campaign is poised to score the upset of the decade on February 2nd. Conservatives want to win. We are going to deliver a real conservative victory on February 2nd.”

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December 30, 2009

Forty-eight hours that changed American politics

Mainstream media collapse in disarray as conservative Republicans rally to Andy Martin

Dear Illinois Republican:

Several weeks ago I began announcing “D-Day” for December 28th. I said we would launch game-changing attacks. I am a man of my word.

On Sunday (December 27) my campaign issued a statement claiming we were going to turn Illinois politics upside down. We were wrong. We are turning American politics upside down!

Simply by telling voters the truth about my opponent.

I am just a straightforward hard-charging Fighting Illini. Everything I learned in life I learned in Memorial Stadium. As a freshman, Coach Ray Eliot regaled me with the upset Fighting Illini victory that was led by the cry “Send Ameche at me.” I have this to say to the liberal media: Send Kirk at me. We’ll beat him.

The media began with their typical malicious attacks on me. Lies, distortions. Not one positive word about someone who has been a successful corruption fighter. Just bald-faced efforts to smear me (see for my bio.) Just ask Sarah Palin what these people are like.

The “hate parade” was led by Nell Steinberg, a Sun-Times "columnist" who accused all downstaters of being ignoramuses. You should know, in the same spirit of full disclosure that media apply to me, that Mr. Steinberg was criminally charged with beating his wife and being a drunk, and entered rehab. I think Steinberg needs to stay in rehab. To protect his wife. My victory on February 2nd will keep Steinberg in rehab.

Gay media across the country have declared Mark Kirk a homosexual. In fact, one gay publication (San Diego) is suggesting Kirk’s campaign is collapsing the same way Tiger Woods did.

Carol Marin of NBC-TV is afraid “the wrong people will be voting.” That means YOU. In other words, not “her people.” Liberals.

Now conservative publications are rallying to my campaign and comparing my honesty with Mark Kirk’s lifetime of duplicity, deceit and deception (D-Day?). See Even political opponents who are supporting other candidates are collapsing their opposition and admitting my radio advertising about Kirk is 100% true. One of the people mentioned in the ad, Ray True, calls me the “ultra” conservative in the race. Now he tells us.

The media thought their lies would finish me off. Once again, they were wrong. I see a tsunami of conservative support flowing in our direction. The momentum has shifted to my campaign. Victory is in sight.

If conservatives stick together and join my campaign, we will defeat Kirk and claim the nomination as ours. It has to be a team effort. On February 2nd we can celebrate a national victory for conservatives. Take that Barry Obama.

The media are running scared. They were caught lying to you about Kirk. What else are they lying about? Me, for example. For months the media lied to you and tried to get you to believe you had no choice in the primary. Now, thanks to my ads, you know the truth. We exploded Kirks balloon in 48 Hours. 48 Hours that changed American politics.

Tell voters the truth, and the mainstream media panic. Now you know why the Chicago Tribune once called me an “absolutely brilliant campaigner” and a “master” campaigner.

And, by the way watch for an even bigger “Bunker Buster” ad next January 6th. Kirk is toast.

We’re winning. Please join my team and we will roll to victory over Kirk and Brady on February 2nd.

Happy New Year,

Andy Martin


P.S. We need cash, lots of it, to keep the ads on the air. We need even more cash to platform the “Bunker Buster” ad across the state on 200 radio stations. Please donate at our web site Now. Don’t miss this chance to score the conservative upset win of the new decade. If we win on February second, conservatives across America will win.


The Anti-Andy Martin said...

An open letter to Andy Martin or Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona, which ever name you believe yourself to be.

It is really sad that you are so delusional to believe you are somehow misunderstood in what you said the other day in your radio ad. Your mental capacity is so non-existent that you still believe you are a republican candidate even after you have been severed from the Republican Party.

“Mr. Martin will no longer be recognized as a legitimate Republican Candidate by the Illinois Republican Party." That was the statement by Pat Brady.

This was not a media smear of any sort. It clearly was political suicide on your part and it was consistent with all your other past bigoted comments. Now you want to profile Muslims. Do you have a Nazi tattoo on your arm? Why don’t you just say: If you are not white with blue eyes, we are coming after you? It would serve the purpose of what you have displayed as your character all your public life.

You truly need to acquire some much needed psychiatric help which will benefit you and those whose happen to cross your path.

Please just quietly slip away into a hidden place where nobody will ever be burdened with your delusional ranting again.

Majority of The Normal Citizens

Anonymous said...

Will you deny your child raping and Wiccan Priestiness? Illinois deserves and answer!