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Patrick Hughes, the “Walter Mitty Candidate” for U. S. Senator

Patrick Hughes is a failed lawyer and failed real estate operator who has decided to seek middle aged refuge in a hapless campaign for the U. S. Senate

The “March of the Walter Mitty candidates”

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Andy Martin begins an occasional series on some of his opponents for the U. S. Senate nomination

The March of the Walter Mitty candidates: Patrick Hughes [Part One]

(CHICAGO)(December 12, 2009) Almost every election cycle brings out “Walter Mitty” candidates. These individuals have no political experience and no familiarity with the public arena, yet they delude themselves into believing they are capable of performing as national officials. I call these persons “Walter Mitty candidates,” after James Thurber’s timeless character,

Today we begin an occasional series on candidates with Walter Mitty aspects to them.

Does anyone remember Steve Sauerberg? Sauerberg appeared out of nowhere in 2007 and said he could defeat incumbent Democrat Dick Durbin. Sauerberg said he would be “adequately funded,” but wasn’t. Sauerberg has vanished.

2010’s Walter Mitty candidate is Patrick Hughes. Hughes provides many dimensions of delusional behavior. We will start be addressing his nonexistent voting record and nonexistent Republican Party credentials.

At some Republican Party functions I compare and contrast Hughes with Mark Kirk. Kirk is “Magic Slate,” employing a term from the children’s “slate” that can be erased merely by lifting the plastic cover. Kirk would have us believe he can “erase” his ultra-liberal voting record in Congress by simply lifting the plastic cover on his life. Obviously, Kirk can’t erase his past, or his present, and the past and present will doom Kirk’s

In comparison to Kirk, I call Patrick Hughes “blank slate.” If you “Google” Mr. Hughes prior to 2009, there is nothing there. Hughes’ adult life is a blank slate. Hughes own self-promoted Wikipedia entry has nothing of a public nature prior to 2009.
Take a look for yourself:

Hughes voted as a Republican for the first time in 2008. In other words, a few months after declaring himself to be a Republican, he decided he had the experience to become a national leader. In Parts Two and Three of Hughes’ imaginary qualifications we will discuss other defects in his resume.

Today we focus on Hughes’ lack of a voting record.

Ironically, we can begin debunking Hughes by simply quoting one of his biggest supporters, John Biver of “Champion” News. A few days ago Biver wrote:

“Experience in the arena does matter. Rarely is a young man made a general—there is much to learn as a person moves up through the ranks.”

Having written those wise words, Mr. Biver chose to ignore them by supporting Hughes, and then failing to advise Hughes how to become a “real” candidate.

Hughes has said he was “too busy” to vote over the decades. Too busy to vote for decades? How much time does it take to vote? If Hughes did not become a Republican until almost the age of forty, what did he consider himself before he declared himself a Republican? Taking after the movie of a similar title, I have come to refer to Hughes as the “Forty Year-Old Virgin.” It took Mr. Hughes almost forty years to decide he was a Republican. It took him only a few months to declare himself a national leader. John Biver, where were you when Mr. Hughes’ needed your restraining influence?

Hughes has occasionally claimed that he actually did voted a few times and that these votes are spread across Cook and DuPage Counties. That’s not an excuse, but it is what lawyers would call a “plea in mitigation.”

How would I have proceeded to address Hughes’ problem? If, indeed, I had a series of votes that were not visible, and which were becoming risible, I would obtain certified copies of my voting records and post them on my web site. Mr. Hughes also claims to be a “lawyer.” Hughes may be a licensed paralegal, but he lacks the skills of an experienced attorney. An experienced lawyer would have promptly proceeded as I suggest: get copies of the certified records and make them public.

Hughes has never made any voting records public, even though the burden of removing this serious cloud on his candidacy rests at all times on him, and on no one else. Lawyers also have a “failure to produce” doctrine, with which Mr. Hughes may have a passing acquaintanceship. The “failure to produce” rule says that if you have information in your control and you fail to produce it, a judge and jury may draw an “adverse inference” from your failure to produce the evidence. The doctrine is also called the adverse inference rule.

So now that we have been appropriately instructed, we may proceed to draw the adverse inference that Hughes in reality has no documents to rebut his lack of a voting record. Hughes has been lying.

Hughes brags about having many “paid staffers” on his payroll. Doesn’t one of his employees have enough political experience and street smarts to realize that the lack of a voting record undermines Hughes’ candidacy? Or is the apparent truth in fact the real truth: Hughes really has no records to document his earlier votes because they never took place.

Patrick Hughes? United States Senator? Walter Mitty would be proud of him.

COMING NEXT: Patrick Hughes: The “real estate developer” who isn’t “real” and isn’t a “developer”
(c) Copyright 2009 by Andy Martin

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