Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Conservative Republicans defend Andy Martin against media attacks

Local media suggest that the corrupt Illinois “Combine” rigged Republican leader Pat Brady’s smear attack on Andy Martin in advance. Do internal polls show Andy Martin winning on February 2nd? Is that what Brady and Mark Kirk are really afraid of?

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December 30, 2009

Republicans launch counterattack on Chicago
media’s efforts to smear Andy Martin

Dear Illinois Republican:

You may have heard Pat Brady’s attack on me. Mr. Brady had no authority to use the Illinois Republican Party apparatus to smear primary election candidates. Brady is a formally announced supporter of Mark Kirk. Brady’s organization took $50,000 in cash “hush money” from Kirk.

Both the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune published lurid attacks on me and my advertising yesterday. Most of the content of the articles was outright lies or distortions. But here’s the clincher. Neither reporter made any effort to speak with me.

Likewise, other media published false claims about me. I wonder what they are afraid of? Why do the media lie?

They lie because they do not know any conservative Republicans. They live in a liberal cocoon where anyone who threatens their orthodoxy is smeared with lies and distortions.

But real Republican conservatives are behind me and my campaign to defeat Mark Kirk. That’s what counts on February 2nd.

Republican Chairman Pat Brady is nothing but a stooge of the corrupt “Combine” that controls both political parties in this state. Polling probably shows that I am beating Kirk in the primary. That’s why he attacked me. The Combine is terrified I am winning the primary. Brady’s attack on me confirms I am the most powerful Republican for U. S. Senator. The Combine feared Senator Peter Fitzgerald and destroyed his career. I won’t let the Combine do the same to me.

One writer suggests that Brady’s attack was prepared in advance; Brady was just looking for an excuse to smear my candidacy, all as Kirk’s announced supporter:


I don’t know who writes Cao’s blog, but has anyone from the media studied that analysis of my ad? Not likely. If you want to read what real Republicans think, read on:


Here is my posting/response to Cao’s blog:

My radio ad on Mark Kirk is absolutely factually correct. I realize the ad may offend some people, but then Mark Kirk in the U. S. Senate for six years would be even more offensive.

I respect the right of anyone to disagree with me, but I believe that honest campaigns sometimes have to be tough campaigns, when you are running, as I am, against a political fraud such as Mark Kirk. The liberal gay-dominated media in Chicago are promoting Kirk and trying to nominate him by default. They ignore the other candidates. I will not lie down and surrender to liberal media fraud. I am fighting to become a senator, and I will fight for the people of Illinois and the American people as your U. S. Senator in Washington.

The claim by some that my honesty somehow endangers Republicans is complete nonsense. Republican dishonesty is our biggest enemy. We can’t lie to ourselves about Kirk during the primary, and then blame others when the Democrats blow up his campaign next summer. Pat Brady’s hypocrisy is the real enemy of every Republican.

We drop the next “bunker buster” on Mark Kirk on January 6th. Be listening.

Andy Martin
The Real Republican for U. S. Senator

We’re winning. Please join my team and we will roll to victory over Kirk and Brady on February 2nd.

Happy New Year,

Andy Martin


1 comment:

The Anti-Andy Martin said...

An open letter to Andy Martin or Anthony Robert Martin-Trigona, which ever name you believe yourself to be.

It is really sad that you are so delusional to believe you are somehow misunderstood in what you said the other day in your radio ad. Your mental capacity is so non-existent that you still believe you are a republican candidate even after you have been severed from the Republican Party.

“Mr. Martin will no longer be recognized as a legitimate Republican Candidate by the Illinois Republican Party." That was the statement by Pat Brady.

This was not a media smear of any sort. It clearly was political suicide on your part and it was consistent with all your other past bigoted comments. Now you want to profile Muslims. Do you have a Nazi tattoo on your arm? Why don’t you just say: If you are not white with blue eyes, we are coming after you? It would serve the purpose of what you have displayed as your character all your public life.

You truly need to acquire some much needed psychiatric help which will benefit you and those whose happen to cross your path.

Please just quietly slip away into a hidden place where nobody will ever be burdened with your delusional ranting again.

Majority of The Normal Citizens