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Senator Jim DeMint faces new embarrassments in Illinois U. S. Senate primary

As the Illinois U. S. Senate primary moves into high gear on December 28th, Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin prepares to expose embarrassing links between U. S. Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina and a financially troubled real estate developer DeMint has been supporting as Martin’s “conservative” opponent. DeMint has not endorsed Martin’s opponent, however. Martin, Illinois’ leading national conservative activist, is in New York for media interviews and release of his new movie on Barack Obama’s “Hawai’i years.” Andy was recently interviewed extensively by NBC News for an upcoming special.

U. S. Senator Jim DeMint faces new scandals over links to bogus Illinois developer

Andy Martin launches “D-Day” on December 28th

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U. S. Senator Jim DeMint faces new scandals concerning his relationship with “his” Illinois U. S. Senate candidate

Senator Jim DeMint set to receive a “lump of coal” from Andy Martin

(CHICAGO)(December 24, 2009) Illinois corruption fighter and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin announced Thursday that Senator Jim DeMint faces new scandals concerning his involvement with bogus Illinois real estate “developer” Patrick Hughes.

“Senator DeMint has been promoting a political fraud for several months. DeMint’s sponsorship of Patrick Hughes is about to boomerang and bite the South Caroline senator,” Andy Martin predicts.

“Senator DeMint’s ‘Senate Conservatives Fund’ will find that Illinois is a sinkhole. Over the weekend we will be releasing embarrassing new details about ‘chumbolone’ candidate Hughes’ sleazy campaign tactics. Monday, as part of ‘D-Day,’ we will also drop a bomb on Hughes, and the debris will fall on DeMint.

“Hughes has been a sleazy candidate from the day he announced on August 20th and made false promises of financial commitments that soon evaporated.

“Mr. Hughes has run one of the dirtiest campaigns in recent history. DeMint has tried to pretend he was not involved. But Hughes has constantly been playing the ‘DeMint Card,’ claiming his ‘meeting’ with DeMint was significant. My guess is that Hughes got to DeMint through Tom Coburn. Senator Coburn is a dupe of Illinois conservative huckster Paul Caprio. Hughes has collected more sleazy ‘advisers’ in his campaign than any other campaign this year. If a candidate surrounds himself with sleazy advisers, what does that say about the candidate?

“Monday is payback time for DeMint. We will deliver the lump of coal on Thursday night, and Monday it goes ‘poof.’ Just the way Patrick Hughes is about to go ‘poof.’” Martin predicts.

“D-Day” operations are complete for a dramatic statewide launch of Martin’s broadcast advertising campaign on December 28th.

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