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Did Senator Jim DeMint encourage Tea Party corruption in Illinois?

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says sleazy politicians have gained control over Illinois Tea Party organizations

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Senator Jim DeMint has encouraged corruption of the “Tea Party” movement in Illinois

Martin says that sleazy Illinois politicians such as Patrick Hughes have bribed and cajoled Tea Party “leaders”

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Andy Martin says that Patrick Hughes may be engaged in “wholesale violations of federal election laws”

Martin says the Tea Party movement in Illinois has been thoroughly corrupted by self-interest and insider deal-making

“The ‘citizens’ movement’ died in less than a year,” Martin says.

Martin is welcoming supporters of other senate candidates to join his surging campaign, but “no pay-to-play is involved; either they join us on a moral basis, or we don’t want them. We do not engage in Hughes-style cash-and-carry corruption of the process”

Martin has scheduled “D-Day #2” for January 6, 2010 for a new anti-Mark Kirk “bunker buster”

(CHICAGO)(December 31, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Thursday, December 31st to accuse another senate candidate of corrupting and undermining the “Tea Party” movement in Illinois.

“It didn’t take long for Illinois politicians to corrupt so-called ‘Tea Party’ leaders,” Martin charges. “Patrick Hughes and others have merely moved their ‘pay-to-play’ gimmicks into the unsophisticated arena of ‘Tea Party” committees. It appears to me that there are wholesale violations of federal election laws being committed by Hughes and his coconspirators. Of course, in Illinois politics breaking the law is routine.

“A Mark Kirk supporter has offered a devastating indictment of Hughes and his supporters as ‘idiotic’ and ‘crazy:’

That’s not the half of it.

“The Will County/Joliet/Homer Tea Party movement is spending thousands of dollars to oppose federal candidates without adequate compliance with federal election law. Hughes was caught red-handed in election law violations in November. He is a habitual offender.

“Hughes’ supporters are falsely claiming they are conducting a 'Stop Mark Kirk Rally.’ Is fraud any more acceptable when it is conducted by self-styled amateurs? No one seriously suggests that Hughes can even stop at a stop sign, let alone stop Kirk. The entire event he is promoting is a complete scam. We are considering whether to deploy pickets to warn people of Hughes' machinations. This is the same Hughes who falsely claimed Mike Ditka was serving on his 'Finance Committee,' and who said he had hundreds of thousands of dollars of ‘commitments’ that soon disappeared.

“Now the sponsors of the ‘country club’ event are trying to rope Fox News into covering this illegal assembly.

“The back story is interesting. When I attended a forum of this group in December, other candidates told me Hughes had ‘bought the support of these people,’ and that the questions being asked in the supposedly impartial forum were nothing more than sham questions previously orchestrated by Hughes. That turned out to be the case. In other words, the Tea Party promoters were conducting a completely fraudulent and fixed-in-advance event. That is no way to develop and encourage public integrity.

“The Tea Party movement was supposed to encourage independent citizen participation, and not fall under the domination or control of particular candidates. In Illinois, the opposite has happened. Hughes has claimed ‘endorsements’ from mysterious ‘Tea Party’ groups whose existence is impossible to verify. They apparently meet in secret.

“Hughes is not the only offender. A Kane County group mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. I attended a Tea Party event in Kane County, and a handful of people were there. Now they mysteriously claim ‘300 precinct committeemen,’ which is a suspiciously large number, are active. Again, this Tea Party operation met in secret and without any public notice. An attempt to Google the group produced nothing.

“On and on it goes. The following are obvious.

“First, the Tea Parties are apparently used to collect names and e-mail addresses, and this information is then bartered by small control groups for their own political benefit. Second, in my opinion, a group that is spending thousands of dollars to oppose Kirk has to file detailed reports with the federal government.

“Third the national Tea Party movement has been accused of collecting money that is then largely directed to fund raising operators. In other words, the movement has become identical to many similar suspicious charities that have been shut down by state authorities for acting as virtual conduits of professional fund raising operators.

“I obviously can’t speak to what I happening in other states. But in Illinois the Tea Party movement has fallen under the control of small groups of insiders that are vulnerable to special influence pressures and self-interested decision-making.

“One of the things I am very fastidious about in my campaign is transparency. We do nothing anonymously. Everything has my name on it or it does not go out the door. We do not do deals in secret or in private. We do not engage in pay-to-play. My campaign is a genuine grass roots citizens' movement with volunteer supporters across the state. We don’t pay for endorsements. Obviously, my standards are much higher than Hughes or the sleazy ‘consultants’ who have guided his campaign into the ditch.

"The good news is that even though Hughes has corrupted Tea Parties and corrupted the campaign process, his campaign has died on the vine. The Republican senate primary has become a two-man race between me and Mark Kirk. Hughes’ dirty tricks and hundreds of thousands of dollars of personal spending produced nothing but embarrassment, corruption and ineffective results.

“Senator Jim DeMint has encouraged this coarsening and corruption of Tea Parties in Illinois by encouraging Hughes to buy and bribe his way to political support. DeMint has not helped conservatives in Illinois. The DeMint model is a failure in our state. Not only is Hughes not ‘going anywhere,’ his campaign activity is going backwards.

“We are offering a second ‘welcome period’ to Hughes supporters to join the most dynamic conservative making in the entire United States: Andy Martin for U. S. Senator,” Martin says.


D-DAY #2 : D-Day #2 is set for January 6, 2010

Andy Martin has scheduled “D-Day #2” to drop his second “bunker buster” on Mark Kirk

December 31st news conference details:


U. S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,
Chicago (weather permitting)


Thursday, December 31, 2009 1:00 P.M.


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says the “Tea Party” movement in Illinois has become riddled with corruption


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