Thursday, December 31, 2009

Veteran broadcasters Carol Marin and Andy Martin in a verbal slugfest at NBC in Chicago—ask for the tape!

Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin delivers a verbal beatdown to Carol Marin, an arrogant pompous media liberal and Mark Kirk supporter of NBC News. Martin demands that NBC air the tape unedited.

Carol Marin, Andy Martin verbal brawl at NBC Chicago leaves Carol Marin “punch drunk” with Andy Martin’s attacks on Marin’s lies and distortions

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U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin and Carol Marin of NBC Chicago take off the gloves.

Marin slings lies at Andy, he flings back the truth and exposes the liberal lioness as a lying lioness

Contact NBC and demand they put the full 45-minute interview on the net!!!

(CHICAGO)(December 31, 2009) Pompous, arrogant media liberal Carol Marin thought she was going to promote Mark Kirk’s senate campaign by manhandling Andy Martin in a 5-minute interview New Year’s Eve at NBC Chicago. Martin turned the tables on Marin and launched a verbal attack on Marin at the NBC 5 studio. Martin put Marin through a buzz saw and administered the strongest chastisement of Marin’s media career, exposing Marin as a liar and fraud who used bogus questions and misleading facts to attack Martin.

The five-minute interview turned into a 45-minute verbal slugfest between the two veteran broadcasters. Martin has over forty (40) years of radio and TV experience and Marin is a relative newcomer with 30 years behind her.

“Marin started out by lying about my military record,” Martin says. “I have an Honorable Discharge and I am very proud of that fact. I took the oath of enlistment at the age of 18. Marin was trying to suggest that the dirty tricks of the Illinois Supreme Court in trying to retaliate against me for helping to remove two corrupt judges from that court somehow undermined my military record.

“I offered Marin a copy of my Honorable Discharge but she wasn’t interested in the truth. She wants to wallow in her liberal Democrat lies.

“Both in public records, which unlike Mark Kirk I have fully opened to the public, and in private classified service to my country, my record of service is unparalleled. I will not let a liberal hatchet lady like Marin slander me or any other veteran.

“Of course, yesterday Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times, Marin’s colleague, ‘endorsed’ Mark Kirk as the ‘new Dick Durbin.’ What an ‘endorsement’ for a Republican candidate. Kirk should repudiate Steinberg’s ‘endorsement,’ but he won’t. Kirk is a liberal Democrat, not a conservative Republican. He relies on his media toadies such as Marin to protect him from viewers and voters.

“Marin for her part is an arrogant, pompous phony who is totally in Mark Kirk's back pocket, along with the rest of Chicago’s liberal media elite. They are a bunch of lying, self-important losers, most of whose companies are losing money or in bankruptcy. That's what the public thinks of them. They are tuning out Marin's lies. People have stopped buying local newspapers.

“Marin falsely accused me of claiming Barack Obama was not an American citizen. She owes me an on-the-air apology for her lack of professionalism. I have never made that claim about Obama. On the contrary, I sued to obtain Obama's birth certificate in Honolulu. Marin was trying to suggest I am a 'birther,' an invented media slur, which I am not. I have legitimate questions about Obama, but suggesting he was not born in Hawai'i is not one of them.

“Marin behaved disgracefully in trying to defraud her viewers about my record. I have debunked claims Obama was born outside the United States. That's why Obama hates me so much. I am scrupulously honest when writing about his secret life, and I have never stooped to his level to tell lies about him.

“Marin was ‘loaded with lies’ and I was ‘loaded for bear’ with the truth. I demolished her obnoxious TV presence.

“I challenge NBC to play the entire interview unedited, as well as Comcast and the Sun-Times. Play it all Carol, give your viewers the truth for a change,” Martin challenges. "We may sue to force release of the entire tape.

“I will not let liberal media in Chicago attack and malign honest American who fights corruption; I have a distinguished record of accomplishments and public service that neither Carol Marin nor Mark Kirk can approach ( Efforts to protect Kirk by attacking me are backfiring and boomeranging on the media.

“Marin was literally punch drunk at the end. She kept throwing low blows, and I kept deflecting them back in her face with the truth. She knew she had been exposed as a fraud. I am sure she will try to fix the tape and edit it out of context, but we will be in touch with NBC lawyers on Monday to assert our common law copyright to the material.

“Carol Marin got a preview of how I intend to fight back against liberal media bias as Illinois’ new U. S. Senator in Washington. Liars like Marin have had a free ride from Republicans for far too long. Today I served notice on that media phony she can’t lie about me,” Martin says.

“If Illinois Republicans want a fighter to represent them, today’s battle with liberal lioness Marin left no doubt I am the only fighter running for U. S. Senator. Ironically, I had warned NBC when we scheduled the interview that I was coming in ready to battle, and I made good on my promise. Play it all, Carol.”
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Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He is currently promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask and producing the new Internet movie "Obama: The Hawai'i years." Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of Martin comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of experience. He has over forty years of experience in Asia and the Middle East, and is regarded overseas as America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.
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Wolverine said...

Go forward with another frivolous lawsuit to add to your failures. The media has their facts correct about you. You sir, are the one with you own facts so twisted that you actually believe what you are saying.

The truth about you can be found on BING in a video at the bottom of the Huffington Post's web page

You are truly living a life at the bottom of the slum barrel.

By the way, the NBC piece on you was done perfectly. You should see it.

The Anti-Andy Martin said...

Andy Martin: Republican Fruit Loop
(Read WP posts from John Hawkins) | (Read MT posts from John Hawkins)

One of the downsides of getting to a certain level in the blogosphere is that candidates from all across the country slap you on their mailing lists and send you their "exciting" day-to-day exploits.

"Candidate Smith comes out against deficit"

"Candidate Smith to attend fund raiser"

"Candidate Smith condemns opponent Jones for his boneheaded shenanigans"

Actually, I'd probably read the last one -- but, in general, there just aren't enough hours in the day to sort through all of these dull missives.

One such candidate who sends me crap like this is Andy Martin, who's apparently running for the Senate in Illinois. Believe it or not, I didn't even know where Martin was running for office before today because his emails were so appallingly moronic that I had set my email up to filter anything with his name on it.


Because this child-like buffoon sends out ridiculous emails attacking conservatives like Jim DeMint, makes outlandish claims, and hypes up birther conspiracies.

Normally, I'd have been happy to have the emails from this jackass head to my circular file while I forget he exists -- but, no, this bonehead is apparently making just as much of a fool of himself with his advertising as he is with his emails:

U.S Senate candidate Andy Martin is airing a new political advertisement that is making accusations about the sexual orientation of Congressman Mark Kirk.

Candidate Martin and Congressman Kirk are both facing off in the primary for the 2010 Senate Race for the seat previously held by President Barack Obama, and now by Roland Burris.

...During the advertisement Martin says that Illinois Republican Jack Roeser has stated there is a “solid rumor that Mark Kirk is a homosexual.” It goes further to say that the Republican leader thinks Kirk is part of a “Republican Party homosexual club.” and that Kirk should come clean about these accusations.

In a written statement, Kirk campaign manager Eric Elk says, "The ad is not true and is demeaning to the political process. The people of Illinois deserve better."

Although I don't particularly like Mark Kirk, I haven't heard any "rumors" about him and would note that he was married for 8 years. In any case, what kind of candidate actually runs an ad like this in a Republican primary? What kind of candidate runs an ad based on a "solid rumor?"

I'll tell you what kind: A jackass. It's one thing for bloggers to do it, but for a candidate? That's way, way, way over-the-line.

That's why even the Illinois GOP is bombing on this guy:

The head of the Illinois Republican Party says the party will no longer recognize Andy Martin as a legitimate Republican candidate.

Reaction to the Andy Martin political ads from Pat Brady, the chairman of the Illinois Republican Party?

"Consider the source."

Brady calls Martin "a sick man."

"Let's take a reality check. There's no way this guy will win any elections. He has a history of doing this, this hate-filled speech and this bizarre behavior, so he's not going to be anybody's nominee, but he will no longer be recognized by the state of Illinois... Republican party as a candidate."

I can't speak for anybody else, but if the choices in Illinois somehow came down to Andy Martin and a Democrat, I'd prefer the Democrat over being stuck with a braindead, slobbering cretin like Andy Martin.

Wolverine said...

What a great link: