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U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says he best embodies the personal qualities of President Ronald Reagan

Who is the real Ronald Reagan Republican?

ANDY MARTIN: The only candidate for workers and working families in either political party.

MARTIN answers the pro-ACORN labor bosses at SEIU

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December 31, 2009

Seventy-two hours that continues to change American politics

Dear Illinois Republican:

Almost every Republican candidate likes to wrap himself or herself in the mantle of our beloved President Ronald Reagan. But while many aspire, few can achieve what Reagan did. He created a virtual third party, the “Reagan Democrats.”

“Reagan Democrats” terrorized the labor bosses in this country, because working people voted for a man who stood for economic opportunity and an optimistic vision of America’s future.

This week the ACORN-related labor bosses started attacking me with their usual drum roll of media-inspired lies and distortions. Why are they afraid of me?

Here is my answer to their distortions:

I am not any of the unseemly things your writer accuses me of, and the voters know both the extreme left and corrupt corporate right are lying about me.

I am a pro-labor, pro-working families Republican who blends social conservatism with social activism on behalf of people who have been raped and abandoned by the Wall Street majordomos in BOTH major parties (your Obama received more Wall Street money than McCain). The labor bosses might not support me, but your members do and will increasingly join my progressive team to return Illinois to glory.

I am the only candidate in either party with a rational plan to rebuild the economy of this state and create good jobs. I am the “good guy” in the race.

Please note that while candidate Meister has attacked me, I have never attacked him. I respect his honesty even if he does not respect mine.

Andy Martin
Republican for U. S. Senator

They may post my response at:

or the bosses may not. They are growing afraid of me.


Because I am Republican who appeals to working people and working families. Ordinary workers have been raped by the greedy Wall Street operators in both political parties. Goldman Greed (Sachs) & Co. owns both political parties in Washington, including Mark Kirk. But they do not own me.

Why are the bosses really afraid? I am the genuine article as a Reagan discipline. I don’t fake it. I am it. I can tell a joke, laugh at myself, and laugh at some of my stuff-shirted fellow Republicans that insist on having “peoples” rallies at country clubs.

The labor bosses want Mark Kirk to win because they know how to run against him. Their disgraceful plan to destroy Kirk after the primary has already been published on the Internet.

But the Democrats do not know how to defend against my style: I tell the truth, and ordinary people just love that. No one had to “teach” Reagan how to be Reagan. He just was. Naturally. Likewise, no one has to teach me to love workers and struggling families. That’s just me.

Even left-wing Sun-Times-Columnist Neil Steinberg, who today “endorsed” Mark Kirk by calling him the “new Dick Durbin” (what an “endorsement” for a Republican!) admitted Kirk is a stuffed shirt and lacks appeal to common people.

So do Republicans really want to win? Are they prepared to back someone who, rough edges and all, is a candidate that will have cross-party appeal next November? Are they prepared to nominate me? Or do they prefer to lose with the genteel and effete Mark Kirk? The choice is yours. Thanks to me, you have a real choice.

In closing, please note that while the homosexual Democrat in the race attacked me and held a news conference to denounce my advertising, I did not return the fire. I respect Mr. Jacob Meister's personal honesty. I differ with him politically, not personally. I expressed my respect for his honesty as an individual (see above). It's a pity Mark Kirk isn’t as real and as honest and Jacob Meister. Then Kirk might have a fighting chance.

As long as Kirk remains “in the closet,” as Meister suggests Kirk is, Kirk is not a viable or rational candidate for statewide office. The sooner he admits that fact to himself and his supporters, the sooner Kirk can gracefully withdraw and support my campaign.

I am the only Republican candidate who can bring our Reagan Democrats back home, because I can make them feel at home. Really home. As humans, we instinctively know when we’re welcome somewhere and when we’re not. I welcome ordinary people, workers and struggling families. I grew up in one.

Watch for an even bigger “Bunker Buster” ad next January 6th. Kirk is toast. It is time for him to go and allow us to build a Republican coalition that can have a real chance of taking back Illinois next November. You can’t fool the people. Why is Kirk trying?

My campaign is winning. Please join my team and we will roll to victory over Kirk and the labor bosses on February 2nd.

Republicans, Democrats, independents, let’s come together to nominate a corruption fighter who will break the stranglehold of Goldman Greed & Co. and Wall Street over Main Street Illinois.

I am ready to fight for you. As left-wing Obama “water” boy Chris Matthews says,” “Let’s play Hardball.” That’s the “raw politics” of it (Anderson Cooper).

Let’s win this one for the Gipper.

Happy New Year, God bless you all,



P.S. We need cash, lots of it, to keep the ads on the air. We need even more cash to platform the “Bunker Buster” ad across the state on 200 radio stations. Please donate at our web site Today. Don’t miss this chance to score the conservative upset win of the new decade. If we win on February second, conservatives across America will win.

P.P.S. Watch for our blockbuster announcement on New Year’s Day.

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Wolverine said...

You statement: "In closing, please note that while the homosexual Democrat in the race attacked me..."
clearly indicates what kind of candidate you are. YOU ARE the second coming of HITLER.