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Andy Martin condemns racist excuses of Democratic U. S. Senate Cheryle Jackson

Illinois U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Cheryle Jackson should either rid her campaign of racists or step down as a candidate for office in Illinois.

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Senate candidate Cheryle Jackson’s racist excuses are unacceptable

Martin says Jackson’s attempts to explain away the racist remarks of her supporter, political parasite Bobbie Steele, show that Jackson herself is a racist and unfit for office

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Andy Martin says Democratic senate candidate Cheryle Jackson must either remove racists from her campaign or step down as a candidate herself

Martin says that Jackson’s attempts to “whitewash” political parasite Bobbie Steele’s ugly racist attacks on “white men” only made a deplorable situation worse; Jackson obviously lacks the character and integrity to condemn racism among her supporters

Martin says Jackson is unfit to hold office unless she can condemn African-Americans who engage in racist attacks

“Every day white men put their lives in harm’s way to safeguard African-American lives,” Martin will remind Jackson. “Racist smears are despicable, but typical, of Crook County Democrats and the kleptocracy of the Steele family”

(CHICAGO)(October 28, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Wednesday, October 28th to demand that Democratic senate candidate Cheryle Jackson unhesitatingly condemn the racist remarks of her supporter Bobbie Steele.

“Cheryle Jackson has a virulently racist supporter,” Martin will charge. “Has Jackson condemned her racist supporter? No. Has Jackson banished the despicable political kleptocracy of the Steele family from her senate campaign? No. Instead, Jackson has issued a mealy-mouthed explanation of Bobbie Steele’s ugly racist attacks on ‘white men’ by claiming they related to ‘self-funding.’

“Jackson’s response is totally and utterly unacceptable, and is as disgraceful as Steele’s malignant racism.

“Every day ‘white men’ put their lives on the line to safeguard African-American lives. Every day in Chicago, an African-American’s life is in greater danger from another African-American than it is from a white person. Jackson should have slapped down the slimy Democratic payroller Bobbie Steele who attacked white men and expressed an entitlement to a U. S. Senate seat. She failed to do so.

“There is no ‘affirmative action’ for the U.S. Senate. The man or woman who holds that seat will hold the lives of Illinoisans in his or her hands. African-Americans in uniform will live or die based on what that senator decides. The only criterion for selection should be excellence and qualifications, not a racial quota. To suggest that we don’t need another ‘white man’ in the senate, and to claim a senate seat as a racial quota, is completely unacceptable.

“The fact that Blagojevich stooge Jackson (‘I was too dumb to know Blago was a crook’ is her defense) is unable and unwilling to banish Bobbie Steele from the political process renders Jackson unfit to hold office in this state. Blagojevich + racism = incompetence and unfitness.

“I have just finished condemning white racism in the Republican Party. I am not about to sit back and accept black racism from Africa-Americans. Racism is racism, whether practiced by white or black. I did not give Mike Ditka a pass in 'Ditkagate;' I am not about to give Jackson a pass either. Racism is unacceptable, whether engaged in by whites or blacks.

“If Cheryle Jackson can’t condemn racism inside her campaign, then she is a racist herself, and she is condoning racism. Jackson’s excuse that Bobbie Steele was addressing ‘self-funding’ in an insult to the intelligence, and another example of capitulation to the virulent racism that exists in the black community. Illinoisans don't need another Reverend Jeremiah Jackson as a candidate for U. S. Senator.

"I have a lifetime of service to civil rights. I believe passionately in equality. But I do not believe in affirmative action, or quotas, which have proven divisive and destructive elements in our society.

“Racism is unacceptable, period. Racism by blacks in no more acceptable than racism by whites. Cheryle Jackson’s failure to condemn racism, and to tolerate malicious racists in her campaign, brands her as unfit to even be a candidate, let alone a public official, in this state,” Martin will state.

“Jackson should either issue a complete and unconditional apology to the People of Illinois, and ban all of the kleptocratic Steele family from her campaign, or withdraw herself. Jackson is a disgrace to the Democratic Party as well as to every Illinoisan. I will not tolerate her racism, and neither should anyone else.

“If local media also fail to condemn Steele and Jackson, then our local media are just as racist and just as two-faced and hypocritical as the people that want to covert a U.S. Senate seat into a racial entitlement.”

October 28th news conference details:


U. S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,


Wednesday, October 28, 2009 2:00 P.M.


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin
demands that Cheryle Jackson issue a formal apology to the People of Illinois and unhesitatingly condemn the racist remarks of her supporter Bobbie Steele.


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