Thursday, October 29, 2009

Andy Martin welcomes Patrick Hughes’ disillusioned supporters to Martin’s U. S. Senate campaign

Martin says Patrick Hughes should demand a refund from Hughes’ campaign “advisers” Jon Zahm, Paul Caprio and Charlie Johnston.

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October 28, 2009



Dear Pat Hughes supporter:

You have probably witnessed the ongoing comedy of the Hughes campaign over the past several weeks. Almost every day brings new dirty tricks, new backstabbing and the like.

My campaign, on the other hand, has a simple approach: we tell the truth. Truth-telling is the only way to be a real Christian. And a real candidate for national office.

Five (5) Republican candidates filed for U. S. Senator earlier this week. Hughes was not one of them. He couldn’t gather enough signatures with three months to do so. If Hughes, with his purported “endorsements,” can’t gather signatures, what assurance do you have that he is competent to run the more complex phases of campaigning which are about to begin? Illinoisans are not going to entrust their voice in Washington to a candidate that can’t even collect a stack of petitions properly.

At the end of the day, Hughes has been a disappointment to anyone who expected better. He has been reading talking points prepared by his handlers, led by the malign Paul Caprio. One day Hughes says Caprio is with him, and the next day Hughes denies Caprio is with him. Hughes can’t keep a straight story.

Hughes has never done anything to support conservative causes. He didn’t even declare he was a “Republican” until 2008. That is not much of a record on which to base a campaign for national office.

Hughes is making a laughingstock of a very serious process: trying to defeat the outrageous candidacy of Mark Kirk to be a U. S. Senator.

U. S. Senators make life-and-death decisions. Their votes are not talking points. “Handlers” can’t grab them by the sleeve. The buck stops in the senate.

This election really comes down to two individuals, Mark Kirk and me, each with a radically different world view. Kirk wants to create more wars, and expand existing ones. I want to pull in our global ambitions and concentrate on unmet needs at home.

Pat Hughes is not a factor in this election, and never will be. He lacks any pretense of credentials.

If you are a disgruntled or unsatisfied supporter of Patrick Hughes I invite you to join my campaign. You will find a warm welcome and an intelligent campaign organization. You will not always agree with me. And I am not perfect, far from it.

But I have a lifetime of experience and wisdom to devote to keeping America strong while I work to rebuild our economy and keep our noses out of other nations’ wars. You can trust me to vote intelligently on protecting our military, and protecting our most precious resource and asset: American blood.

Feel free to call our offices. Many days I answer the phone personally. I will do my best to gain your trust so that together we can do our best to rebuild the Illinois Republican Party as a group of Americans who are there to serve, not dictate, a group of Illinoisans who will do their best to give, not take, and fellow citizens who will not shed the blood of our children and our neighbors’ children without a sound strategy and a principled basis to do so.

Politics can be an honorable calling if it is pursued in an honorable way. Don’t let your experience with Hughes’ catastrophe sour you on politics or campaigning. I will do my best to run both an honorable and hard-hitting campaign, and to take the truth to Republican primary voters.

Please join us. And welcome.

Andy Martin


© Copyright by Andy Martin 2009

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