Tuesday, October 27, 2009

U.S. Senate candidates boycott DuPage County dinner “extortion”

Andy Martin prepares to file suit to block the use of his name in a bogus straw poll which was purchased by Mark Kirk. Martin castigates DuPage County leaders for “talking conservative” and then being two-faced and backing a radical liberal such as Mark Kirk for statewide office. “People are starting to notice,” Martin says.

DuPage County’s Milton Township faces “boycott” by U. S. Senate candidates

Only Mark Kirk, who has been “endorsed” by DuPage leaders, pays the $600 “speaking fee”

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Andy Martin prepares to “liberate” Du Page County Republicans from their “two-faced, liberal leaders”

Martin says DuPage leaders “talk conservative” and then endorse extreme liberal Mark Kirk for U. S. Senator. Hello?

U. S. Senate candidates effectively boycott Milton Township’s demand for $600 as a speaking fee at Oktoberfest dinner

(CHICAGO)(October 27, 2009) U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin’s efforts to expose the two-faced corruption of DuPage County’s Republican Party leaders are beginning to pay dividends. Every U. S. Senate candidate except Mark Kirk has refused to pay a $600 “speaking fee” to Milton Township as a price to participate in the township’s “straw poll.”

“It is disgraceful that what is supposed to be the last bastion of rock-solid Republican conservatism in Illinois is abandoning conservative principles and supporting Mark Kirk for statewide office. Obviously, the conservative words ‘words’ mouthed by DuPage Republican leaders mean nothing when it comes to being bought and sold by Mark Kirk’s million-dollar Beltway booty.

“Kirk is the only candidate to pay Milton Township’s $600 speaking fee as a price to participate in a bogus strew poll.

“Milton Township’s arrogant demand for cash-to-speak, or pay-to-play, is only the most embarrassing example of the decay and corruption of the DuPage Republican Party. Republican leaders claim to be conservatives, but then they go out and endorse a radical liberal for senator. Is there an inconsistency here?

“It would appear that DuPage County’s leadership’s loyalty is for sale. Kirk is the only candidate to pay the $600 speaking fee. Everyone else has said no.

“This speaking fee is a direct way of charging for the endorsement which DuPage leaders previously delivered to Kirk. They support him; he pays them $600. It stinks of pay-to-play.

“I am preparing to file a lawsuit seeking damages for the misuse of my name in a bogus straw poll that has been purchased in advance by Mark Kirk. This straw poll is a fraud on the public.

“Republican strength in DuPage County is eroding for a reason: Republican leaders are lying to their voters, leading to disenchantment by rank-and-file Republican voters who see a two-faced party leadership ‘talking conservative’ and then acting in direct contradiction with support for Mark Kirk. The disconnect is there.

“I am committed to revitalizing DuPage County’s Republican voters by offering them a competent, common sense alternative to the extreme liberal candidate being offered by their so-called leaders,” Martin stated in announcing the informal Milton Township boycott.

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