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Associated Press embarrassed by false report about NFL great Mike Ditka

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin exposes a "bogus endorsement" scandal in Chicago's media. Martin "tackles the opposition with the truth."





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Andy Martin asks. “Is journalism is dead in Chicago?

The Associated Press, which is notably hostile to Andy Martin, carries a false report of an endorsement of Martin’s opponent by NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka

Right-wing media are humiliated as Ditka “endorsement” proves false and boomerangs

Wealthy businessman Jack Roeser finds his employees backing a dead horse; Martin says Roeser’s “investment” in Hughes is “down the drain”

Andy Martin “tackles the opposition” with the truth

(CHICAGO)(October 15, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin called for a public apology from the Associated Press, which disseminated a false “endorsement” report concerning Mike Ditka.

“Who is fact checking the news?” Martin demanded. “Fact checking is journalism 101.”

“Mike Ditka’s attorney and media advisor have both strenuously denied any endorsement or support by Ditka for Patrick Hughes (see below). Yet the bogus ‘endorsement’ has been widely reported.

“Right-wing media and media poseurs such as Warner Todd Huston also have egg on their face. The headlined an ‘endorsement’ without basic fact checking. Is it any wonder that so-called ‘conservative leaders’ are a laughingstock in Illinois?

“The Chicago Tribune called me an ‘absolutely brilliant campaigner’ for a reason: I do the basic blocking and tackling of politics. 'Coach Ditka' would understand. We ‘tackled’ the lies that Hughes and Caprio were circulating about him.

“I fact-checked Ditka’s bogus endorsement, and helped Ditka to admit the truth. There was no endorsement. It was all a pack of Caprio/Hughes lies.

“No wonder Hughes is not practicing law any more. Even lawyers couldn't trust his word. Hughes said he had $400,000 in campaign ‘commitments.’ More lies. On and on it goes.

“But what does this controversy say about so-called 'mainstream media’ that fail to do their own fact checking? Obviously, no one made so much as a phone call to Ditka. They were too lazy. They merely regurgitated a press release from a political campaign that has a history of making false claims. Chicago Media 2009. Sad.

“In my opinion, the Associated Press has been disgraced by its lack of basic professionalism. The Chicago Tribune has been embarrassed, because the Trib ticked up the AP story without any local follow-up.

“As for the right-wing ‘media,’ they are an embarrassment to themselves.

“And they think their ‘clown candidate’ is ready to tackle professional pols such as Mark Kirk? If Pat Hughes stays in the race he is going to nominate Mark Kirk. These people are insulting the Republican voters of Illinois by supporting an incompetent liar and his crooked handler D. Paul Caprio.

“The truth matters in politics. And I am respected, if occasionally disliked, because I stick to the facts. We have no need to concoct falsehoods about our opponents; they manufacture their own lies. And Chicago’s corrupt and incompetent media broadcast these lies to the world. They wonder why no one buys newspapers any more, and why both of Chicago’s papers are in bankruptcy? The bogus Ditka ‘endorsement’ story is a classic example of a Chicago media scandal.” Martin said.

“Jack Roeser? He’s paying a couple of jerks to pick his pocket while they sing the praises of Pat Hughes. As Capital One would say, 'what's in their pockets?' John Biver and Doug Ibendahl should be sent to jail for pick pocketing. Roeser needs a new team to advise him. Hs investment in Hughes is down the drain.”

Mike does not endorse / support his candidacy and only the views stated at the restaurant last week!
I will make the correction in the press release and it will go out and has to some media!
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Mike Ditka backs Hughes in Ill. Senate race
Associated Press
October 01, 2009

CHICAGO - Chicago Bears legend Mike Ditka is backing the little-known Patrick Hughes for the Republican Senate nomination in Illinois.

In a statement released Thursday by the Hughes campaign, Ditka praises the candidate’s “mainstream values” and pledges to help any way he can.

Hughes says he is humbled to have the support of the former Bears coach and player.

Hughes is a Hinsdale real estate developer. He’s up against U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk for the Senate nomination.

Kirk has angered many conservatives by supporting “cap and trade” legislation on global warming, backing abortion rights and supporting some gun control measures.

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The Anti-Andy Martin said...

The funny thing about this Martin, is the fact that we warned Coach Ditka yesterday that you were coming after him and his establishment on one of your bogus journeys to try and harass him and his staff. He did not have nice things to say about you and your retarded crusade against him.

Don't think for a moment that you are even remotely liked by Mr. Ditka or that you have gained his trust. He is a man of honor and you are just a crumb under his foot.