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Michelle Malkin in Chicago

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin on Michelle Malkin’s Chicago comments

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Michelle Malkin tells it like it is in Chicago; are Illinois Republicans listening?

Or is it all just “dinner talk?”

(CHICAGO)(October 25, 2009) “Michelle Malkin came to Chicago…to slap Republicans who work with Obama instead of fighting him.”

Well, who has a proven public record of “fighting Obama?” Only I do. I have been standing up to Obama in 2004-2009, and I am still standing up to him. You can count on me to carry the fight to Washington. Obama knows that. That’s why his supporters are constantly trying to sabotage my campaign for U. S. Senator.

One candidate for the senate is an ultra-liberal congressman, known in DC as “Obama’s favorite Republican.” None other than the Republican “Combine’s” Mark Kirk. At least you know where Kirk stands. He can “run,” but he can’t hide.

Except that right now Kirk is both running and hiding, from his own record in congress.

Kirk, of course, has declared himself a “conservative” for the duration of the primary season. “Redder than red” for the next three months.

But the Kirkster is so bereft of ideas and tactics that last week Kirk had to steal one of my issues (“Ditkagate”) to polish his conservative credentials. You chose well Markie. Feel free to steal my ideas any time.

Whether you love us or hate us, Kirk and I at least have an extensive public record to vote for or vote against.

The other Republican candidates? Candidates from “Chumbolone Central Casting.”

Pat Hughes only “discovered” was a Republican last year, voting Republican for the first time in 2008. What did he think he was before then? Hughes says he was “too busy to vote.” Yah, sure. Now he wants to be a U. S. Senator.

The rest of the pack? Nice people, all. But, like Hughes, they have no public record of opposition to Obama or fighting corruption. Or anything. Blank screens.

Now you know why Barack Obama and his “mainstream media” are so terrified I will win the Republican primary, and take conservative principles into the general election against the Daley Machine Democrat candidate for U. S. senator.

Malkin may have spoken the truth in Chicago. But are Illinois Republicans prepared to face it? You can’t just show up one day, out of the blue, and declare yourself to be a “U. S. Senate candidate.”

My campaign is fighting the fight—and winning the fight—for the good people of Illinois. We have a proven record of success, and we are proud to run on that record. The others? Blank screens.

Join us. Join the fighting team that is fighting for the people of Illinois.
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