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Andy Martin demands independent “terrorist investigation” of Fort Hood massacre

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin accuses Barack Obama of a “cover-up” in the killing spree of Nidal Malik Hasan at Fort Hood. Martin says Obama’s Muslim family history and overtures to the Muslim world may be endangering America’s national security. “Our first priority must be to protect our men and women in uniform from domestic extremists,” Martin says. “Period. Army intelligence failed. The FBI failed. We need leadership, not evasion and stand pat excuses, from the Army and from the Obama administration.” Martin, who supports Palestinian rights and condemns anti-Muslim scapegoating, is saddened by the fact that a Palestinian-American committed the terrorist acts at Fort Hood.

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin calls Obama/US Army response to Fort Hood massacre a “cover-up”

Martin says the evidence is inescapable that Nidal Malik Hasan was a terrorist

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Andy Martin says Barack Obama is seeking to cover-up the Fort Hood massacre because of Obama’s own Muslim family roots

Martin backs Senator Joe Lieberman’s Fort Hood investigation, says the Army is failing to get at the truth, seeking to shield the facts

“Why is the massacre reporting better in a London newspaper, than in U. S. newspapers?” Martin asks.

(CHICAGO)(November 9, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Monday, November 9th to accuse President Barack Obama of orchestrating a cover-up of the Fort Hood massacre to cover-up Obama’s embarrassment because of his Muslim overtures and Muslim family background.

Martin backs an independent investigation of the Fort Hood terrorist attack.

Martin was in Baghdad in 2003 and has traveled widely through the Middle East and Afghanistan for forty years.

“I am amazed at the way the Obama administration and the U. S. Army are trying to cover-up the investigation,” Martin will state. “In fact, in the name of avoiding an ‘anti-Muslim backlash,’ the Army and proto-Muslim Mr. Obama are creating an anti-Muslim backlash. Theirs is a self-defeating approach.

“We know all Muslims are not anti-American. But we need to identify the small number that harbor extremist tendencies to protect the millions of peaceful practitioners. If we refuse to hunt down the bad apples, we endanger the entire orchard. That’s what happened with Hasan. We can’t allow it to happen again.

“It is time for Barry Obama to allow an independent and impartial investigation of Hasan’s terrorist attack.

“It is pathetic that we can obtain more accurate/factual reporting in London than we can here in the United States:

“U. S. media have been intimidated by the Obama administration from reporting the truth and digging for the facts. All we get is pro-Obama propaganda from Obama’s media megaphones.
“The claim that a ‘deployment’ triggered Hasan’s mass murder is nonsense. There is overwhelming evidence that Hasan had previously become an enemy of the American people.

“As a military and Middle East expert I am troubled by the lackadaisical response to Hasan’s history of unstable behavior.

“There was embarrassing failure of internal Army investigative units to evaluate Hasan before he launched his one-man war. There appears to have been a failure at the FBI as well. Obama & Co. are calling for ‘patience’ while they cover up their own incompetence.

“Unfortunately, I do not trust Barack Obama to investigate terrorists inside the United States. He has undermined the ‘war against terror’ and corroded our national security with political correctness. His war against Fox News is a war against the unpleasant truths he wants us to ignore.

“Hasan manifested anti-American attitudes for a long time. His violent, oppositional ideation was a threat for an extended period. Why did no one notice? Reports and warnings were ignored. For fear of invoking Obama’s wrath and violating political correctness? Is ‘fear of Obama retaliation’ compromising our national defense and intelligence capabilities?

“The Fort Hood massacre is a bitter pill for me, because I support Palestinian rights. That a member of a Palestinian family would attack this nation is sad. But I would never allow my personal feelings to get in the way of the truth or the facts. Protecting our men and women in uniform from fanatics and terrorists must come first, last and always.

“Hasan was obviously a terrorist, whether he was ignited by outsiders or acted on his own. The ‘act’ does not become less ‘terrorist’ merely because it is committed by one person.

“If we do not stop the Obama/Army game of ‘pretend,’ the ultimate anti-Muslim backlash will be worse, not better. The Army should be leading the search for truth, not impeding an expedited inquiry and seeking to shield Hasan’s actions and prior history from searching inquiry.

“I don’t know whether to call Joe Lieberman a Democrat or a ‘Republican’ or what. But Lieberman is a loyal American and I salute him for that. As a U. S. Senate candidate I am completely committed to a nonpartisan foreign policy that puts America first and politics last.

“Sadly, Obama is putting his proto-Muslim family history ahead of our national security. I am not surprised. Obama has been excessively solicitous to Muslims. It is time for Mr. Obama to put America first or move out of the White House.

“The military also needs to reassess its internal security procedures and scrape away any political correctness or ‘fear of Obama.’ Too many of our men and women in uniform have recently died at the hands of so-called ‘one-man’ killing sprees motivated by religious extremists.

“The Army must stop shielding the truth and stop ignoring the facts in the guise of avoiding a ‘backlash.’ The backlash is there and the backlash is going to get worse if Americans feel there is a cover-up in progress,” Martin states. “The only way to deal with the backlash is to tell the truth and trust the American people. That is not being done.”

November 9th news conference details:


U. S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash,


Monday, November 9, 2009 3:00 P.M.


Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin calls Fort Hood massacre a terrorist act, demands an impartial and independent investigation. Martin says Barack Obama is orchestrating a cover-up because of his Muslim family roots.


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