Sunday, November 15, 2009

Andy Martin rips Mark Kirk in Skokie forum of city/suburban Republicans

Martin ridicules Kirk’s current campaign, and points out that Kirk claims he was “forced by his district” to vote for cap and trade. “Well, you are his district (Evanston Township). Did you force Kirk to vote for cap and trade? Did you force Kirk vote for gay rights? Did you force Kirk to vote for gun control?” Republicans cheered Martin’s litany of Kirk’s inconsistencies. “We need a Republican candidate for United States Senator, not a Democrat,” Martin said. Martin plans to escalate his attacks on Kirk as the campaign continues. Martin’ speech Sunday was based on the following letter:

“The name you can trust”
Republican for U. S. Senator/2010
Suite 4406, 30 E. Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611-4723
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Dear Republican:

Thank you for inviting me to your endorsement meeting. I would urge you not to endorse any candidate today. The campaign really began on November 9th when the ballot was finally determined. Now the real campaigning begins. Watch the candidates in November and December; consider holding an endorsement meeting in January, when you have a basis to decide whom to support.

Illinois voters are concerned with corruption. Only one candidate has a consistent, clear record of fighting corruption in our state. I do. The other Republicans have no record at all.

Illinois voters are concerned with our foreign policy challenges. Mark Kirk has a record of being consistently wrong on international issues and lacking any real experience. Patrick Hughes on foreign policy? Don’t ask. It’s embarrassing.

Well, what about Kirk and Hughes?

Mark Kirk is the “Magic Slate” candidate. As children most of us played with a toy called “magic slate.” You can write on a slate, and then lift up the plastic screen and erase what you have just written. Kirk is trying to run as a “conservative.” Kirk wants you to forget and “erase” his vote for cap and trade. Kirk says his district “forced” him to vote for cap and trade.
Kirk wants you to forget his support for gay rights “hate crime” legislation. Did the “gays” force Kirk to take the lead on hate crimes the same way he was forced to support cap and trade? Kirk supports gun control. Who “forced” him to support gun control? On and on it goes. According to Kirk, someone “forced” him to vote liberal for the last ten years. Maybe Kirk should start by telling us who that “someone” is. Kirk is a de facto Democrat.

Kirk calls himself a “fiscal conservative.” Yet he voted for skyrocketing deficits during the Bush years. He voted for the biggest tax increase in history: Barack Obama’s cap and trade boondoggle. Fiscal conservative?

Patrick Hughes? He voted Republican for the first time last year. He has no public record. This year Hughes paid a promoter to set up a state “anti-tax” committee for him. Now Hughes claims he is national material. Hughes’ candidacy is a joke. He claimed to be a brilliant attorney, until we disclosed he had registered as an “inactive” lawyer. He had to go back and revive his legal registration and pay his fees. Hughes said he has $400,000 in “commitments,” but only $130,000 of that showed up in cash. Hughes is now claiming he has $1 million “in the mail.”

If Kirk is the Magic Slate candidate, seeking to erase his entire voting record in Congress and pretending he is a conservative for the next 80 days, Hughes is the man without an engine under the hood. There’s nothing there. Not liberal, not conservative, nothing.

Fighting corruption is not easy. I have the scars to prove it. Jesus himself reminds us that prophets are often without honor. He knew what he was talking about. But I do have the very real privilege of offering you a forty-year record of honorable service to the people of Illinois. Go to our web site and see for yourself. I would like you to watch how the campaign unfolds and how the candidates react to the competing campaigns. Watch us debate on Channel 7. Then and only then can you make an informed decision on whom to support. Don’t be stampeded into an early endorsement that can embarrass you later.

And, if you have any questions about me, just pick up the phone. I am the only statewide candidate in either party you can actually get on the phone. I will serve you the same way as a United States Senator in Washington: one-on-one, helping solve one problem at a time. Unlike Mark Kirk I don’t have to repudiate my prior record to run as a Republican.

Forty years ago the FBI called me a “leading spokesman for conservatives.” That’s a consistent record you can be proud of. I don’t have to change who I am or what I am to be your candidate. Kirk? Hughes? Be serious.

Best wishes,


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