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Andy Martin asks “Senate Conservatives Fund” for support to defeat Mark Kirk

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says he is the only Republican who can defeat Mark Kirk in the Illinois Republican party primary.

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November 16, 2009

Senator Jim DeMint
Senate Conservatives Fund
P.O. Box 388
Alexandria, VA 22312
via fax (202) 228-5143
(866) 578-2631

Dear Senator DeMint:

I would like to ask for your support, and also suggest why one of my primary opponents should not receive your support.



One of my primary opponents, Patrick Hughes, has been running around for the past couple of months saying he is a “conservative:”

FACT: Hughes never voted in a Republican primary until last year (2008). He has only voted a handful of times in his entire life, says he was "too busy to vote." Other than parroting a list of talking points he has no conservative record.

FACT: Earlier this year, Hughes created an anti-tax “committee” that he claims is the sole basis of his experience to seek statewide office. The Committee has no track record to speak of. Try and contact Hughes' “committee.”

Fact: Hughes said on August 20th he had “$400,000” in “commitments.” These “commitments” vanished by September 30th when he produced $130,000 in contributions.

FACT: Hughes claimed he had the support of Mike Ditka, who then denied that fact, and then reversed himself again. Ditka has kept his distance from Hughes since the fracas. Hughes claimed Ditka was on his “finance committee,” which Ditka denied and has never revoked.

FACT: Hughes asked the two African-American candidates in the senate primary to withdraw, thereby casting a racist tint on his candidacy. Nice “image” for a novice Republican to project.

FACT: Hughes lacked the petition signatures to file for the senate primary, and was forced to file on the last day because he didn’t have the necessary signatures. Hughes tried to paper over this failure by claiming he was “trying to file last, for last place on the ballot,” but ended up not filing last. Hughes is now trying to have the people who filed after him thrown off the ballot. He is a laugh-a-minute.

FACT: Your committee is apparently conducting some sort of poll this week. Hughes is asking his supporters to rig the poll in his favor.

FACT: Hughes has used fraudulent campaign tactics. He hired a “consultant” to organize an endorsement, but the consultant failed to tell the people he was soliciting that he had been paid by Hughes to do so. Another black eye for Hughes. On and on it goes.

FACT: Hughes has never before run for any office and he is a totally inexperienced candidate. He is not a “natural” candidate. There is no way he will come up to speed in the remaining seventy-five days of the campaign.

How can anyone on your staff seriously consider endorsing such a clown?



There are a number of reasons why you might not want to support me, and there is only one reason why you might back my candidacy: I can defeat Mark Kirk.

That’s all that counts. If I take Kirk down on February 2nd, we will launch a conservative revolution. Join the A-Team.

FACT: Earlier today I lunched with a key media representative in Chicago. He was astounded by the brilliancy and boldness of my campaign strategy against Kirk, and will quietly assist. I actually have a media plan in effect to topple Kirk. All we need is the cash to rip him apart. No other primary candidate else even knows how to approach media. Ask to see Hughes’ media plan.

FACT: I have over forty years of experience in radio and TV. Later this month we are launching a movie on Barack Obama, “Obama: The Hawai’i Years.” If you want to see a rough cut, just ask and we will let you see what it will look like.

FACT: My appearance on Hannity’s America in 2008 became one of the defining moments of the 2008 presidential campaign. The hard left is still fuming over me. Obama was concerned that my media activity was costing him millions of votes. Obama sent Robert Gibbs on national TV to attack me by name, and trumped up negative front-page coverage in the New York Times. I am as tough a campaigner as they come. I do not need a crash course in how to campaign or how to defend myself. I threw Obama’s mud right back at him. If John McCain had run a minimally competent campaign, he could have won.

FACT: Mark Kirk is a savvy and slippery opponent. The leftover political rumdums behind Hughes have no idea how to bring him down. No one else in Illinois politics has the means or the guts to take on Kirk and drop him the way I do. Period.

FACT: I am controversial. My opponents love to use 25 year-old and 35 year—old court cases to attack me. Obama and/or Kirk have flooded the Internet with attack videos. If I am so inconsequential, why is someone doing so much and working so hard to try to stop me? Obviously, “someone” knows I am the real threat to Obama/Kirk. I have the “ultimate endorsement:” I am Obama’s worst nightmare in his former senate seat.

FACT: I have over forty years of political experience. I helped send crooked Illinois politicians to jail (www.AndyMartin.com). I have made a lot (a lot) of enemies, and I earned very one of them. But you of all people know that “enemies” can be used to advantage. In 2010 the public mood demands a reform candidate with an authentic anti-corruption record, not a sheet of talking points. I have that background. I worked in the senate for U. S. Senator Paul Douglas.

FACT: I lived in Baghdad part of 2003 and was a critic of the invasion. I was Paul Bremer’s first critic. Go on the Internet and see for yourself. I know the truth about Kirk’s “military record.” I have actually been in the places Kirk claims to have been. I am not sure Hughes has wandered much beyond the local Dairy Queen. Hughes is totally lacking in credentials.

To support Hughes is to make Kirk look good by comparison. In 2004, Illinois Republicans brought in an outside clown to run against Barack Obama. The clown made Obama look good by comparison. If you support Hughes you will be making Kirk look good. Watch out for the “Obama effect.” It’s real.

FACT: You and I will disagree on some issues. So what? We disagree on Gitmo. That’s good. I think for myself. Hughes gets up and reads of a sheet of “conservative” talking points. He has no ideas and no experience to present to the public. As a senator, you know that we don’t have to agree on everything to work together to defeat a common foe: Kirk.

I think I can convince you in a 15-minute meeting that I am your man. You will take some heat for supporting me, or even leaning in my direction. But if the cash flows, a public endorsement is unnecessary. Just send money and watch us take Kirk apart.

Unlike Hughes, I have done my negative research, and I have a suitcase full of anti-Kirk material to use. Hughes has nothing. Sadly, given all of his peregrinations, Hughes doesn’t even have a campaign.

I am available next week to meet with you in Washington. I can hop on a plane and be there Monday or Tuesday. I don’t know when the senate adjourns and you leave for South Carolina.

Just say the word and I’ll be there. I think you will agree after a 15-minute meeting: I am your man.

Respectfully submitted,



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Fact: Andy Martin will never be elected to represent Illinois.