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Is Champion News’ John Biver exaggerating Patrick Hughes’ campaign cash?

Andy Martin finds Pat Hughes’ history of exaggerated promises a basis to question Hughes’ latest claims

Champion News’ John Biver says Patrick Hughes claims he will have a million-dollar campaign fund in January

Is Hughes putting out more propaganda, similar to his $400,00 in “commitments” that never materialized?

Republican for U. S. Senator

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the People of Illinois”
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Andy Martin says he hopes Pat Hughes raises a lot of money, so Martin can collect damages for dirty tricks and harassment of other candidates

Champion News is promoting “Candidate X;” why?

Who told John Biver that Hughes plans to report “$1 million” in January?

Is Hughes’ “money” just another “Sauerberg loan?”

(WHEATON, IL)(November 11, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin learned today that Patrick Hughes claims he will report $1 million in campaign cash in his January report. Is Hughes another phony like Steve Sauerberg?

Those with a memory extending further back than Patrick Hughes’ first vote as a Republican in 2008 will remember Steve Sauerberg’s “million dollar loans” to his campaign. Trouble is, Sauerberg lent money to his campaign, but never spent most of it.

Is Hughes following Sauerberg’s script by making imaginary loans to himself? Hughes already claims he has “lent” himself $250,000. I hope he got some collateral, and didn’t make a “sub-prime” loan to the Hughes campaign.

Has anyone seen any Hughes spending lately? Advertising? Where’s the beef? Still sitting in Hughes own bank account.

Hughes couldn’t even organize his petitions properly. Still sitting on all his cash.

So why is Champion News spreading Hughes propaganda? John Biver told a Southern Illinois talk show host that Hughes claims he will have “raised $1 million” by his January reports. When asked if the money was real, Biver replied, “We don’t know. That’s what we’ve been told.”

Been told? By whom? By a candidate who has a history of imaginary financial “commitments?”

Let’s be clear. Champion News does an outstanding job of fighting for reform in the Illinois Republican Party. I unhesitatingly salute them.

But Champion News’ record of support for Pat Hughes is an embarrassment. Maybe even a disgrace.

Biver has threatened to expose candidates who oppose Hughes. I’m still waiting. Doug Ibendahl also promised an expose of Andy Martin. Expose away, Doug. There are no secrets about me. It’s all on the Internet. Barack Obama put it there first, because Obama is terrified I am going to defeat Kirk and run against the Obama regime beginning on February 3, 2010. Obama's smear attacks on me boomeranged. So will yours.

So, please Champion News, don’t keep us in suspense: tell us who told you that Hughes is promising a million dollars in campaign cash come January. (Is Pat Hughes hoping Santa Claus will show up with a bag of cash? Is Jack Roeser coming down Hughes’ chimney?)

The Hughes carnival continues.

For starters, Hughes can start spending money paying lawyers to defend his unlawful behavior in filing petition challenges to the two candidates that filed after him and made a joke of Hughes’ claim he would "file last.”

Hughes is last all, right. But that’s another story.

Is Pat Hughes paying Paul Caprio “under the table” to avoid irritating Jack Roeser? My, my, we have endless questions. Let’s see what answers Biver and Hughes produce. “Inquiring minds want to know.”

Stay tuned.

[The source of our claims about Hughes’ cash and Biver’s comments are available on request.]

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