Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Andy Martin offers victims of Patrick Hughes free assistance

Martin says Pat Hughes is a disgrace to the Republican Party. Martin is preparing to confront so-called “Christian leaders” for supporting Hughes’ disastrous campaign.

Andy Martin offers “victims of Patrick Hughes” free assistance at State Board of Elections

Andy Martin is a “Defender of Democracy”

Martin says Pat Hughes is a disgrace to the Republican Party, says refusal of state leaders to denounce Hughes is an embarrassment

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Incompetent candidate Pat Hughes flubs his nominating petition filing, then tries to attack other candidates as an antidote for his own incompetence

Andy Martin condemns Patrick Hughes for “dirty tricks” against Senate candidates Robert Zadek, Tom Luna

Martin offers “victims of Hughes” free assistance

Martin prepares to ask so-called Christian leaders to withdraw their support of Hughes.

(CHICAGO)(November 10, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin condemned Patrick Hughes for attacking other senate candidates. Tuesday Martin offered free assistance to candidates who are being attacked by Hughes at the State Board of Elections.

During the 2004 election cycle, Martin assisted Norm Hill at the State Board of Elections and secured a place on the statewide primary ballot for Hill.

“I am not a practicing attorney,” Andy Martin says, “just a humble law professor. But the State Board of Elections rules allow me to assist candidates whose petitions are attacked. The action of Patrick Hughes, ‘chumbolone candidate for senator,’ in attacking two other senate candidates, is disgraceful.

“State Chairman Pat Brady said he was against dirty tricks, but Brady is curiously silent in the face of Hughes’ antics. It looks as though Brady is selectively enforcing his ‘rules’ for honest campaign conduct.

“Hughes may be the stupidest and most incompetent candidate in recent history. First Hughes bragged that he wanted to file ‘last,’ to be in last place on the ballot. Then Hughes’ campaign flubbed his petition filing, losing last place and creating new drama over fouled-up petitions and confused status. Is this guy for real, or what?

“When Hughes fumbled his own strategy after bragging what a genius he was, Monday he tried to correct his mistake by attacking two other candidates who filed for senator after him. Hughes’ behavior is a disgrace to the entire Republican Party. The only petition challenges that were apparently filed at the statewide level in the Republican Party were filed by Hughes, who did not even vote in a Republican primary until 2008! What a jerk.

“My staff is preparing action to confront so-called ‘Christian leaders’ who endorsed Hughes in a smoke-filled room last summer. Initially there were nine (9) conspirators, but they had shrunk to six (6) by October. Any so-called ‘Christian’ or ‘family leaders’ that continue to endorse a candidate such as Hughes, who engages in campaign dirty tricks, disgrace Christ and disgrace his or her pro-family organization. We will have more to say on this topic Wednesday.

“Radio personality Sandy Rios should also reconsider her support for a malicious candidate such as Hughes. Hughes makes Rios look bad.

“In the meantime, I offer my services for free to any statewide candidate who was attacked by Hughes. Norm Hill is a very satisfied 'client;' we got him on the ballot in 2004.

“I would rather the Hughes victims hire a private attorney if they can afford it. But if not, my services are pro bono. Free. I am a believer in democracy and a ‘Defender of Democracy.’

“Hughes did not even have the guts to own up to his dirty deeds. He used a senior citizen in Lake County, Raymond True, as a straw man. When my campaign takes any action, my name is on the line. I don’t use senior citizens as straw men to conceal my agenda. It looks like Raymond True of Lake County is a dupe of Patrick Hughes. People can trust me to stand behind my campaign. I don’t hide behind straw men, third parties and subterfuges.

“Republican voters can trust my name on the state ballot.

“I believe that candidates who spent months slogging across the state, and months collecting signatures, should be allowed to run. I don’t think a sleazy attorney such as Pat Hughes should be allowed to rig the electoral process to remove his opponents with spurious challenges because he afraid to face them at the ballot box. Patrick Hughes is an enemy of Christians, an enemy of Republicans and an enemy of democracy,” Martin said.

Martin is contacting Robert Zadek and Thomas Luna to offer his free services at the State Board if either man needs assistance defending against Patrick Hughes' petition attacks.

“What Patrick Hughes did was not the Christian thing to do. Why are his so-called ‘Christian leader’ supporters so silent? Jesus would spit on them for their gross hypocrisy.”
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Wrif27 said...

your infatuation with Pat Hughes is a little creepy. Don't you have better things to do with your time?

The Anti-Andy Martin said...


Martin is very much the poster child for "Diary of a Mad Man"