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“Crybaby Mark Kirk” starts the tear ducts flowing with threats of “Al-Qaeda in Illinois”

U.S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin calls Mark Kirk the “Crybaby Candidate” for senator. Martin says Kirk’s scare tactics demonstrate the man’s unfitness for the senate. Martin supports locating a federal prison in Illinois, where a large federal payroll would benefit Northwestern Illinois citizens. Martin notes that during Word War II, Nazi prisoners were housed in Missouri. Today, the “worst of the worst” are held in Marion, Illinois, where nary a peep is heard from Southern Illinoisans who are too busy cashing their federal paychecks.

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin calls Mark Kirk the “Crybaby Candidate” for senator

Martin says Kirk’s pandering to public fears about bringing Al-Qaeda prisoners to Illinois is “nauseating”

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Andy Martin says Kirk is using his usual campaign tactic of pandering to public fears to win votes in the senate primary

Martin ridicules Mark Kirk for suggesting that “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” is about to move its offices to “Al-Qaeda in Illinois”

Martin says the last thing Illinois needs is “Crybaby Kirk” in Washington

(CHICAGO)(November 16, 2009) One of the downsides, or condign punishments if you will, of being a candidate for office is that you have to listen to your opponents’ speeches, over and over again. Sunday I was nauseated by Mark Kirk’s crybaby appeal to public fear over incarcerating Al-Qaeda prisoners in Illinois.

There are two aspects to the Al-Qaeda-prisoner-in-Illinois issue.

First, bringing Al-Qaeda prisoners to a vacant Illinois prison would create 1,000 new high-paying federal jobs. Northwest Illinois is starved for quality employment. Federal jobs come with goods salaries, excellent benefits and outstanding retirement payments. Where’s the problem with that?

The second issue is whether these dangerous prisoners can be handled properly. Guess what? Illinois has been handling the “worse of the worst” for decades. The nation's successor to Alcatraz Penitentiary was built in Marion, Illinois. Have you heard any southern Illinoisans crying lately that desperate criminals are housed in their midst? No, they are too busy cashing their paychecks.

During World War II, German POW’s were housed in Missouri. How do I know? After the war, the University of Illinois purchased the POW camp and trucked it to Memorial Stadium for married student housing. Is there any record that Missourians were crying out of fear that “Nazis” were housed in their state? I seem to remember the Nazis killed a lot of people too, a lot more than Al-Qaeda.

Or is it all right to house “white” Germans in the United States, but it is also acceptable conduct to a campaign against housing “dark” Muslims under the same conditions? Mark Kirk has a history of pandering to racial stereotypes. “There you go again, Mark.”

And there he was Sunday, “Crybaby Kirk,” crying because the Sears Tower (now known as the "Willis Tower”) had been “targeted by Al-Qaeda." For good measure Kirk cried that O’Hare Airport was also “targeted by Al Qaeda.” In fact, if you believe Kirk, the entire United States is “targeted by Al-Qaeda.” Whooda thunkit? Cry, cry, cry. The Kirkster is a master of crying. Boo hoo. Cry, baby, cry.

I guess I have too much respect for Illinoisans to think we would cry our hearts out at having to do our patriotic duty and house the people we capture on the battlefield. Kirk, of course, is a stranger to Illinois. He and his former wife lived in Virginia. Until he decided he needed a place to run for senator Kirk had never traveled outside his “Kenilworth cocoon” on the north shore of Chicago where, of course, they don’t want prisoners housed in their lakeside mansions. Kirk is definitely not Illinois.

Kirk has company with his crybaby screaming. He was actually applauded for his asinine campaign stunt on Sunday. Do Illinois Republicans really want to "cry, cry, cry" at the prospect of incarcerating our enemies in the continental United States? That Republicans might be so hypocritical is something to cry about.

Are we outsourcing yet another function to foreign soil? The crybaby congressman from Rockford, Don Manzullo, is also crying about “terrorists” being housed in northwest Illinois. Will their crying never cease?

Republicans nationally are also crying about incarcerating prisoners in the United States. What are they worried about? Al-Qaeda airplanes buzzing the Quad Cities? The Al-Qaeda Navy sailing up the Mississippi and staging an amphibious assault on the Illinois prison? Perhaps Osama Bin Laden will move his headquarters to the cornfields of Whiteside County?

There are times when I am embarrassed to be a Republican.

First, if we are going to take prisoners, we need to house them in the United States, not Cuba. The image of am American “Devils Island” in a foreign county has damaged our national image. Obama is not right very often, but he is right on that issue.

Second, a prisoner is a prisoner. The Department of Justice’s Bureau of Prisons deals with the worst of the worst. They will develop protocols to handle the bad guys. I seem to remember that the blind cleric who plotted the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center is safely tucked away in a super-max prison in Colorado. Or is Osama bin Laden really hiding in the Rockies, where he is planning an attack on Denver? I don’t see the prospect of an Al-Qaeda naval assault on Colorado, but give Mark Kirk tine, he’ll concoct a threat there too. “Al-Qaeda has targeted ______ (fill in the blank for the Kirkster).

Third, I have my doubts about trying the Al Qaeda prisoners in New York. If they wanted to build a court complex adjacent to the prison, it would make more sense to try the prisoners in Western Illinois, where controlling movement is much easier than it is in the crowded streets of New York City.

Fourth, international law will not allow us to hold prisoners indefinitely based on some endless “war” that Obama denies even exists. I do believe the war on terror exists, but I also believe we need to act in a rational manner to address the long-term consequences of holding dangerous individuals.

Finally, Obama’s decision to try many of the bad guys in civilian courts is actually good for the United States. I will address the "trial" issues in a separate column, after I have finished drying off the tears I had listening to Mark Kirk on Sunday.

People, if you want a crybaby candidate for U. S. Senator, “Crybaby Kirk” is your man. Please don’t vote for me.

If you want a sensible, experienced, down-to-earth U. S. Senator who will work through the problems we face in a bipartisan manner, I am your man. I am Illinois.

A vote for me is a vote to end your tears. A vote for Kirk, well to makes me cry to even contemplate the thought.

© Copyright by Andy Martin 2009.

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