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U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin on WMAQ-TV’s “Portrait of the Candidate”

Andy Martin, who was once hired by NBC News in Chicago, pokes fun at WMAQ-TV’s sketch of his campaign. Martin also owned a TV station that became an NBC affiliate.

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November 4, 2009

Susan Ball
Chicago, IL 60611
via fax (312) 527-5925

Dear Susan:

I was amused by your thumbnail sketches of the candidates for state office. And, yes, I am a “corruption fighter,” so you got the big picture right.

But I felt that your overall essay was skewed by the fact you consulted pro-Obama news media to write a story about me. Obama is not neutral or objective about me, and neither are his sycophants in the media.

Last weekend Channel 5’s Mary Ann Ahern actually pretended I didn’t exist. Recently Channel 5’s Carol Marin stole one of my story lines and attributed it to my principal opponent. What is it with you women?

So rather than complain, I thought I would help you become a better news writer, and offer you a short course in Andy Martin.

Together we can rewrite your biography about me to show your viewers a clearer picture of my accomplishments and character. When people find out the facts about Andy Martin, they want to support me.

I would have started your sketch of me with the observation that I have been involved in broadcasting for 41 years. (I could go even further back and tell you when I was hired by NBC News in Chicago, but that’s another story). I am the youngest person ever authorized to own a TV station (you can check FCC records for that one). And so I am probably the “dean” of media in Illinois by virtue of my longevity and experience. I started when “video” meant two-inch wide tape.

I was part of the first major sex discrimination case at the Federal Communications Commission, and worked to create advancement opportunities for women. Four decades ago. (Source: FCC Docket Number 19801).

You mentioned a TV commercial I produced about George Bush in 1999, ten (10) years ago. You left out the most interesting part of the commercial. My commercial predicted Bush would invade Iraq. My prediction was made in 1999. Now that’s solid news judgment. I knew Bush before Bush knew Bush. I don’t just toot my horn; I have a public record you can consult to confirm my claims.

You also missed the larger point. You were writing about a TV commercial I produced a decade ago. How many advertising people have produced TV spots that others are still writing about a decade later? Not many. One of my political enemies (I am not sure which one yet, Kirk or Obama) is currently broadcasting a TV spot I made 13 years ago. They just can’t get enough of Andy’s TV ads. That should tell you I understand the broadcast medium as few others have over the decades.

You claim that I have written “rumors” about Barry Obama’s Muslim religion. Ultimately, of course religion is a disposable diaper for Obama. When it suits his purposes he’s a Muslim, see e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28

And when it suits his purposes he’s a “Christian.” Obama has been in the White House for ten months, and still hasn’t “found” a church in Washington. I doubt he ever will. Obama is an opportunist, not a Christian.

But Obama was a Muslim. He was raised Muslim from the age of 6-10. The fact that Obama was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia is not a "rumor," it is a fact. There is general nationwide agreement that I was the first writer to highlight that fact. The reality is, Obama can’t airbrush the truth away, at least not when I am pursuing the truth, and neither should you. You should have said, instead, that I focused attention on Obama’s secret life and his unknown family connections, and was the first to do so. I’ll plead guilty any day—to telling the truth about Barry Obama. How about you telling the truth about me?

In 2008 Obama and his henchmen paid me the ultimate compliment: they created a dirty tricks operation to undermine my efforts to tell the truth about Obama’s past. It’s not every day that a local boy is the target of a smear machine orchestrated by a presidential campaign but I am bigger and better known because I took Obama’s lies and threw them back in his face.

Obama confirmed what every Illinois Republican should know about me: I am the real McCoy, a tough, successful political infighter they can trust to seek the truth and bring it to public attention. I’ve been doing that all my life. Mine was the first name on Barack Obama’s “enemies list.”

Isn’t it ironic that Obama’s strongest and most successful critic is now a solid candidate (no, Mary Ann Ahern is not right, I do really exist) to succeed to his senate seat? Maybe that’s why David Axelrod is having fits. His smears seem to have no effect on me. Now there’s an interesting story line for you.

Your station is located in Chicago, which has at its core a struggling urban diaspora. Who has been working hard to recruit minorities and fight for civil rights in the Republican Party? You guessed it. Andy Martin.

I am unusual for another reason: I have been an urban educator who taught in an urban university. Few people (in either party) who run for national office have ever stood in a college classroom and actually taught in a minority community. For me it was not a political gimmick. I enjoyed the work. I’ll bet many of your viewers would admire my college teaching. How come you left it out?

Finally, you took my “I am a colorful person” quote slightly out of context. Of course people such as Obama dislike me when I expose the truth about their past. They prefer to hide the truth about themselves and the media often ignore the facts. I can be “colorful” in telling their stories. Just ask the people of Hawai’i, many of whom have “adopted” me because I was the first writer to research the truth about Obama’s Hawai’i years.

But, more deeply, politics usually attracts boring, careerist people. I am not a boring careerist. I have lived an unusual life and I bring my lifetime of experiences with me to the campaign, and hopefully into the Senate.

I spent part of 2003 living in Baghdad, researching and writing about the flawed, failed strategy there--long before the mainstream media realized they had been cheerleaders for a bunch of incompetent politicians in the Green Zone. I coined the phrase the "Emerald City" to describe the "greenies." How many candidates for the Senate have lived in Baghdad, and been on Paul Bremer’s enemies list for being the first to write about his incompetence? Not many.

I am proud of the enemies I have made throughout my life. These enemies all exist because I wrote unpleasant truths and took action to bring the truth to public attention. That’s the kind of person we need as a Senator.

Well, enough of Professor Martin’s first class in “Chicago media truth telling about Andy Martin.” I am sure you will agree that the truth about me, almost all of which was missing from your portrait, is a lot more interesting, and a lot more invaluable to every voter in Illinois, both Republican and even Democrat, than the one-dimensional picture you presented.

Now if I could only get Carol Marin to stop stealing my material, and Mary Ann Ahearn to wake up and smell Andy’s campaign (lavender is the scent), maybe Illinoisans could elect a “real” U. S. Senator who would work for them instead of the special interests, and really fight the crooked political structure in Washington.

After all, I have a documented lifetime record of fighting corruption, way back to 1968 when I exposed and opposed the crooked Illinois Secretary of State. No other candidate in either party has my established record of fighting corruption. No wonder they are envious of my background.

Who can match my record? The Kirkster? Be real. The Kirkster represents everything that is wrong and bad about politics. But you guys at Channel 5 love the little guy. I wonder why.

Finally, decades ago, the Chicago Tribune realized (and wrote) I was an “absolutely brilliant campaigner.” Actually, they were right. I like to rub their noses in that quote, because their current political writer, Rick Pearson, is a creepy fellow who gives me the willies. Pearson takes his orders from the corrupt “Combine.” The Combine doesn’t like corruption fighters, so Pearson doesn’t like me.

But because I have a legacy of “brilliant campaigning” to live up to, I intend to put on a campaign for the U. S. Senate that is going to shake up this state and shake up the state of corruption in Washington.

Or, as we broadcasters would say, “Stay tuned.”

Best wishes,



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