Thursday, November 19, 2009

Illinois newspaper editors unanimously endorse Andy Martin on Gitmo/Illinois transfer issue

“I am the only conservative Republican leader that wants to bring new federal jobs to Illinois,” Martin says. “I am gratified that Illinois newspaper editors unanimously endorse my position. I have taken a lot of heat from other Republicans, but for me bringing jobs to Illinois comes first. We know how to deal with any ‘wise guys’ that act up in our prisons. Journalists who used to respect Mark Kirk have now begun to ridicule him. Neil Steinberg calls Kirk ‘Al-Qaeda’s self-appointed representative in Congress.’ Ouch! Mark Kirk doesn’t really respect or understand Illinois; he says what his polls and handlers tell him to say. I love Illinois. I put Illinoisans, not politics, first.”

Illinois Newspaper editors endorse Andy Martin’s point of view on housing Al-Qaeda prisoners

Martin says “thank you”

Andy speaks with Thomson prison Superintendent

“The name you can trust”
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Andy Martin thanks Illinois newspaper editors for backing his stance on the transfer of Gitmo prisoners to Illinois

Thomson prison Superintendent calls Andy, assures Andy they can safely handle the Al-Qaeda thugs

(CHICAGO)(November 19, 2009) Illinois newspaper editors unanimously endorse Andy Martin’s position that Illinois can properly and safely house any Al-Qaeda prisoners that are brought here. Mark Kirk is being ridiculed for his alarmism and extremism. Neil Steinberg of the Chicago Sun-Times calls Kirk’s antics the action of “Al-Qaeda’s self-appointed representative in Congress.”

“I am the mainstream, Midwestern Republican,” Martin says. “Kirk has become a shrill extremist. He stands for nothing but his poll-driven fund raising and self-aggrandizement. I actually care about the people of Illinois. I spoke personally with the Superintendent of the Thomson prison.

“We Illinoisans have a ‘can do’ attitude. Mark Kirk has never been downstate. Kirk doesn’t know us. He is a Washington outsider.”

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