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Mark Kirk faces new attacks Sunday November 15th at Skokie forum

Andy Martin will continue his relentless attacks on Mark Kirk’s liberal voting record and lack of love for the State of Illinois. Martin says that Mark Kirk is a “Virginia Democrat,” not an Illinois Republican. Martin says Kirk has spent almost his entire working life as a career politician and coat-holder in Washington. Kirk does not know and does not love Illinois. “Who you gonna believe, Mark Kirk or yourself?” Martin asks. “Kirk issued a poll claiming he had ‘won,’ but left Martin’s name out of the poll. Hmmmm. Maybe because Martin won Kirk’s poll.

Mark Kirk faces new attacks from Andy Martin in a Sunday candidates’ forum

Andy Martin says “Republicans want a conservative candidate, not a left-wing Democrat, as their candidate for U. S. Senator”

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Martin will speak at an endorsement session Sunday being sponsored by suburban townships and Chicago wards

Martin won the first “firefight” of the 2010 election campaign on Saturday at the Winnetka Community House

Martin attacks “Kenilworth Kirk” for opposing 1,000 new federal jobs for western Illinois

Did Andy Martin win Mark Kirk’s “poll?” Why did Kirk leave Martin’s name out of Kirk’s news release on his bogus “poll?”

(SKOKIE, IL)(November 15, 2009) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin will launch new attacks on his principal opponent, liberal Democrat Congressman Mark Kirk, at a Sunday candidates’ forum in Skokie.

“Republicans do not want a liberal Democrat to be their candidate for U. S. Senator,” Martin will charge. “Mark Kirk has a more liberal voting record than Barack Obama had in the senate:

“Kirk led the fight for the gay agenda to enact ‘hate crimes’ legislation;

“Kirk voted for cap and trade, until he reversed himself under pressure;

“Kirk voted for infanticide, an extreme form of pro-choice legislation;

“Kirk favors gun registration and de facto confiscation;

“Saturday Kirk said he opposes 1,000 new jobs for western Illinois;

“Kirk shares many contacts with the Obama administration, such as a campaign contribution from convicted Obama operative Tony Rezko and a close relationship with Obama Chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel. Kirk is Obama’s strongest supporter in the Republican Party.

“Why would Republicans want to nominate a liberal Democrat to be their candidate for U. S. Senate in 2010? Why indeed?

“With all due respect, Mark Kirk is entitled to his opinions and entitled to his votes. But Kirk is not ‘entitled’ to run as a Republican when he has the voting record of a Democrat.

“We will be telling the truth about Mark Kirk, and disclosing the facts about his political career.

“As Harry Truman once said about his opponents, ‘I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.’ Kirk has never run a statewide campaign. He has never traveled this state. He does not love this state. I plan to give Kirk ‘hell’ during the primary by telling the truth about him.

“Kirk voted to devastate the economy of Illinois by supporting cap and trade, and then said ‘so sorry.’ Kirk made it extremely clear that before he voted, he read the entire cap and trade statute. If, by his own admission, Kirk studied the bill carefully, read all of it and still got it wrong, why do we need Kirk the Jerk as our senator? He can’t even read a bill and understand the language, after 10 years in congress. What makes Kirk think his reading skills will improve in the senate?

“Kirk says he is a great ‘fund-raiser.’ Kirk is just skillful at selling his vote to special interests to raise campaign cash. He sells out Illinoisans to put campaign dollars in his pocket. And he thinks that’s great? ‘Kenilworth Kirk’ is out of touch with Illinois.

“Kirk is a Washington interloper who treats Illinois as ‘fly-over’ country. He has spent almost his entire working life as a career politician and coat-holder in Washington, not Illinois. His former wife was a resident of Virginia, not Illinois. Maybe Kirk should run as a Democrat in Virginia,” Martin will helpfully suggest.

The Republican candidates’ forum is being sponsored on November 15th by several suburban townships and Chicago wards at the Oakton Park Community Center, 4701 Oakton Street, Skokie.

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Crazy4glf said...

There are relatively recent quotes from Kirk's (former) wife where she stated that they essentially lived in Virginia. If so, how is he representing Illinois?
I wonder if this was A straw that broke the marriage's back.