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Mark Kirk is ambushed in his own back yard

U.S. Senate candidate and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin wins the first campaign firefight of the 2010 election. Martin attacks Mark Kirk at a Saturday meeting of New Trier and Northfield Township Republicans. Martin berates Kirk for opposing 1,000 new federal jobs for Illinois. Martin condemns Wheeling Township Republicans for “dis-inviting” U. S. Senate candidates and being “bought and sold to Mark Kirk.” “Republicans want a real primary,” Martin says, “not a fixed Daley-style campaign. I proved Saturday we can defeat the Kirkster in his own back yard. We won the first battle of the 2010 election campaign. We will also win the last battle of the Illinois primary on February 2nd.”

Mark Kirk fails in effort to muzzle Andy Martin as the two candidates collide in a campaign that is going to sizzle through February 2nd

Andy Martin’s “A-Team” wins applause in the heart of Kirk’s congressional district: the Winnetka Community House

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Martin speaks at the Northfield/New Trier Townships’ combined endorsement session, and blasts Kirk for supporting Cap and Trade legislation

Martin wins the first “firefight” of the 2010 election campaign

Martin attacks “Kenilworth Kirk” for opposing 1,000 new federal jobs for western Illinois

(CHICAGO)(November 15, 2009) The 2010 election season began Saturday, November 14th with an unexpected confrontation in an improbable location. Mark Kirk was ambushed in his own congressional district by his leading challenger, Andy Martin.

Kirk operatives tried to prevent Kirk’s primary opponents from being heard at Saturday’s Republican Party endorsement meetings. Martin blasted through Kirk's efforts to silence his opposition. Martin spoke in the heart of Kirk’s own congressional district at the Winnetka Community House and lashed out at Kirk for being a phony and hypocrite.

Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin told a combined meeting of New Trier and Northfield Township Republicans that Martin, unlike Kirk, had “not been for ‘cap and trade’ before I was against it.”

Martin then berated Kirk for being a hypocrite by seeking to exclude Illinois as a prison site for Guantanamo detainees. “Kirk was playing to the prissiness of the wealthy,” Martin says. “Kirk told the affluent North Shore crowd that he would fight to keep a federal prison from being located 150 miles away in western Illinois.

”Well, Mr. Kirk as a lot to learn about the State of Illinois. He has never campaigned statewide, I have. I may live in Chicago but I know downstate from one tip of Illinois to the other. Kirk has lived his entire life in a small, rich enclave known as the 'North Shore.' I know Illinois. Period.

“Kirk really doesn't know the state. Until recently, Kirk had never traveled across Illinois and had never lived anywhere outside the wealthy community where he was born. ‘Kenilworth Kirk’ has no idea of the real world outside his own little bubble. Kirk is a stranger to ordinary folks and they look strange to him.

“I am Illinois: a hard fighter and a tough adversary, but an honest and honorable one. I love this state and its people.”

Martin told Northfield/New Trier Republicans that it was wrong for Illinois to turn down 1,000 well-paying federal jobs. “Federal jobs have good salaries, excellent benefits and outstanding pensions. There is lifetime security looking after terrorists. They are not going anywhere. Ever. I will fight to bring those jobs to western Illinois.

“Illinois families are struggling financially. Moms and dads need to put food on the table. They can't. And Kirk wants to keep federal jobs from locating in Illinois?

“Kirk's campaign contributors are putting up our electric bills after buying his support in Congress with over $100,000 in 'dirty dollars.' People need work. Why is Kirk against bringing well-paying federal jobs to Illinois? Why indeed.”

Kirk supporters tried to ban U. S. Senate candidates from being heard by Wheeling Township and Republican endorsement meetings. “But I could not have been treated more graciously in Kirk’s own congressional district,” Martin said. “When I attacked Kirk for supporting cap and trade, and when I attacked Kirk as a hypocrite, people applauded. I pointed out that although local people might like their congressman he had no experience running a statewide campaign. I have.

“I do not deny that Kirk has some support in his own district. But he also has massive opposition.

“Nevertheless, the situation in Wheeling Township was depressing. All of the candidates for statewide and local races were welcome. Except U. S. Senate candidates. This is a disgrace to the Republican Party. Kirk is trying to hijack democracy.

“In the past, Wheeling Township has been an ‘open’ community where all candidates were welcome. Saturday Wheeling was a closed township, where U. S. Senate candidates were shunned. I was the only U. S. Senate candidate to confront and attack Kirk for his malignant behavior in seeking to muzzle his opponents. Kirk is un-Republican. The little critter is a tin pot dictator,” Martin says.

“I intend to attack Kirk anywhere and everywhere in this state. But I will only attack with the facts and the truth. The facts about Kirk’s own legislative and voting record, and the truth about who Mark Kirk really is. The Democrats already know who Kirk is; Republican voters also have a right to know the truth about Kirk before they cast their ballots on February 2nd.

“Mark Kirk and Barack Obama can attack me all they want. We will fight back. The ‘A-Team’ showed Saturday we are fully capable of ambushing the Kirkster in his own backyard. And telling the truth to New Trier/Northfield Republicans. Republican voters want a primary; they do not want a liberal media coronation for their U.S. Senate nomination. Republicans do not like Kirk’s strong-arm and strongman tactics of seeking to exclude his opponents from full participation in party functions.

“Saturday New Trier/Northfield Republicans learned why Kirk cannot hold his own against me. Now they also know how Kirk ‘won’ his own ‘poll.’ By excluding my name from his bogus ‘poll’ (go back and read Kirk’s press clippings and see for yourself). I beat Kirk in his own poll.

“Saturday we ambushed Kirk in the fire firefight of the 2010 election season. And we will defeat Mark Kirk on February 2nd. Mr. Kirk should stop measuring the draperies for his ‘senate’ office.

“On February 3rd, we are going to put Mark Kirk on the unemployment line, the same way Kirk wants to put downstate Illinoisans on the unemployment line with his vote for cap and trade and against new federal jobs in our state.

“I am fighting for jobs; Kirk confirmed Saturday he is fighting to keep federal jobs away from our state. Which person does downstate Illinois want to represent them? The answer is obvious. Kirk has until December 3rd to withdraw his name.

“By February 2nd, even affluent New Trier/Northfield Township Republicans will agree I am the right man to tackle the Daley Machine candidate for U. S. Senator. The only ‘endorsement’ that counts is the endorsement of Illinois primary voters on February 2nd. With my campaign, ‘The People Win.’”

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