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Andy Martin’s New Year’s Eve message to every Illinoisan

For a New Year’s Eve note, Andy Martin quotes from his favorite passage in the Torah.

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December 31, 2009

Ninety-six hours that continues to change American politics

Dear friends and supporters,

I am in New York for a New Year’s Eve special network party.

On the plane from Chicago I looked back at an extraordinary period in my life and the life of our nation. Ten years ago I was at an unbelievable millennium party in a skyscraper. We looked out on the world and celebrated with great optimism. If you had told me then what was ahead, including living in Baghdad in 2003, I would have gasped, and then laughed in disbelief.

But then came 9/11, Baghdad, the disastrous 2008 presidential election and many more events in my life that continue to shape how I view the world and how I would serve you as a U. S. Senator.

As a Christian who has studied Judeo-Christian theology extensively, I have learned one lesson: man proposes and God disposes. We never know what lies ahead. Only God knows. But the fact that God holds ultimate wisdom and knowledge does not excuse us from the duty to prepare for the future.

At the beginning of 2009, a small committee met to shape my campaign for the 2010 U. S. Senate primary election. We assumed Mark Kirk would eventually be drawn into the process and we planned for his arrival as a candidate. There was a detailed plan, literally a “blueprint.”

Friday, New Year’s Day, we will provide an exclusive “behind the scenes” analysis of how we planned months ago to defeat Mark Kirk, and how down-to-the-day we are following a predetermined timetable. As extraordinary as it sounds, we knew day-by-day how the campaign would unfold.

Obviously, there were surprises for some of us (myself included). We have profited from unexpected bonuses, and we continue to prepare for unexpected challenges.

When our beloved President Ronald Reagan was in the White House, the hard left elitist media used to ridicule and attack him for being less than a perfect person. Guess what? I am less than perfect too.

Over 200 years ago, less-than-perfect men and women created this great nation as a beacon of individual freedom and perpetual liberty.

Reagan had a love for America and a vision for our future greatness that gave him the energy to lead us to green pastures. I share President Reagan’s vision and his passion, and his energy for bringing America back to greatness.

These are sad days for America. No, Barack Obama is not an “alien” usurper in the White House as some suggest. Tens of millions of innocent dupes voted for him. Now they are paying the price for their perfidiousness. Obama is dismantling our national heritage. Last year, I predicted Obama’s socialist revolution on Sean Hannity’s America:

Fighting Obama as your United States Senator will not be easy. But my life’s experiences, including the extreme challenges of the past decade, have prepared me to identify anti-American leaders such as Obama, and to stand up to such enemies of our great republic.

As we celebrate New year’s Day, ask yourself: what kind of Senator do you want? Do you want someone with a depth of experience, who can be an affective opponent of Obama’s anti-American agenda, as I am? Or do you want a senator such as Mark Kirk who generally supports Obama’s malignant agenda to disarm and demean America with gun control, hate crimes laws and restrictions on free speech?

What I have done through 2009, and what I will do on February 2nd, 2010, is offer every Republican voter a sound, solid choice: they can vote for me and vote for optimism, and the energy to attack the Democrats. Or they can vote to merely play defense against the Democratic Party’s depredations, as many Republicans think is sufficient, and support Mark Kirk.

Kirk wants to continue along Obama’s journey into the American abyss (cap and trade, abortion, etc.), just a little more slowly than Obama. I want to lead us back to the promised land of economic opportunity and personal freedom.

Do you want to move forward confidently, with a faith in America’s glorious past and future, or do you want to adopt Mark Kirk’s defeatist view and surrender to Obama’s values and monster plan to lay low the people of this nation? Following Obama’s “Chicago Way” will leave us disgraced, impoverished and diminished in the eyes of the world.

I am fighting to give you a choice. The choice is yours.

Yes, I am a fighter. And yes the words “Hardball” and “Raw Politics” can be applied to my efforts to save our state and save our nation from Obama and Kirk and others who would bow down to emperors and potentates. I bow only to the Constitution of the United States. I genuflect only to the American people. No one else.

If you want me to fight for you, I will fight. God has afforded me the privilege of being prepared to do so. Together we can proceed to rescue America and together we can redeem Ronald Reagan’s prophecy that our “best days lie ahead of us.” That is the American dream that every true American shares.

Barack Obama and Mark Kirk do not share President Reagan’s confident and optimistic view of the future. I do.

God bless you and your family and loved ones, and God bless the memory of President Ronald Reagan.

I close this message with one of my favorite pieces of scripture from the Old Testament. The Prophet Micah says that God calls on us to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.”

Please join me on the journey.

I need your vote on February 2, 2010.

Happy New Year,


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