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Obama’s response to Henry Gates incident is affirmative action run amok, says Illinoisan

Internet Powerhouse and Illinois U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin calls for a return to traditional civil rights, and a rejection of racial poseurs such as Henry Gates and Barack Obama.

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin callsBarack Obama the “Affirmative Action President”

Martin says "mainstream media" elected Obama, and Americans are now stuck with a black militant who spews angry attacks on law enforcement

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(CHICAGO)(July 24, 2009) Barack Obama showed his true “colors” at Wednesday’s news conference when he came to the defense of race-bating Harvard professor Henry Gates. (Why is Gates, a 58 year-old man, still using the suffix “junior?” Who was the senior? Who cares?)

Obama’s attack on local law enforcement is nothing more than the race-baiting, affirmative action response of someone who is a creation of the liberal news media. Obama is using the White House as a base to attack American society and ventilate his own personal paranoia and grievances.

“Racial profiling” had nothing to do with the Gates incident. Nothing. Obama’s effort to link gates to "profiling" was disgraceful. Profiling is a serious problem in our society. But there was no profiling in the Gates case. Someone in Cambridge, Massachusetts called 911 and reported a felony in progress. Police went to check, and were confronted by a belligerent occupant of the premises who refused to document his lawful presence, Henry Gates.

The colors Obama showed Wednesday were the colors of black liberation, not the red, white and blue of American values.

Few people owe as much to an African-Americans as I do. My first college roommate was a black football player from Centralia, Illinois. We lived together in a room barely larger than my walk-in closet today. In 1963. Close quarters do not always make for close friends. In our case, it did.

Ironically, we did not really follow the civil rights revolution going on outside the University of Illinois. We were too busy living in our football environment. Although neither one of us ever became a great varsity player, I learned more about leadership and salesmanship from Art than almost anyone else in life.

I had another significant African-American experience in Champaign-Urbana, helping an electrician become licensed and providing work for him. He taught me that most African-Americans are not looking for a handout. They are looking for a fair and level playing field. I continue to believe in that approach.

I not only grew up in a home with a deep commitment to civil rights I lived the experience in college at a time when the relationship was still quite novel. My bonds to African-Americans are strong, and they are renewed every week. I am as committed today to racial equality and civil rights as I was as a maverick law student.

Does that mean I automatically support affirmative action, one of the more pernicious permutations of the later-day civil rights movement?

Commitment to civil rights and racial equality does not mandate that I tolerate the racial crybabies and profiteers created by affirmative action, such as Barack Obama and Henry Gates.

Obama is the classic example of entitlement run amok. His entire existence is a function of affirmative action. Is he a bright fellow? Absolutely. Is he as smart as he has claimed, or as wise as the news media have portrayed? Bull. Obama is president because the liberal news media decided we needed an African-American president. (Personally, I favored someone like Colin Powell.)

Fortunately, the media cannot confer greatness on an individual. There is no magical Wizard of Oz for persons shaped through media exposure. Martin Luther King did not become a great leader because of affirmative action or media sponsorship. He became a great leader because he was a great man. Barack Obama is not a great leader or a great man. He is the liberal news media’s affirmative action president.

Affirmative action does not promise a fair and level playing field. We rig the game to achieve unfair and unbalanced results. And we end up paying the price.

That is why I reject Barry Obama, the Affirmative Action President in the White House.

Affirmative action has a continuing impact on our society. Today we face the ultimate corrosion: we have elected a president based on his race, not his qualifications. The “system” failed in 2008.

Obama may do more damage to race relations in four years than all of the progress we have achieved in the past fifty.

Obama will always be the self—proclaimed, pseudo hipster in the Panama hat, see the Occidental College photos at

who trades on his pigmentation to obtain unfair advantages over similarly situated white people.

Wednesday’s attacks on law enforcement were a classic example.

Individuals such as Obama and Gates are offended when they are treated just like ordinary citizens. Society has had them on a soft pillow for so long, they fly into a rage when they encounter ordinary citizens.

Consider for a moment what we appear to know:

Police received a bona fide report of two men trying to jimmy a lock, a possible burglary. Police arrived at the scene. Police asked the occupant for ID. Gates refused and started to spew racial epithets and personal attacks on the officer.

Obama’s solution? Blame the police.

Last year, many people probably knew they were electing an “affirmative action” president. But they went ahead and voted for Obama anyway. He had no experience, no leadership training, nothing. He spoke well. That was it. Voters knew they were taking a gamble. And so we elected a “speech” to the White House.

I went on Fox news’ Hannity’s America on October 5th (link below, Part Two) and said Obama was planning a radical overthrow of the government. (Please note the left-wing media have tried to falsely convey the impression I predicted a “violent” overthrow; I was not. I was predicting radical efforts to overthrow the settled order.)

What has Obama done since taking office? He has asserted control over the financial industry, while providing protection for the profits at Goldman Sachs. He has declared himself the “maximum leader” of the automobile industry. And he is trying to take control of 17% of the nation’s economy, supposedly to provide better and cheaper health care. If these are not radical solutions, what are they?

They are “Barry Dollars,” and “Barry Motors,” and “Barry Care,” all known for the man who was known as Barry Obama until he decided to adopt the affirmative action pose of a “militant” by using his original African/Arab name.

Because he has been saturated with affirmative action all of his life, Obama feels an overwhelming sense of entitlement to act as our ruler. The Lion King.

When I dared to suggest Barry Land would be a “radical” approach to governing a complex nation of 300 million people, Barry’s henchmen attached me with lies and smears (link below). Fortunately, I know how to fight back, and did.

But we are still stuck with Barry Obama, the kid from the weird family that has an “undisclosed” family history.

Obama won’t show us his original birth certificate. He won’t show us his college records, because he obviously got accepted through racially-biased supplications. And now he wants to rule the world as America’s affirmative action president.

We get what we deserve as a nation. In the words of Hillary Clinton, we “suspended our disbelief” last year, and we got the affirmative action leader.

I have long and personal experience with affirmative action. I saw how totally unqualified people were hired or promoted to satisfy racial quotas, and the public be damned.

We now have a society where professional race baiters such as Henry Gates can stand up and smear police officers for doing their job, protecting Gates’ own home.

Instead of behaving like a Harvard professor, which he has been for many years, Gates acted as a street thug, spewing forth racial epithets as a first line of defense. Yo. Gates.

If you promote poseurs such as Gates on the basis of racial quotas, you get the Gates of last week, believing that his “entitlement” at Harvard entitles him to be abusive to people who are beneath him.

Once African-Americans were the victims of racial injustice. Today African-Americans are just as often the perpetrators of racial harassment and abuses. Most blacks are killed by other blacks. White-on-black crime is increasingly rare.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was pilloried because of the occasional blunders of the NYPD. Giuliani did have an abrasive style, almost a Henry Gatesish approach to defending his NYPD officers. But Giuliani’s aggressive law enforcement saved thousands of African-Americans, at the tragic cost of a few lives. When you balance the thousands of African-Americans alive today because of Giuliani, with the few unfortunate police mistakes, African-Americans should be singing Giuliani’s praises. Instead they revile him. No good deed goes unpunished.

Now that we can no longer pretend otherwise, and must confront Barack Obama as the pumped up product of affirmative-action-in-the White House, where do we go from here?

First, instead of playing pretend politics for a pretend nation, Americans should start holding Obama to the same standards as a white man. No more passes for affirmative action.

Second, Americans should renew and continue our commitment to civil rights and racial equality. Our programs are working well even if they sometimes fail. We cannot allow the Barack Obamas and the Henry Gates' to derail the civil rights successes of the past fifty years.

Third, we should strike down all racial preferences and special quotas. We should announce that from today on, blacks much meet the same standards as whites. Period.

In closing, let me offer a historical perspective.

In 1964, the Civil Rights Act would not have become law without an Illinois Republican, Senator Everett Dirksen. “Southern Democrats” were against civil rights. I observed these racists when I worked in the Senate.

It was Republican judges on the Fifth Circuit and in Alabama that broke down the racial barriers created under Jim Crow. The Democratic Party’s federal judges were unreconstructed racists.

It was Midwestern boys, from Illinois and Indiana and Iowa that gave their lives to free the slaves during the civil war. Southerners were supporters of that evil practice.

Today, sadly, the Republican Party has allowed itself to become racially and regionally polarized. We need to rebuild the great Republican coalition of the past, all races, all nationalities, and all economic groups. Welcome. We need to rebuild an America based on equal opportunity, not racial preferences.

What the Democrats offer is Henry Gates: arrogant, corrupt, abusive and ultimately self destructive. Welcome to Harvard.

What Republicans should offer is a new, truly national, party committed to equality of opportunity.

There is obviously some lingering racial impact from the era of segregation. We do not live in a perfect world. People are not perfect. But today’s younger generations had nothing to do with segregation or Jim Crow. Why penalize them? Where and when does it end?

The affirmative action president must, starting today, be held to a new and higher standard. The same standard as every one else in this nation. Let’s do it.

And, oh, one more thing Mr. Obama. How about making your college records at Occidental, Columbia and Harvard Law School public?

Would it be too much trouble to release your original, 1961 typewritten birth certificate?

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