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Mark Kirk becomes the laughingstock of Illinois Politics

Congressman Mark Kirk began his quest for the U. S. Senate by releasing a bogus list of campaign endorsers. What was he thinking? In Part One of the continuing saga of “Kirkie Boy,” U.S. Senate candidate [and Kirk opponent] Andy Martin strips the bark off professional, perennial phony Mark Kirk.

Mark Kirk becomes the laughingstock of Illinois Politics: Part One

Andy Martin says that Kirk’s latest exaggerations disqualify him as a candidate for the U. S. Senate

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(CHICAGO)(July 23, 2009) Mark Kirk came out of the starting gate as a senate candidate by embarrassing the entire Illinois Republican party and by making a fool of himself.

Kirk released a bogus list of “endorsements.”

What could be more embarrassing to a candidate than releasing a list of “endorsers,” some of whom then deny making any endorsement?

Among the "embarrasses” was gubernatorial candidate Kirk Dillard, who promptly denied endorsing Mark Kirk for U. S. Senator.

Dillard, you will remember, had his own “endorsement malfunction” when he starred in TV commercials for Barack Obama. The last thing Dillard needed was to be fraudulently listed as a Kirk endorser. That would be a nice way for Dillard to gratuitously rile conservatives. Dillard promptly denied endorsing Kirkie Boy. [Who added Dillard’s name to the bogus list?]

Here the plot thickens.

The so-called “Crossroads of the Conservative Community” is running interference for Kirkie Boy,

by claiming there is “confusion” about Kirk’s fraudulent activity. Where’s the "confusion?" Illinois Review admits that they contacted the endorsers and some of them denied endorsing Kirk. No confusion there. Kirkie Boy lied. Bad boy. (Full disclosure: Frank Eaton has a “hard on” for me; she removes my postings to IR and denies I exist; thattaboy Fran).

But in a classic cover-up that shows Republicans how some “conservatives” can be pathetic weenies, Illinois Review will not release the names of Kirk’s “non-endorsers.” How can anyone pretend to conservative journalistic objectivity and then refuse to release the names of people whose names have been used and abused by Kirk?

John Kass has a word for Kirk and the Illinois Review: the Republican Party’s latest chumbolones.

Kirk had months to plan his campaign announcement. Months. He botched the event. Nice planning, Mark. What was he thinking by releasing a fraudulent list of endorsers? Or is he going to claim the Illinois Republican Party is the fraudster? Who gave the IRP the bogus list of endorsers?

Kirk is a man who has been in office for almost a decade, and who has spent his whole adult life as a coat-holder for Washington fixers, in other words a classic “career politician.” He should have known better than to lie at his campaign announcement. It’s like lying to your wife. [I won’t go there, yet.]

Of course Chicago media are so incompetent most of them will be surprised to learn they were played for fools by Kirk. Many will learn it from this column. The links are up there boys and girls. Read them for yourselves.

Rick Pearson, the creepy reporter of the bankrupt Chicago Tribune, and Lynn Sweet, the Norma Desmond-like impresario of the equally bankrupt Sun-Times, failed to tell their readers about Kirk’s bogus endorsers. Maybe they were afraid Kirkie Boy would freeze them out. Sweet and Pearson are professional flacks, not reporters, as their latest cover-up confirms. And they wonder why no one reads their newspapers any more.

A closing note.

We had decided to “bank” the Kirk divorce story because the Kirk “marriage” is too rich a scandal, and too risqué a fraud on Illinois Republicans (or too deep a mine shaft?) for just one column. Somewhere out there, Jack Ryan is smiling.

But we have not been able to get back to writing about Kirk’s faux marriage because he keeps creating beautiful new material such as “Endorsementgate,” and “IllinoisReviewgate.”

Please rest assured we will be writing about the Kirk “marriage” in the near future. We have several columns banked already, with one to be added about the announcement appearance of Kirk’s own Eva Peron, Kimberly Vertoli. Come to think about it, Eva Peron had more integrity than Kimberly Vertoli. But then everything about Mark Kirk is phony, even his “wife.”

Tomorrow, “Mark Kirk Becomes the Laughingstock of Illinois Politics: Part Two” Stay tuned.

And Kirk wants to be a U.S. senator.

Kirkie Boy makes me look like a great statesman by comparison.

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