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Andy Martin on the Mark Kirk Divorce: Part One

Andy Martin seeks to interview Kirk's former wife

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(CHICAGO)(July 17, 2009) Every campaign today for a major office involves due diligence on the part of each campaign. Sometimes opponents are looking for dirt, and the terms "dirt diggers" and "mud merchants" describe such behavior. But everyone does due diligence to learn as much as possible about a campaign opponent. Our campaign performs these functions openly and above-board. We have nothing to hide.

The liberal media are enamored of Kirk because he is Barack Obama's favorite "Republican." That is why, apart from some catty remarks by blogger Tom Roeser, there has been no analysis of the Kirk divorce in the Chicago media.

Until recently Mark Kirk was not on my radar screen. He became a person of interest when he announced that he might run against me for the U. S. Senate.

In many decades of political experience, I have never experienced anything like the Kirk phenomenon. Almost every day disaffected and disgruntled Republicans and former Kirk supporters contact me, offering to help my campaign. (We have asked one of them for permission to release a redacted version of his cri de coeur.)

Thus, although the liberal mainstream media in Chicago try hard to pretend I don't exist, I am indeed the 800-pound gorilla in the February primary. (I would like to slim down to no more than 700 pounds.) I have run statewide before; Kirk has not. Most importantly, Kirk has an army of enemies that are ready to pounce on him; every day new information about Kirk comes in over the transom at our offices.

None of the real facts about the primary election are apparent from reading the Associated Press or the bankrupt dead tree newspapers in Chicago. Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times has said Kirk had a "repair" job to do with "conservatives." Chicago Tribune reporters have labeled Kirk a national "best bet." Don't bet on it.

The mainstream media have never forgiven me for almost defeating Barack Obama in 2008. My Internet campaign cost Obama millions of votes. If McCain had been a more solid candidate, he would have slipped into office. We did our part; he didn’t do his. That is why the local media pretend I don’t exist. But I do.

Over the next few days, we will be providing analysis of the Kirk/Vertoli divorce. We are also sending investigators to Virginia to question neighbors, etc. Later we will also be sending investigators to 275 Whistler Avenue in Highland Park, Illinois. Anyone who has ever seen Kirk living anywhere and doing the things people do who live in a property—taking out the garbage, mowing the grass, etc.—is invited to contact our offices.

We began our investigation of Kirk's divorce and surrounding circumstances after numerous tips, some anonymous, some identified. We forced the Clerk of the Court in Alexandria, Virginia where Kirk apparently lives to release the Kirk divorce file after the Clerk initially claimed the papers were sealed.

We have now contacted Kimberly Vertoli's divorce lawyer:

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July 16, 2009

Carolyn M. Grimes, Esq.
Lieblich & Grimes
3135 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22305
via fax (703) 683-0237

Re: Vertoli v. Kirk, No. CL09002422

Dear Mr. Grimes:

I would like to interview your client, Kimberly Vertoli, about her former husband.

In particular, I am concerned that the Vertoli/Kirk marriage may have been a sham.

As someone who has taught family law, and consulted in family law litigation, I found the entire divorce file very peculiar and perplexing.

I have not found any evidence that Mr. Kirk actually lived at 3292 Mount Vernon Avenue, or anywhere else in the Commonwealth. We are going to be sending investigators to the neighborhood to see if anyone actually saw Kirk there, or anywhere else in the company of Ms. Vertoli.

Because you represent Ms. Vertoli I did not want to initiate any contact with your client without prior notice to you and your prior approval.

Unlike some campaigns that resort to surreptitious "dirt diggers" and other legerdemain, I am seeking perfectly legitimate background facts about my primary opponent and I am proceeding in an open and above-board manner to obtain that information. Due diligence on the opposition is an essential element of any campaign for office.

I could interview Ms. Vertoli in your offices if you prefer, or at any other agreeable location either in Alexandria or the District. Because my mother lived in Alexandria for over twenty years I am generally familiar with the area.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,



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