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Is Congressman Mark Kirk the next GOP sex scandal?

Senate candidate Andy Martin says Washington "insiders" are trying to force Illinois Republicans to accept rumor-plagued Representative Mark Kirk as their senate candidate. Martin says the scheme will backfire. Kirk is the next GOP-sex-scandal-waiting-to-happen.

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(CHICAGO)(July 9, 2009) Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin announced Thursday that he was still waiting for a response from Congressman Mark Kirk as to when Kirk would address the rumors about Kirk's personal life.

"Mark Kirk is talking tough," Martin said, "raising money and 'contacting leaders' about being a candidate for the U. S. Senate.

"But if someone wants to see a textbook example of what is sick about Washington, Mark Kirk is the poster boy. He has raised a ton of campaign cash without even telling people what he is running for. He is collecting 'blind' contributions. If that's not buying and selling influence, what is?

"Kirk is such a scardy-cat that he was too afraid to even announce for office until he saw what Mike Madigan's daughter was doing. If Kirk was afraid of Lisa Madigan, how is he going to stand up to the Russians? Prancing around in a Navy uniform cannot erase the cowardice Kirk has demonstrated in the face of a real adversary, Ms. Madigan.

"Most critically for Illinois Republicans, Kirk has not addressed rumors about his convoluted and confused personal life.

"Mark Kirk appears intent on becoming the next GOP sex scandal.

"Although Republicans often complain they are held to a 'double standard' by the media when it comes to sexual and marital peccadilloes, that is not the case," Martin stated. "For once, the 'broken clock' media are right. "For better or worse, Democrats make no pretenses about the sexual morality of their party. Therefore, Democrats are immune from embarrassment because there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

"Republicans, on the other hand, engage in breast-beating about 'family values' and 'morality.' Morality and concerns for the family should be an important part of our national agenda.

"But when 'morality' becomes a form of hypocrisy, we receive what we deserve when the sexual immorality of Republican leaders becomes page one news.

"Illinois' Dennis Hastert created a massive sex scandal in the House of Representatives, of which the disgraced Representative Mark Foley was only the tip of the iceberg. How and why did 'Denny' allow the sexual shenanigans to blossom on his watch? We never got a satisfactory explanation. Hastert pulled a 'Sarah Palin' and resigned before the end of his elected term of office.

"Just this year we have had a 'sexy senator,' in Senator Ensign of Nevada, and the 'lov gov' in Governor Sanford of South Carolina. On and on it goes: infidelity in the 'party of the faithful.' And they wonder why Americans are rejecting the Republican 'brand.'

"The Illinois Republican Party has never recovered from the 'sexless' sex scandal in 2004 when senate candidate Jack Ryan was hounded out of the campaign, and Republican leaders then inexplicably voted to elect Barack Obama by virtual acclamation. Illinois should be drummed out of the Union for what we did to the United States. We gave Americans Barry Obama.

"And now there is 'Marky Mark' Kirk, the recently-divorced representative that hungers to be a senator but won't hunker down and tell the truth about the rumors enveloping him.

"People in Illinois know I am not inventing these rumors. They are all across the northeastern part of the state where Kirk is well known. But no one will step forward, yet, to pop Kirk's balloon.

"Instead we see an asinine press release from 'Rob Jesmer' of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, that claims Jesmer 'recruited' Kirk to be a senate candidate. Why is some anonymous weenie in Washington claiming credit for 'recruiting' Kirk to run in Illinois? Don't the people of Illinois, and Illinois Republicans, have something to say about who represents them?

"Jesmer, of course, ignores the rumors about Kirk's private life. Here we see the essence of the 'two Republican parties.' There are the 'Beltway Dreamlanders,' who live in their own Hastert-inspired dreamland about the reality of 'their' Republican Party; and we have the 'Real World Out There' where Mark Kirk does not choose to live but where real people and real families live.

"We are soon going to present a detailed analysis of Kirk's divorce. Based on what happened to Jack Ryan in 2004, a divorce file can contain lethal material.

"But what is embarrassingly clear already is that Mr. & Mrs. Kirk considered themselves legal domiciliaries of Virginia, where they filed for divorce, and not Illinois, which Kirk claims to represent. Kirk does not even pretend to be an Illinoisan. 'Cap'n' cap-and-trade flies in occasionally to Illinois to grace us with his presence. So why are the Republican weenies in Washington recruiting him to represent a state he has abandoned? Maybe Kirk represents them.

"Mark Kirk has to come clean with Illinois Republicans," Martin stated.

"If Kirk does not make a clean breast of and respond to the rumors," Martin suggested, "He may find himself in a dirty primary. The Chicago Tribune has the same lawyers standing by to destroy Mark Kirk with lawsuits and sexual innuendos that the Trib used to dismember Jack Ryan."

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