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Is self-promoter Henry Gates using Cambridge Police to promote another PBS taxpayer rip-off?

Andy Martin has increasing doubts about what “Harvard Henry” Gates knew, and when he knew it. Gates’ attorney is obviously trying to gin up a national propaganda campaign over a minor incident.

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin asks “Was Henry Gates’ tantrum just another one of his profiteering charades?”

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Andy asks whether Henry Gates manufactured his “confrontation” with Cambridge police to promote a new PBS program

(CHICAGO)(July 27, 2009) One of the things counter-intelligence teaches us is to ask the non-obvious questions. Sometimes even off-the-wall analysis of an event can provide more insight than obvious explanations for what happened. Sometime the unlikely is even true.

Regular readers also know that I am trained as a lawyer, although I do not practice law. Lawyers are trained “professional paranoids,” who often ask outlandish questions in order to focus in on and frame the reality of unreality. That’s what we do.

Here is what we know: Gates came home. Someone saw him forcing his way into his house and called the police. The officer who arrived had no history of racial antagonism. On the contrary, he was respected for dealing with minorities. Cambridge is a “liberal” college town where the local police are slow to anger and even slower to arrest.

Gates became angry, confrontational and vile without any police provocation, yelling about being a “black man in America” and accusing police of “racial profiling.”

Obvious answer: Gates “exploded” and started abusing the officer, whereupon he was arrested. This is the conventional wisdom.

But the conventional interpretation leaves us a little flat.

Gates has been a shrewd racial profiteer for decades. He has done well peddling his “scholarly” work on Black history. He has no history of explosive confrontations with whites and, taking him at his word, his life has been devoted to precisely the opposite, racial harmony. So why the big bang with the Cambridge cops?

Here is my alternative reality of what happened. Don’t tell anyone you heard it from the columnist left-wing media consider the undisputed “commander-in-chief of conspiracy theories.”

Gates has been planning a PBS documentary on racial profiling. In terms that journalists use, he wanted to “write himself into the story.” A policeman turned up on his doorstep and, like a tarantula, Gates pounced.

Gates was awfully quick to promote a PBS program based on his arrest:

What is missing from the public record to date: (1) the so-called complaining witness has never been interviewed in depth by the media, although she was standing outside Gates’ house when the police arrived. Her identity is known. (2) Cambridge Police have “dismissed” the charges, but the 911 tapes have not yet been released. We don’t know what the witness said to the police dispatcher, and we don’t have any of the other police communications.

Today the New York Post wrote of Gates’ remarks:

“I look forward to studying the history of racial profiling in a new documentary for PBS.” The Post’s story was based on Gates’ statement to, see:

I began to wonder if Gates was not using Sergeant Crowley and the Cambridge Police to promote himself.

The accusation of “racial profiling” is facially absurd. The police did not profile Gates. They got a report of a burglary in progress and responded.

Not surprisingly, pampered Mr. Gates lives in public housing, tax exempt property owned and subsidized by Harvard University. He could have simply said to the investigating officer. “You know, Harvard owns this property. Give them a call to check me out.” He claims he was on the phone to Harvard for free maintenance when Sergeant Crowley arrived:

Gates was calm enough to assess the “damage” to his door and to call the Harvard maintenance people before police appeared. There was no reason for him to fly into a rage.

Gates claims his small statute exempted him from normal police procedures:

The idea that just because someone is physically small (“150 pounds”) they don’t have a gun, so police should not be concerned with his belligerence, is so absurd as to make Gates a laughingstock. What planet has he been living on for the past half century? Planet Harvard.

Interestingly, the original witness, who is a Harvard employee, has practically disappeared from public view. The 911 tapes? Missing. Cover-up? You be the judge.

As I began formulating these thoughts I did extensive Internet research. And I found that others were also having the same doubts and raising the same questions as I was:

Maybe the conventional wisdom is right in this case. Maybe not.

Gates lives a completely taxpayer-subsidized life, from Harvard’s “public housing” to Public Broadcasting. Is Gates using his unfortunate arrest and his own abusive behavior as a vehicle to profiteer on PBS at taxpayer expense? It sure looks that way.

Ripping off the Man. Good work I you can get it.

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