Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Andy Martin appeals for campaign contributions to defeat Mark Kirk.

Martin says Kirk is Barack Obama’s “favorite Republican.” If Kirk is Obama’s favorite, Martin says he is Obama’s “least favorite” GOPer. Martin and Kirk are candidates in the 2010 Republican U. S. Senate primary in Illinois.

Republican for U. S. Senator/2010
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Dear Friend:


One week from today, on August 4th, we will launch my campaign for the U. S. Senate to retake America from the special interests and corrupt politics of Barack Obama.

My principal opponent in the primary is Mark Kirk. Kirk is a master at “fund raising.” In reality, congressional “fund raising” is a euphemism for influence peddling. Lobbyists and others in Washington recently gave Kirk $1 million in political “mad money” to do with as he pleased. No strings attached. It was not tied to any specific campaign for office like the senate, or to any office at all.

Kirk’s donors were just “banking” influence and Kirk was just banking cash. Now he wants to use his $1 million to defeat me in the Republican primary.

Mark Kirk is Obama’s favorite Republican. Why? Kirk wants to tax your energy with “cap and trade,” confiscate your guns and criminalize the Internet to protect Obama from criticism. Go to http://www.markkirk.us/ for links which document these claims. Rahm Emanuel and Kirk are best buds. Go figure.

Scared of Kirk? You should be.

When I am out asking voters to sign my petitions, where do you suppose Kirk will be? He will be at the Peninsula Hotel milking more money from contributors. $500 a ticket minimum.

Now you know why Illinois politics is rotten and corrupt. Kirk promises “change.” Where have I heard that before?

Some professional politicians are convinced Kirk is a viable candidate. He is a sure loser in November 2010 because his campaign is aimed at raising money from “Country Club” Republicans. I want to rebuild the Republican Party as the party of Main Street, not Wall Street.

How many Reagan Democrats belonged to a Country Club? Or could afford a $500 a ticket fund raiser? Not many.

Still, we need to raise huge sums of money to stay competitive.
If we can’t garner enough financial support we will lose, Kirk will win, and Americans will be the losers when politics as usual triumphs again.

If you can afford to contribute, please do. Give up to the legal limits. (Federal law requires you provide an occupation and address if you give more than $200). If you can’t contribute, please ask those who can to do so. Small amounts, large amounts, anything and everything helps.

You can donate online, or you can mail us a check (see above) and save us an online fee.

Illinoisans and Americans need a strong, independent voice in the U. S. Senate. Today we have the “finest Congress money can buy.” Mark Kirk is bought and sold. Why send him back to Washington with a promotion?

It’s not enough to talk against Kirk, and it’s not enough to vote against Kirk in the primary. You need to financially support someone who can actually organize a campaign to beat Kirk, or Kirk wins.

Finally, there is only one man Barack Obama fears sitting in the U. S. Senate, in his old senate seat. Me.

Obama knows I can energize Republicans and Democrats to block his agenda. Last year I led an effort that almost defeated Obama. Liberals launched massive attacks on me. I fought back. I am tested and I have a track record of getting results.

Sadly, we didn’t defeat Obama. Now we are paying the price of our folly. But that’s history. We need to look to the future.

I am still keeping the pressure on Obama, still forcing him to defend his refusal to release his original 1961 birth certificate

What do Kirk’s and Obama’s “futures” mean for every American? Higher taxes, lower wages, more deficit spending, fewer opportunities. Grandchildren growing up in a third world country.

But Kirk and Obama have proven one thing: their supporters will give both of them huge sums of campaign cash to wage their campaigns.

Your future depends on whether Illinois elects a “fighter,” me, to the senate, or whether we nominate a “fund raiser,” Kirk, who will spend his time in the senate enriching himself and impoverishing America.

Please contribute to my campaign. Right away.

And please be generous. I can fight the battles, and I can do the job; but I need your financial help to succeed.



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