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Was Barack Obama “crying in his beer?”

Andy Martin says Obama missed a moment when he could have become the “President of all the American people.”

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin asks “Why are American taxpayer dollars subsidizing a racist twit like Henry Gates “Jr.?”

Martin says “Gates is a disgrace to Black Studies programs; his behavior raises questions as to why Harvard maintains Gates on its faculty”

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(CHICAGO)(July 26, 2009) Before the Gates arrest in Cambridge, Massachusetts descends into the graveyard of media triviality, we should look more closely at the aftermath of “Gatesgate.”

Barack Obama is a member in good standing of the brie and Chablis wing of the Democratic party. In Iowa, Obama complained about the skyrocketing cost of Arugula at Whole Foods.

All of a sudden “Barack the Arugula” has become "Barry Six-pack” at the neighborhood bar? Who knew? What made him invite the two men involved in Gatesgate to the White House for beer? Gates is rumored to have the same haughty tastes in beverages as Barry Six-pack. Are they condescending to drink beer to make the policeman feel comfortable? Has the White House turned Obama into “Beer-swilling Barry?” I don’t know.

Something good came out of Gatesgate. Maybe PBS will defund this arrogant twit who has been exploiting Harvard and American taxpayers for years. PBS should shut off Gates’ money. Harvard should fire the racist spitfire.

Gates is defiant and unrepentant for his abominable behavior. Here is what he said:

“My entire academic career has been based on improving race relations, not exacerbating them. I am hopeful that my experience will lead to greater sensitivity to issues of racial profiling…If so, then this will be a blessing for our society.”

Is this really what Gates takes as the lesson from his disgusting racist diatribe against a police officer trying to do his job?

The only “blessing” from Gatesgate is that we know now what an angry man and explosive racist Gates really is. PBS should shut off his public funds. Why are taxpayers engaging in deficit spending to subsidize Gates?

Harvard should also fire the easily-riled racist. Gates says his “entire academic career” has been devoted to avoiding “exacerbating [race relations]." It must not be much of a “career.” The first time he confronts a white man enforcing the law, Gates explodes with racist epithets and personal attacks. Is this what Gates teaches his impressionable students in Black Studies? Is this the kind of a “scholar” he really is?

Obama said he hoped Gatesgate would be a “teachable moment.”

He’s right. It is a teachable moment. Gatesgate teaches ordinary Americans, white and black, that Harvard and other universities harbor and pamper these unrepentant racists. At the slightest encounter with normal society they are ready to explode. Racism is their rallying cry.

If Gates were really an honest man, which he is not, and if he were really a scholar, which he is not, he would not be lying about his confrontation with the police. Gates undermines public concern for racial profiling. Racial profiling is a serious concern in our society. Gates' behavior and misinformation cheapens public support for eradicating profiling. When Gates takes his own warped personality and his aggressive abuse of police officers and tries to cloak himself in the defense of “racial profiling,” he undermines public concern and misleads the public about the true basis for his arrest.

There was, however, “racial profiling” in Gatesgate. It is obvious that Gates automatically “profiles” white men in uniform as a threat to his outsized ego, even when they are trying to protect his own house! Crazy? Obviously. Gates is a racist jerk. He has no business on a college faculty.

Which raises another question for Barack Obama, the man who didn’t-hear-my racist-preacher-preach-for-twenty-years. Why is Obama calling unrepentant racist Gates a "friend." Once again, we gain an insight into the true blue Obama. Sarah Palin was criticized for saying Obama was paling around with terrorists. Obama now admits he pals around with racists.

Which brings us to Obama himself. He said that Gatesgate should be a “teachable moment.” Well, it was. It taught us that rich Harvard professors who milk taxpayer provided PBS subsidies are nutty, abusive, abrasive and arrogant. That’s what Gates taught us.

Saturday morning the national papers had pictures of Obama with a hangdog look, as though his puppy had died. Obama was crying in his beer, which is maybe why he invited the men over for a “beer.”

When he entered the White House, Obama was no longer an obscure racist politician from the Daley Machine’s south side wards. He was at least nominally a president of all the people. Sadly, Wednesday and Friday Obama revealed he is not the president of all the people. He is the president of racists and phonies such as Henry Gates the Junior. Barack Obama is not my president.

My president would respect law enforcement.

My president would tell crackpot Gates that he should sit down and shut up, that he had embarrassed African-Americans enough and made a laughingstock of Harvard University.

My president would tell Gates that Cambridge police are notorious for not arresting people, white or black. []

My president would have told Gates that he set race relations back, by stereotyping himself as an “angry African-American" that can explode without provocation.

My president would have told Gates that real racists will love Gates. He will be their hero, because he validates what racists think and say and do, that African-Americans are volatile and irrational. Gates’ hope for a “blessing” was delusional behavior.

My president would have told Gates he should take some time to quiet down, and avoid contact with the public. My president would not have invited unrepentant Gates to the White House for a “beer.” Inviting Gates validates his abusive and arrogant behavior.

My president would have honestly and openly apologized to the police officer he maligned, and not played word games with goofy Robert Gibbs as to whether Obama’s remarks constituted an "apology." Either it was an apology, or it wasn’t. If it was an apology, it should have been stated in plain English, not in a lawyer’s weasel words. If it was not, Obama is as “guilty as Gates.”

My law school was not particularly receptive to civil rights advocates. One student said Martin Luther King “lived outside the law and died outside the law.” I paid a price for being a civil rights supporter. I was attacked by, among others, racists in the rural legal profession of downstate Illinois.

Thus I look with particular sadness at what we as a nation have wrought. Taxpayer subsidized, PBS producing, arrogant, racist yoyos such as “Harvard Henry” Gates.

Barack Obama did indeed have a “moment” when he could have “taught” Gates, and every American, a lesson about racial justice and simple reason. He missed it.

Barack Obama suffered a shattering defeat. Many Americans learned that Barack Obama is not “my president.”
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