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U.S. Senate candidate calls “Obamacare” euthanasia

Illinois Republican Andy Martin today called Barack Obama’s proposed health care plan nothing more than government-sponsored euthanasia. “I can reduce the thousands of pages of proposed laws to a single word: euthanasia,” Martin charged. “What Barack Obama wants to do is slowly withdraw health care from our elderly population. He wants to target the most vulnerable in our society for extermination through bureaucratic empowerment. Obamacare is nothing more than slow-motion euthanasia in the guise of cost control and ‘best practices.’ Obama’s goal to gradually withdraw comprehensive medial care for senior citizens would kill my mother,” Martin charged. “And kill a lot of other mothers as well. Democrats should be ashamed to sponsor this abomination.”

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin calls Obamacare” by its real name “Euthanasia”

Martin says "mainstream media" are deceiving their readers, viewers by failing to disclose the “end game” of Obamacare

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(CHICAGO)(July 22, 2009) All of you know politicians ask for contributions (we will too, shortly). But today I am making a contribution. A contribution to your good health. I am deciphering Obamacare so you don’t have to waste timer sitting in front of the tube tonight watching President Barry O try to lie to you and pretend he’s not really trying to kill your parents. (Now you can take a walk or exercise, in the time you have wasted listening to the Great One; how’s that for my contribution to your good health?)

Politicians and media people (Greta Van Susteren is a notable example) ask “Have you read he health law?” I can save you that wasted time as well. There is no need to read the 1,000 page proposal.

Obamacare can be reduced to one word: euthanasia.

Now Obama & Co. obviously don’t call Obamacare euthanasia. That would have his Roman Catholic supporters up in arms. It would have almost all of the American people up in arms.

Let me explain. Lawyers and doctors operate on the same wave length. They take simple matters and use complex jargon to obscure what they are doing. Obama is using this approach with Obamacare. That’s why the proposed Obamacare law is over 1,000 pages, and there are several proposals totaling thousands of pages.

Obama talks about “best methods” and other approaches to “improving” health care. Well this approach has already been tried in Britain. The British approach: let old people and sick people die. “The Queens Euthanasia. Cheerio.”

When I was a young Fighting Illini football player, I could take a hit and get back up and run another play. We “ran the stadium steps” for punishment. But we ran them. Today if someone tackled me I would probably be down. I would not be ready to run another play.

Part of being human is getting older (fortunately, like the late comedian Jack Benny, I have decided to be a perpetual 39).

So as we age, we require more health care. There is no way we can avoid that. With an aging population, more people will need more health carte.

Obama says he can deliver more “quality” at a “lower price.” Has anyone ever achieved that goal. Of course not. the Obamacare promise is pure bunkum.

So don't waste your time listening to Obama, or reading the goofy bills circulating in Congress. Just remember one word: euthanasia.

My mother is also 39, although she has been that age for decades. (I started asking her age when I was about 5.)She is part of the “old old,” or over 85. She needs doctors’ care and medicines. Overall, these drugs and health care have performed a miracle. She enjoys good health for a person her age.

But by slowing constricting the care and quality of medicine available to older and old old people, Obama would be killing my mother on the installment plan. “Best" would no longer be the "best" for her, because Obama would say she is too old for the "best" care. She would get “cost effective” care.

In short, Obama wants to kill my mother. And he wants to kill your moms too.

Finally, he wants to kill all of us, again on the installment plan.

Quality care costs money. Democrats lie to the people (or at least that portion of the American people dumb enough to believe you can get something for nothing). Someone has to pay.

The current medical system is a mess. No one can deny that. We could make changes to save billions. But Obama doesn’t wasn’t to make changes to save money. He wants to take over the health care industry and provide socialized medicine to everyone. Obama wants to grab control of 17% of the nation's economy and proclaim politicians "czars" of medicine.

I have lived in Britain and seen what socialized medicine is like. You won’t like it. Britain has some world class doctors. But you have to wait months to see them. Try telling a Chicagoan or New Yorker they have to wait months to see a doctor. I can usually see a physician in a day or two.

Today health care may be a problem, but is a local problem. Local people control hospitals; local doctors work there, our friends and neighbors. Sooner or later, local people can influence their local institutions.

Obama wants to federalize health care, so that federal bureaucrats at the end of toll-free lines would be in control. Local control of doctors and hospitals would be a memory.

As a U. S. Senator I will do everything we can to save money on health care. But I can promise that I will NOT support: selling bonds and running up trillion-dollar deficits to steal from peoples’ grandchildren.

If we do not stop believing in the “something for nothing” promises politicians love to make, we are going to be broke as a nation. Chinese takeout, anyone? The great American Ponzi scheme is going to collapse

Obamacare is yet another Ponzi scheme. “More for less?” Where do I sign up? Only a moron would believe you can get more for less simply by computerizing your records. Anyone tried to deal with a computerized credit card company or mortgage lender recently?

Bottom line: Obama care = euthanasia. Obama wants to kill us slowly, by making America a third world country when it comes to medical care. He wants to kill our parents first, and then kill us later, by denying treatment and coverage in the name of the “best and least expensive approach”

Barry Obama: LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE! She is doing fine and she has good health care. She doesn’t need your garbage can plan to gradually cut off her medical care.

As for me, I can tell you what you really are, Barry Obama, you are a euthanasiast. You want to kill old people and sick people to save money on health care. Plain and simple. I don’t need 1,000 pages of legal crap to tell you what you are. You want to kill people to save money. Euthanasia.

Euthanasia is un-American and it is un-Christian.

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